Chapter 385: The Red Sleeve Building’s Backer!

Chapter 385: The Red Sleeve Building’s Backer!

Happily enjoying the food, Bai Xiaofei seemed to have forgotten that he was in a tight encirclement. The only anxious ones were Bai Ye and Baogen. However, Baogen was currently more relaxed than Bai Ye, because Bai Xiaofei told him that his sister had been rescued.

After what seemed like half a day, there was knocking again. Before Bai Xiaofei could reply, though, it was already kicked open. Coming in naturally wasn’t some top card, but a well-dressed youth followed by a mysterious figure under a gray robe. Apart from these two, there was no extra person.

“At least the peak of the Master Rank, possibly the Grandmaster Rank,” Bai Ye whispered to Bai Xiaofei, obviously talking about the mysterious figure. The domineering, well-dressed youth hadn’t even reached the Proficient Rank.

“My two fellow puppet masters, I heard that you aren’t satisfied with my Red Sleeve Building. However, just telling us where to improve will do, there was no need to kill my people, right?” said the well-dressed youth, his tone growing increasingly cold.

“Friend, you need evidence. I can’t afford to shoulder such an accusation.” Smiling, Bai Xiaofei refused to admit no matter what.

“Evidence? I do have that, actually,” replied the well-dressed youth while pouring himself a glass of wine, and the mysterious man next to him clapped his hands. Two burly men quickly entered, each hauling a girl.

Upon seeing the two girls, Bai Xiaofei slightly tensed. They were among the ones who he had just rescued…

“I still have over 20 like these two in my hands, and one of them is still a little girl. What do you think I should do with them?” Playing with his wine glass, the well-dressed youth flashed Bai Xiaofei a shallow smile. “Of course, if you say that those 20 people have nothing to do with you, then I’ve intruded. All of your expenses today in the Red Sleeve Building will all be counted on me.”

Bai Xiaofei took a deep breath.

“That’s right, I killed your people.”

“Very good! What boldness! I, Gu Ming, like bold people!”The well-dressed youth clapped as soon as Bai Xiaofei admitted, and laughed as if he was not going to pursue this matter. “However, my friend, since you killed my people on my turf, I need an explanation! Otherwise, how am I going to manage people in the future?” Gu Ming’s face darkened as his words took a turn.

“Geez, I didn’t know that this little building was backed by the royal family of the Ancient Yue Kingdom. Nice to meet you, Third Prince,” said Bai Xiaofei lightly as he ignored Gu Ming’s demand.

Gu Ming’s expression froze a little, but it was quickly concealed.

Although the Bright Road Merchant House didn’t explain the specifics of the mission, just before Bai Xiaofei set out, Feng Wuhen made a trip and delivered some information to him. Most were about the domestic situation of the Ancient Yue, and one was that Third Prince Gu Li often went by the alias Gu Ming to conduct business.

Unexpectedly, this piece of information that he almost ignored would come in handy so quickly. Thinking this, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but thank Feng Wuhen from the bottom of his heart.

“Oh? It seems you’ve come prepared. May I know how I should address you?” Gu Li’s tone mellowed. It was as if he had completely forgotten his attitude earlier.

“Bai Xiaofei,” he stated nonchalantly.

Gu Li frowned slightly. The mysterious figure next to him whispered a few words in his ear, and his eyebrows then stretched.

“A legendary character of Starnet, it turns out. That explains your great courage. I wonder if I have the honor of a drink with you?” Gu Li raised the glass in his hand.

In a similarly straightforward manner, Bai Xiaofei also toasted with his glass and drained it in one go.

Meanwhile, Bai Ye was totally dumbfounded.

What is this sudden change of attitude?! Did I miss something? Didn’t you guys only introduce yourselves? What’s so peculiar about it?

“And this friend is?” Putting down his glass, Gu Li looked at Bai Ye, his voice amiable as if he wanted to make friends.

“Bai Ye.” Despite his bewilderment, Bai Ye let nothing show. His tone was indifferent as if he didn’t take Gu Li to heart at all.

In this kind of situation, the more relaxed one was, the more insecure the other party would be. With Starnet’s reputation, anyone, especially the Ancient Yue Kingdom who wasn’t very far, would have to think twice before starting a fight with its people.

The Ancient Yue Kingdom could be annihilated if it really angered Starnet. History didn’t lack this type of example. Starnet had the ability to change a regime!

“So it’s two Bai brothers. I wonder if you’ve come to Ancient Yue to…” There was a hint of probing in Gu Li’s tone. He was testing not only their purpose of coming here but also their identities. There had been quite many imposters pretending to be Starnet students. If these two were tricking him, Gu Li would not stand for it.

“A mission from the Bright Road Merchant House. We and a few classmates have come to help. When passing by, this little guy begged us for help. I came here to check on the spur of the moment, but I didn’t expect it to be the third prince’s territory. My bad,” said Bai Xiaofei as he cupped his fists towards Gu Li, and the atmosphere between them took a U-turn. The third prince didn’t want his own affairs to get out, and Bai Xiaofei didn’t want to cause a big fuss over this.

It was useful that Bai Xiaofei mentioned the Bright Road Merchant House. It was obvious from Gu Li’s expression that he also knew of the mission.

“My Bai brothers, best of luck to you. The situation at the Bright Road Merchant House isn’t very optimistic!” With a reminder of ‘goodwill,’ Gu Li’s probing ended.

Having revealed this kind of identity, there was no hiding for Bai Xiaofei. As long as Gu Li sent people to follow him, it would be clear whether he was a Starnet student when he went to the Bright Road Merchant House.

“We’ll be careful. Also, I hope you won’t take it to heart that we have accidentally offended this time. I will pay for those guys who died as well as the money to redeem the girls.” Bai Xiaofei wasn’t stupid enough to ask about Gu Li about what he knew of the mission. At the same time, he took a step back, and the rest would depend on Gu Li.

“You are too polite, Brother Bai. I can’t disrespect your wish in that case. I would be in trouble without a justified settlement for the Red Sleeve Building.”

Hearing Gu Li’s answer, Bai Xiaofei and Bai Ye secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

“I guess 500,000 Amethyst Coins should do?” With a smile, Bai Xiaofei offered a number that was nothing to himself, but it instantly made Gu Li’s eyes widen.

Five hundred thousand Amethyst Coins?! Did I hear you right?! Not gold coins?!

The economy of Ancient Yue wasn’t very developed, and the price offered by Bai Xiaofei was already comparable to the annual tax revenue of several cities!

“As expected of someone who comes from Starnet! I promise that the Red Sleeve Building will never pester those girls again!” Gu Li hurriedly agreed as he threw his calm manner out the window.

Money could indeed make the devil turn millstones!

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