Chapter 380: Leaving Soon

Chapter 380: Leaving Soon…

After Bai Xiaofei compromised, Qin Lingyan informed him that they would set out tomorrow and left. The whole process was so fast it caught Bai Xiaofei off guard. However, a promise was a promise, and it was absolutely impossible to go back on his word, so Bai Xiaofei started getting prepared.

His preparation was very simple, which was to say goodbye to the people he knew.

In order from easy to difficult, people like Feng Wuhen and the Savage Class friends were first. After confirming that they couldn’t tag along, they quickly accepted without much surprise. If Bai Xiaofei could actually honestly and quietly stay in Starnet, they’d be shocked.

After dealing with the ‘easy,’ Bai Xiaofei went to the Gods Amongst Men to see Lin Li. Among the girls, she was definitely the easiest to deal with. Despite this, however, her reddened eyes still pricked Bai Xiaofei’s heart for a long while. Only after he repeatedly promised he would return as soon as possible was it considered having passed the ‘Lin Li ordeal.’

After Lin Li, Bai Xiaofei spent an enormous effort to find Xue Ying. To convince her, he changed their appearances and spent the whole afternoon in the shopping area. It wasn’t for nothing. In the end, Xue Ying gave him a long ‘good luck’ kiss that nearly suffocated him to death…

Well, it hurt but it hurt good.

When Bai Xiaofei finally returned to the Demon of Illusions at dawn, he became the most honest he had ever been while facing his huge group of wives.

“How long until you come back?”

“Can’t we really come with?”

“Are you sure you won’t run away with other women?!”

The Leng sisters were the first to make his life difficult. One question from each threw Bai Xiaofei into disarray, especially the last one from Leng Liuying which set off everyone. It was what the girls were really worried about.

“She never appears so, but this Qin Lingyan is very calculating, isn’t she? Pinpointing your weakness like that. I knew that she wasn’t a lamb when I saw her last time, but I didn’t expect she’d make a move so soon!” As the oldest there, Chu Liuyun hit the key point. From how the girls viewed it, Qin Lingyan definitely came to Bai Xiaofei with ulterior motives!

Bai Xiaofei absolutely could not deny that and go against them, so he could only let them vent their irritation.

“Compared with who you are going with, I am more concerned about that thief group.” The first dissenting opinion appeared. It was none other than Hu Xian’er.

Whether Bai Xiaofei would be seduced away by others wasn’t something that could be solved by worrying. But if anything happened to Bai Xiaofei, they would really go crazy.

“Rest assured. No matter who the opponent is, I guarantee that I will come back in one piece!” Bai Xiaofei finally found a subject that he could answer. He thanked Hu Xian’er from head to toe in his heart. This feeling of being rescued was indescribable.

“What’s the use of your guarantee? What if, just what if, the opponent has something that can restrain you? Did you ask her the details? There are so many thief bands, which one is eyeing a small merchant group? Why is this small business being targeted?”

A series of questions rendered Bai Xiaofei speechless. Indeed, he didn’t ask any of this, he had been too excited back then…

“I didn’t ask…” His tone nervous, Bai Xiaofei had never felt so guilty.

“This is not how you normally do things. I know you have been bored in Starnet recently and I don’t mind if you go out for air, but I hope that you can be responsible for yourself and for us. You can’t let us worry about your safety every day while being stuck in the academy.”

Hu Xian’er’s words had Bai Xiaofei in complete silence.

“There is still time. Go to the Starnet Ranking and have a look. What others say is biased, only your own judgment can be the most accurate,” Hu Xian’er solemnly finished.

Bai Xiaofei was stunned. He raised his head and looked at Hu Xian’er.

“Okay, I’m going!” Bai Xiaofei dashed out.

I’ve really been educated this time…

“Lil’ Sis Xian’er, you really trust him so much? You should be able to see that Qin Lingyan is interested in him,” Chu Liuyun asked after Bai Xiaofei left.

“If she is, we can’t chase her away no matter how hard we try. If she isn’t his type, her effort will be in vain no matter how hard she tries. Let’s just all do our part well and leave the rest to time.”

With a captivating smile, Hu Xian’er grew more and more relaxed as she answered. The carefree look on her face struck Chu Liuyun dumb.

“Sister Xian’er, sometimes I really don’t think I’m the older one when I’m with you. Where did you learn all this stuff?” Chu Liuyun weakly voiced a question that Bai Xiaofei once asked.

“Elective courses. There are just so many elective courses that I have been a little overwhelmed lately. Are you guys actually not interested at all?” The mood instantly changed as the deeply insightful Hu Xian’er disappeared and was replaced by the little-sister-next-door.

The rest of the girls were dumbfounded by her question.

Someone really takes elective courses?! One after another even?!

Did we make a mistake by passing on elective courses for all those years?!

Little did Hu Xian’er know that she had shattered the cognition of several senior sisters and even nearly toppled their world view…

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei rushed to the Starnet Ranking mission board. Guided by a senior sister, he successfully found the mission. Then, he discovered that…

It wasn’t that Qin Lingyan deliberately kept the details from him, but that there were no details! The only thing that allowed people to judge the difficulty of this mission was its terrifyingly high reward and rating – The highest difficulty and the highest reward points placed it up high at the top of the list!

However, Bai Xiaofei’s reaction was totally different from that of normal people. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva, his eyes shining as he slightly trembled from excitement. A mission of this difficulty must be interesting!

Full of expectation, Bai Xiaofei hummed a tune all the way back to the Demon of Illusions. When he pushed open his door, a scene almost made him nosebleed to death.

Hu Xian’er in her transformed state was wearing a pale pink cheongsam that barely covered her thighs and outlined her beautiful body. The convex spots gave Bai Xiaofei an urge to knead them flat, and the spots that curved inward made him want to savor.

Her furry tail swishing slowly, every expression on Hu Xian’er’s face seemed to be sending some kind of signal to Bai Xiaofei.

“Is this a parting gift?” Bai Xiaofei dumbly asked as he gulped.

“If I say yes, how are you going to open your gift?”

With just one sentence, sparks exploded…

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