Chapter 384: A Sudden Turn!

Chapter 384: A Sudden Turn!

The burly guards might have looked scary, but in fact, they were at best only Martial Artists. Bai Xiaofei used less than three minutes to kill them all. Changing back to his own appearance, he calmed his mood and looked at the frightened girls.

“Don’t be scared, I am here to get you out.”

Although Bai Xiaofei tried to sound as gentle as possible, his bloodstained appearance still scared the girls into shrinking away from him.

“Are you the hero my brother found? My brother said he would bring a hero to save me!” A little girl with big eyes took one step forward and stared straight at Bai Xiaofei just as everyone else was retreating.

“You must be Baozhu. I am not a hero, your big brother is. He has done a lot to save you!” Stroking the little girl’s hair, Bai Xiaofei smiled.

“That’s right! My brother is a great hero! Big brother, you will take me to him, right? Baozhu will follow you!” Baozhu had a cute smile as she took Bai Xiaofei’s hand off her head. “But you are not allowed to touch my head again. My brother said it will make me bald. If I’m bald, I won’t be able to marry!”

Baozhu’s serious face brought a smile to the rest of the girls and eased the atmosphere.

“Let’s go, we don’t have much time.”

This time, no one retreated. They all followed Bai Xiaofei.

After escaping from the Red Sleeve Building, Bai Xiaofei took the girls to an inn nearby and rented enough rooms to place them. The original plan was to save Baozhu and return, but Bai Xiaofei had no place to hide so many girls. Therefore, he had left Bai Ye a difficult problem to solve.

After such a long time, they should be exposed already…

Indeed. At that moment, Bai Ye was being confronted by the procuress, who had over 20 big men standing behind and even two Proficient Rank puppet masters at her side.

Bai Ye, however, wasn’t scared at all. He just sat casually at the table drinking and eating with a trembling Baogen in his company.

“This master, our Red Sleeve Building shouldn’t have offended you in any way, right? Why are you thrashing us like this?” The procuress just wanted to fight, but she didn’t dare with the Master Rank pressure radiating out from Bai Ye. She had to wait for backup.

Similarly, Bai Ye was waiting for his backup. It was no problem for him to rush out of here alone, but he wouldn’t be able to take Baogen in that case. While killing everyone was an option, that wasn’t something he could bear to do just yet. First, he didn't know how deep the water ran as he wasn’t familiar with this place. Second, killing was just not his habit of doing things.

I can just leave these kinds of bad things to Bai Xiaofei. Who told him to start it in the first place?

“What do you mean by that? When have we ever thrashed your place? My friend just went out for some air. As for killing a dozen of your people, don’t you think it’s funny to say that? We have just arrived in Nabu City for the first time, and you have never provoked us. Why would we bring trouble onto ourselves for no reason?” With a chuckle, Bai Ye looked at the procuress like looking at an idiot, not feeling one bit guilty.

“Then how do you explain the child next to you?! He barged in not long ago, screaming about saving his younger sister or something. It would make sense that he did it!” The procuress spoke again, and this time with evidence.

“You took a child’s words for it? Look how small he is, imagine how small his little sister must be. Do you think you can have such a little girl in a place like yours? Are you stupid or am I stupid? Do you think we will believe something like that?”

Bai Ye threw back questions that struck the procuress dumb.

Some things were just inconvenient to say. Places like the Red Sleeve Building could be opened after going through various, powerful connections, but there were still taboos that could not be violated, and children were one of them.

“Anyway, call your friend over so we can confront him. Everything will be clear when he shows up,” the procuress stated her last condition with gritted teeth. No matter what, she had to see Bai Xiaofei.

“Woah, I just went to the bathroom a little bit and it’s gotten so bustling in here.”

The two sides were deadlocked when Bai Xiaofei’s lazy voice rang out from outside. Everyone instantly raised their alert.

As he walked slowly towards the room, the people in the corridor consciously made room for a path. No choice, this was someone who had just killed a dozen people!

“Why, you just asked for me?” Bai Xiaofei walked up to the procuress and stared straight at her, his eyes frosty. “You have better ones to send here? Or do you think your place is strong enough to handle my anger?”

Looking at Bai Xiaofei, the procuress was scared so scared that she swallowed all the words she wanted to say. She could sense his murderous intent. If she said something wrong, he would definitely start killing!

“The top card is dressing up now, she will come soon.” Gulping, the procuress chose to protect herself.

“Then tell her to hurry up. Your small shop can’t afford to disturb my interest.” Leaving cold words, Bai Xiaofei stepped into the room, nearly hitting the procuress’s rouge-plastered face when he shut the door.

“Sorry, I came back late. The situation was a bit unexpected.” After confirming that the people outside had left, Bai Xiaofei smiled awkwardly at Bai Ye.

“So you know that you are late? Think about what to do next. Their people have surrounded this place, and I think the fact that you killed their men won’t be covered for long.” Bai Ye didn’t have many complaints, he simply explained the current situation. The place was now full of guards and it was impossible to use the window.

“Say, senior, for this place to be able to open in their imperial city, who would stand behind it?” Bai Xiaofei suddenly asked a somewhat abrupt question after some thought.

However, Bai Ye instantly understood what he was hinting at and his face grew tense.

“Hey, we agreed not to cause a ruckus before we came here. If you do this, Lingyan will skin me when we return!” Bai Ye raged. However, from the look of things, it seemed he would become an accomplice soon.

“It’s not that I want to cause a ruckus, but that we have no way back. Or you can think of a way to get out, senior?”

Bai Xiaofei’s question successfully floored Bai Ye.

F*ck! I was tricked!

“I warn you, if there is a chance to make a molehill out of this mountain, you’re not allowed to cause trouble on purpose!” In the end, Bai Ye yielded.

“Don’t worry, senior, do I look like the kind of person who has nothing to do but look for trouble?” Bai Xiaofei solemnly assured, immediately earning a scornful glare from Bai Ye.

Look like? You ARE that kind of person!

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