Chapter 388: Monster Bai Xiaofei!

Chapter 388: Monster Bai Xiaofei!

“Impossible! How could it get out that I got that item if there’s no mole? And every single one of our decoys was attacked!” Shang Youdao grew emotional. Bai Xiaofei’s statement was equivalent to a slap on his face, and in the most unacceptable way at that. Business people always had a certain confidence in their brains.

“On the contrary, my speculation is drawn from the two ambushes,” said Bai Xiaofei. “First of all, if there is a mole, in the first failure, that seriously injured person would have no possibility of bringing the item back to you as they should have been blocked right outside the city. And if I guessed correctly, that survivor had no information on a possible mole. Secondly, think about why your second attempt with all those decoys were all attacked. Would your opponent take so much effort if they had a mole in your group? Wouldn’t it be better to wait until the true delivery to strike? The reason why all of your decoys were indiscriminately attacked is because they can’t tell which is real and which isn’t. In their desperation, they’d rather attack all than let go of a single one!”

At this, Bai Xiaofei heaved a long sigh and looked at a frowning Shang Youdao. Obviously, the latter was persuaded.

“But, if there is no mole, how do the Thunderstorm Bandits know I have what they want? How does that explain how they found out about the transportations I secretly arranged?”

This question was Shang Youdao’s last struggle on his mole theory, and it was within Bai Xiaofei’s expectations.

“Regardless of whether there’s a mole, President Shang, think about it, besides you, is there a second person in this merchant group who knows all your smoke-screen arrangements? If my guess is correct, even that Uncle Fu just now doesn’t.”

Shang Youdao fell silent. There is really no such person…

“Back to your question just now. If the rumors are correct, I’m afraid there are at least ten Master Rank and above puppet masters in that thief band. You may not know much about puppets, but as far as those I have seen are concerned, it’s not difficult for a Master Rank puppet master to monitor a city. As for how the news that you got that item you didn’t want to say was leaked, I can’t give a proper explanation yet, but have you ever considered that the Thunderstorm Bandits was already eyeing it before you got it and then you and your Bright Road Merchant Group just accidentally became scapegoats?”

Bai Xiaofei quietly looked at Shang Youdao. At this moment, what he said kept echoing in the latter’s thoughts.

Yet another poor man whose world view was overturned…

When Shang Youdao finally looked at Bai Xiaofei again, the conceit in his eyes had completely disappeared, replaced by a brilliance of when someone was looking at their last lifeline.

“Then, what you mean is…”

If it got out that a decades-old businessman talked to Bai Xiaofei in this tone, Shang Youdao might lose all face while Bai Xiaofei’s name would spread a little wider. Too bad Bai Xiaofei had no such interest, he only cared about challenging the unknown.

“I thought President Shang would want to know why I knew about your plans for tomorrow. Aiii, I didn’t think you would let it slide like this.” Bai Xiaofei sighed, disappointed that he had missed a chance to brag.

“That’s not necessary. I just want to know how to get through this,” Shang Youdao slowly said as he dropped all wariness of Bai Xiaofei. If someone like Bai Xiaofei really had ulterior, malicious motives, he certainly would lose. He had really aged…

“You think too much, President Shang. Right now, the top priority is not to ship the item out, but to find out what kind of person your opponent is. Otherwise, it will only lead to a bloody result no matter how many times you try.” Bai Xiaofei wasn’t stingy with his criticism. Just a few words from him made Shang Youdao flush red with embarrassment.

For someone who dared to even make jokes using Lei Shan, Bai Xiaofei was already polite to Shang Youdao, or else it wouldn’t be as simple as blushing. Respecting the old and caring for the young didn’t exist in Bai Xiaofei’s dictionary.

“But, I don’t have any clues that can help me catch the Thunderstorm Bandits,” said Shang Youdao with a hint of loss.

So many people died without even gaining a clue. This would be a joke if it got out, which was one of the reasons why Shang Youdao kept silent on this issue.

“Who said there is no clue? You just didn’t pay attention. Moreover, you now have a bunch of big baits in your hand. No need to worry whether the big fish will take it!” encouraged Bai Xiaofei with a slight smile. Shang Youdao’s eyes lit up.

“Do you have a plan?!”

“You came up with the plan. I only have to replace some important props.”

Bai Xiaofei once again struck Shang Youdao dumb. After a long moment, Shang Youdao thought he had put his finger on some things but was unable to connect them.

“In fact, you have done a good job. The only missed step is that you haven’t found the right way. You are too set on delivering the item that you walked yourself into a dead end.”

At these words, Shang Youdao again became a student who listened carefully.

“You published the mission at major organizations, listed high rewards but never mentioned the details in order to attract a large number of teams to you, among which there will definitely be some half-baked ones. After coming here and seeing the details, those people would likely be scared away, which enables the next part of your plan.”

“In your original plan, you are going to perform an act in front of the teams who stay and tell them that one of them is going to deliver the real item, but in actuality you will already have entrusted it to a team that quit, and this team is very likely to be your people in disguise.”

“A perfect plan, but unfortunately, you underestimate your opponent. As long as someone thinks carefully and pieces together all of the things you’ve done, they’d at least have doubts if not guess all of your plans. For a ruthless thief band, one silk thread of doubt is already enough. I can assure you, every team that leaves tomorrow is going to be attacked the moment they step out of Nabu City, and crazily attacked at that!”

When Bai Xiaofei finished, Shang Youdao swallowed with difficulty as he looked at Bai Xiaofei like looking at a monster.

Not one word off the mark! All his arrangements were revealed by Bai Xiaofei, and every word was on point! And Bai Xiaofei’s speculations were more perfect than his original plan!

“And if we dare to think more boldly, it’s very likely that the people of the Thunderstorm Bandits are already inside your merchant group right now.”

If words could kill…

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