Chapter 381: The Ancient Yue Kingdom, Bright Road Merchant House!

Chapter 381: The Ancient Yue Kingdom, Bright Road Merchant House!

The Ancient Yue Kingdom was one of many small countries near Starnet. While it was referred to as small, it wasn’t actually anywhere near as such, with 50 million people distributed around a hundred large and small towns.

Nabu City was the capital of the Ancient Yue Kingdom, the center of power and the most prosperous area of the whole country, which could be seen from the long lines waiting to enter the city.

“Geez, when will such a long queue finish?” On his Blackscale Horse, Bai Xiaofei sighed from the bottom of his heart as he looked at the long line in the distance and successfully earned a scornful glance from his companion, Qin Lingyan.

“Didn’t I tell you, don’t talk nonsense if you don’t know the situation, it’s embarrassing.” Her voice cold, Qin Lingyan seemed impatient with him.

In the past ten days, Bai Xiaofei had repeatedly made himself the butt of jokes with his ignorance. No matter how ordinary something was, he would exclaim over it emotionally like just now. However, this also made Qin Lingyan and others believe more in Bai Xiaofei’s description of his life background. He really came out of some remote ravine!

“Big Sister Lingyan, let’s not berate our Junior Brother Bai. If he can say this to our face, it means he doesn’t treat us as outsiders!” The rough-looking senior next to Bai Xiaofei laughed and helped resolve the embarrassing situation.

Chu Yue, third-year student of the Shield of Defense, ranked 98th in the Combat Ranking, peak-grade of the Master Rank.

“Yes, Big Brother Chu Yue is right. Sister Lingyan, it’s time for you to be gentle on our Little Feifei, or else it will affect his impression of you!” A girl in a silk dress covered her mouth and grinned. The two round buns on her head made her look young and playful.

Zhao Tiantian, third-year student of the Light of Protection. She was proficient in treatment and support.

These were two of the teammates Qin Lingyan had mentioned before, and the last one was an old acquaintance of Bai Xiaofei, Bai Ye!

At this moment, however, that old acquaintance seemed to be quite indifferent to Bai Xiaofei. Not only so, but his resentment could also be sensed from far away. Along the way, even a fool could see that Qin Lingyan held special feelings for Bai Xiaofei. Bai Ye would be dull-minded if he could still continue to fraternize with him.

Why is there no result for me after chasing her for two years while you’ve already seen the dawn after only a few months? On what grounds?! And you’re actually resisting even! Are you trying to mock single dogs like me?!

With this mindset, Bai Ye regarded Bai Xiaofei as his archenemy. Unfortunately, he didn’t dare to throw a tantrum with Qin Lingyan present. Everything indeed had its vanquisher.

“In the continent, all cities have passages specially established for puppet masters. In other words, we don’t have to wait in line,” stated Bai Ye coldly as he expressed deep contempt for Bai Xiaofei.

“Let’s go, it’s getting late. We need to meet up with people from the merchant group and today is the last day of the deadline!” Qin Lingyan legs clipped and her Blackscale Horse started to trot.

This was one of the benefits of being in Starnet. Any student who went out on a mission could borrow a Blackscale Horse, which was convenient for traveling and also raised the reputation of the academy.

Just like now for example, when the five rode the Blackscale Horse as they passed the long queue, there was no end to the sounds of discussion along with envious and yearning eyes.

Puppet masters!

Puppet masters with magical beasts as their mounts!

And the symbol on their chests… Starnet Academy?!


Exclamations arose in the heart of the people all the way even after Qin Lingyan led the group through the special passage for puppet masters and disappeared from sight.

“It must have been a long road, masters from Starnet. May I take the liberty of some of your time and ask if you are here for the Bright Road Merchant House mission?” A middle-aged man with a mustache and dressed in fine clothes came up right after they passed through the city gate, looking as humble as he could.

“Yes,” replied Qin Lingyan lightly, her commanding aura on horseback was definitely worthy of the word ‘master’ from the mustache man’s mouth.

The other three were similar, looking completely different from just now. As the only one who was glancing around curiously, Bai Xiaofei looked somewhat out of place.

“Good! It’s good that you are! I have been waiting for you for a long time. You must be tired, the Bright Road Merchant House has prepared a place to rest for you.” The mustache man motioned with his hand.

Five errand boys hurriedly ran over to lead Qin Lingyan’s group. However, before they could get close, the Blackscale Horses huffed from their nostrils, scaring them so much they stumbled onto the ground.

“Just lead the way, the Blackscale Horses aren’t used to being approached by strangers,” said Qin Lingyan coldly, her face expressionless.

Sweating, the mustache man hurriedly nodded and whispered some words to the errand boys, then started to lead the way himself, looking nervous as if afraid he’d delay them. Just now, if Qin Lingyan held him accountable for what happened, he might just lose his job…

“Masters! Masters! Please, save my little sister!”

Not long after they started moving again, a 12, 13-year-old boy dressed in rough clothes suddenly hurtled out from the roadside and knelt down in front of the group. Bai Xiaofei could see the boy’s face was covered with bruises and blood, which looked quite terrifying.

“Motherf*cker, you’re tired of living? You dare to block anyone’s road these days, don’t you?! Take these coins and scram!” The mustache man reacted quickly. Almost the same time as when the boy knelt down, he threw a kick and then a handful of copper coins at him.

However, the little boy didn’t intend to stop at all. He crawled up then knelt on the ground again and kowtowed to Bai Xiaofei’s group.

“Please, masters! I’m willing to die for you if you save my sister, please! “

“F*ck, I see that you really don’t want to live! Men, come, beat him up!” shouted the mustache man in fury. The errand boys from earlier immediately rushed over.

“Enough!” shouting, Bai Xiaofei jumped down from his horse. Passing by the errand boys who were scared silly by his icy shout, he slowly squatted in front of the little boy whose snots and tears were mixed together on his face.

“Stop crying and tell me what happened as briefly as possible. I can help you.”

As soon as Bai Xiaofei said this, the mustache man and the others were dumbstruck while the little boy looked up in elation.

Qin Lingyan reluctantly shook her head, then got off her horse as well.

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