Chapter 382: Red Sleeve Building, Fragrant Red Sleeve!

Chapter 382: Red Sleeve Building, Fragrant Red Sleeve1!

Under Bai Xiaofei’s gentle guidance, the little boy explained his situation little by little, a very cliché story. The little boy’s father gambled but had no such money, and sold his daughter after losing big. This kind of thing wasn’t uncommon in the continent, but it was new to Bai Xiaofei.

Mhm, I’m interfering! Sure enough, it’s interesting to go outside!

In Starnet, let alone selling people, opening a betting place already required much care and consideration for a giant like the Babel Merchant House. Even common gambling dens didn’t dare to exist there.

“Masters, it’s getting late, maybe…” When the mustache man tried to remind them, a hint of embarrassment appeared on Qin Lingyan’s face.

Along the way, it had been impossible to stop Bai Xiaofei from putting his nose into others’ problems, and now, he was obviously interested…

“You guys go first, I can manage something this small alone. I will call you if I can’t solve it.”

Who was Bai Xiaofei? He wouldn’t be called Bai Xiaofei if he couldn’t read faces.

“Xiaofei is right, I can accompany him. You three go report to our employer and investigate the details. After all, we can’t let them wait.”

For once, Bai Ye stood up and supported Bai Xiaofei with a sincere look.

“Alright. You guys be careful then.” In the end, Qin Lingyan gave up on talking Bai Xiaofei out of it. His habit would not change until he experienced a loss. Besides, she felt assured with Bai Ye supervising him.

Following the little boy, Bai Xiaofei and Bai Ye didn’t ride their Blackscale Horses and even removed their Starnet emblems from their outfit. In Bai Xiaofei’s words, they were too ostentatious. They were going to save a life, not to show off.

Fortunately, the Red Sleeve Building wasn’t far. Walking at a quick pace, the three soon saw an antique building. There were several beautifully dressed women standing on the balcony, using their sweetened voices to tease every male that passed by on the streets…

Yes, it was a brothel!

“Masters, this is it. My sister has just been brought in. I tried to go in to find her but was beaten out. They won’t let me in at all,” said the little boy anxiously. Although Bai Xiaofei and Bai Ye came along, he was still worried that his sister could not be saved.

“Silly boy, how can anyone let you into this kind of money-squandering cave just like that?” Unexpectedly, Bai Ye’s tone suddenly became gentle. Even Bai Xiaofei was startled.

Is this still the senior who’s been making things difficult for me the last ten days?!

“It’s up to you, Boss Bai.” Bai Ye turned to look at Bai Xiaofei in amusement.

If one talked about money, the wealth of everyone else in the group combined wouldn’t be able to rival Bai Xiaofei. After the Blossom competition, he had again made a profit.

“No problem, but your appearance needs some altering, Baogen,” said Bai Xiaofei and handed the little boy a strand of hair. Then, Blackie’s ability was activated and the little boy turned into Chu Yue.

Bai Xiaofei kept strands of hair of his teammates in order to deal with special situations like this at any time.

Of course, Baogen himself didn’t know what happened. Blackie’s simulation was only visual, not like Huskie who could remodel the physical nature of the target. Yet this alone was enough to surprise Bai Ye. Although the Illusion Stream wasn’t useful in fighting, it could be a useful weapon in normal times! Moreover, Bai Xiaofei’s two puppets could perfectly shield from the detection of those of the same rank or even one higher, which was beyond Bai Ye’s understanding of the Illusion Stream.

“Let’s go.” Bai Xiaofei didn’t care about Bai Ye’s surprise. With a smile, he took the lead and walked into the building.

Baogen nervously followed at the rear. When he passed through the door, his heart leaped to his throat. However, he wasn’t stopped as he had imagined. Some beautiful women even swayed their way over to the door and surrounded them with great enthusiasm.

“My lords, do you want to reserve anyone specific? If not, I just happen to be idle.”

“Stay away from us, we have an appointment,” said Bai Xiaofei coldly with a serious expression that stopped the women one meter away from him, but he still took out a handful of gold coins and threw them like beans.

“Thank you, my lord, thank you!” The women who were slightly unhappy one second ago instantly smiled and opened a path for Bai Xiaofei’s group.

The three had just taken a few steps when a chubby procuress came up to greet them. Her task was to catch ‘big fish,’ and the generous Bai Xiaofei obviously met the qualifications.

“Young masters, this must be your first time at our Red Sleeve Building. Do you want me to introduce you to our top cards? They will definitely satisfy.”

“Top cards? They won’t be the same level as those powdered faces at the door, right?” Bai Xiaofei snorted, his tone full of discontent as if he was disappointed in this place.

While Bai Xiaofei was talking to the procuress, Baogen couldn’t be calm. Aren’t we here to save my sister?! How did it become like this?!


Before Baogen could finish a word, Bai Ye next to him put his hand on his back and injected origin energy. Baogen instantly lost the ability to speak. Horrified, Baogen looked back and saw Bai Ye shaking his head.

“If you want your sister’s life, just watch honestly!”

Although Bai Ye had deliberately lowered his voice, their interaction was too obvious, especially when their group was already the focus of attention. The two instantly attracted the attention of the procuress.

“Isn’t it just a few months without touching a woman?! What’s there to discuss?! I’ll let you two pick first, alright?! These two pigs, they just f*cking know how to embarrass me!” Before the procuress could ask any questions, Bai Xiaofei turned around to scold them.

The procuress’s nervous heart calmed down at this. In dire need, aren’t you? That’s some big fortune guaranteed!

“Find us a private room, one that is big enough, we prefer to be together.” His face still angry, Bai Xiaofei turned back and said in a commanding tone.

The procuress replied with a smile. “Arrange the Fragrant Red Sleeve quarters and call Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Also get Plum, Orchid, Bamboo, and Chrysanthemum to welcome our guests!”

After yelling upstairs, the procuress led the way for Bai Xiaofei’s group. Soon, the trio witnessed what the procuress called the ‘Fragrant Red Sleeve’ quarters, and the scene had them, who were completely new to such a place, freeze on the spot.

The faint fragrance haunted their nostrils as the dark pink-toned theme stimulated their imaginations. What was most deadly was the variety of unspeakable instruments in the room. While Bai Ye and Baogen might think nothing of it, some images couldn’t help but emerge in Bai Xiaofei’s mind.

Gulping, Bai Xiaofei tried to open his eyes wide, forcing himself to stay focused. Seeing the three’s reactions, the procuress revealed a satisfied smile.

“The girls haven’t even arrived. Don’t lose hold of yourselves yet, gentlemen.”

1. 紅袖添香: ancient idiom: when the scholar has a woman in his company when he stays up late to study.

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