Chapter 378: The Illusion Demon Getting on Track!

Chapter 378: The Illusion Demon Getting on Track!

When Bai Xiaofei returned to the Demon of Illusions, the girls had also returned with good news as expected. Almost all of them were the first ones to pass the second round. The few that had lost, lost to their own people. Bai Xiaofei wasn’t surprised by this result.

That one day of competition witnessed the selection of 150 participants. As Bai Xiaofei didn’t show up, Yun Jingshuang took over in his place.

Cleaning up Bai Xiaofei’s mess was an essential skill for everyone that worked for him. If they weren’t equipped with this skill, they’d be embarrassed to say that they knew him. Also, everyone was used to their boss disappearing from time to time.

“Now there is only one round left. What are you going to do next?”

A group of people sat together in a big meeting. Basically everyone that Bai Xiaofei knew was present. The question was asked by Yun Jingshuang with the real purpose of knowing when Bai Xiaofei was going to take over the Blossom Ranking. If talking about the right time, the ending of the Blossom competition was definitely the time. If Bai Xiaofei stepped out, no one on the Blossom Ranking would disagree.

“Step by step. I’ve been busy for too long, it’s time I took a break. Everyone else should take a break too. Moreover, Starnet won’t let us keep playing around. After all, studying is the main theme of an academy.” Bai Xiaofei shrugged as he said something no one believed.

“You? Taking a break? I bet ten years of my salary that you will have something new to do within half a month! And it’ll be something big!” Lu Lingyun, once the victim of Bai Xiaofei’s scheming, immediately stood up and vented his dissatisfaction.

Bai Xiaofei didn’t respond. How could he follow along with this kind of sure-loss bet!

“It seems that Big Bro Lu is too idle. How about you take on the task of training Sister Mengqi so as to save you from being too bored?”

Bai Xiaofei’s cold words immediately silenced Lu Lingyun. Except for the clueless Rui Mengqi, everyone laughed.

“Speaking of this, we should start when the competition is over,” said Feng Wuhen. Everyone’s eyes naturally fell on him.

By ‘start,’ he meant implementing the plan for their merchant group that Bai Xiaofei established. It was impossible not to get excited at the mention of this.

“Teacher, what do I do…?” asked Rui Mengqi weakly, worry about an uncertain future written all over her face.

“You remain here to continue learning, of course. Although you can’t get the Starnet graduation certificate as an auditor, don’t waste your qualification as a puppet master. While your first puppet is only a high-level Recording Eyeball, this won’t hinder you from becoming an excellent puppet master. You can still grow long as you work hard enough.” Feng Wuhen paused a little before adding, “Moreover, I have taught you almost all the basics, and you can learn the rest in Starnet. Don’t let me down. I hope that on the day when I need you, you will already be independent.”

Feng Wuhen’s calm tone was full of affirmation of Rui Mengqi, and this was the first time she had ever heard this. Her eyes reddened, as she solemnly nodded to him.

“Teacher, you can rest assured, I will definitely work hard!”

In fact, aside from her simple nature that unintentionally broke people, Rui Mengqi’s ability was far beyond that of ordinary people, only that barely anyone paid enough attention to notice. After all, her personality was so prominent that it concealed all of her light.

But after so many days of close contact, Feng Wuhen saw this light and paved a way for her. As for what would happen in the future, it would be up to her luck. Feng Wuhen wasn’t a fortune-teller like Revelation, he had already done everything he could.

“I have listed the tasks for the Bounty Ranking and Starnet Ranking. I will send them out in two days. The first batch of recruits should be able to get on the job quickly after Big Brother Feng settles down. If necessary, you can send someone to inform me.” By now, Fang Ye had completely changed. The impetuosity often in young people could no longer be seen in him. Instead, he bore a touch of sophistication that someone of his age shouldn’t have.

People tended to mature at a certain moment, and Fang Ye had experienced this moment twice. If he couldn’t change from all that, then he would really be a fool that couldn’t be saved.

“If you guys don’t have a main product line in the early stage, we may be able to help.”

Just when the key members of the merchant group expressed their views, Leng Liuli sitting on the side suddenly opened her mouth and elicited different reactions. But most were of shock.


“You have a special supply source?” Feng Wuhen’s tone was full of delight and expectation.

“You should have heard of the Kingdom of Snow,” said Leng Liuli slowly.

Feng Wuhen’s eyes lit up. At the same time, he carefully observed the Leng triplets. They indeed have the features of the Snow Kingdom people!

“You mean Crystal’s Longings? You guys have influence over the supply chain of Crystal’s Longings in the Snow Kingdom? What is your relationship with Neptune?”

The Neptune that Feng Wuhen mentioned was the finance minister of the Snow Kingdom who managed the biggest source of income of the country – Crystal’s Longings.

“We don’t have any special relationship with Uncle Neptune, but our father is Lin1.”

As soon as Leng Liuli finished, Feng Wuhen and Lu Lingyun gasped.

Lin, the emperor of the polar land, the lord of the Snow Kingdom! Doesn’t that mean the three of them are princesses of the Snow Kingdom?!!!

“I’ve been rude with my question. It would be our honor if you are really willing to help!” Feng Wuhen grew considerably more respectful. In his early years, he once met the Snow Emperor, and the latter helped him out a lot, so his respect at this moment was for the Snow Emperor.

“I will write a letter to home. It should help you out when you deliver it, Big Brother Feng.” As Leng Liuli settled the details, Bai Xiaofei sat there blankly like he was dumbstruck by thunder.

What is going on? What just happened? Why am I an outsider now?!

“Lil’ Bro Bai, you are truly exceptional. I’m looking forward to your wedding banquet now. When the time comes, remember to send me an invitation. I will push aside whatever I'm doing for it!” Feng Wuhen patted Bai Xiaofei’s shoulder with an odd expression that deepened the blank on Bai Xiaofei’s face. Meanwhile, the Leng sisters blushed red.

If it weren’t for helping Bai Xiaofei, they wouldn’t have revealed their identity in front of so many people. But it didn’t matter as long as they could help!

This was how the girls leaned towards an outsider after they confirmed that Bai Xiaofei was the one for them, without even considering their own gains and losses.

After finalizing that big event, the group had a brief discussion on the current situation, and the topic was the Blossom Ranking. It ended with Bai Xiaofei’s consent to take charge of the ranking.

The meeting ended happily with everyone being assigned what they should do next.

Except for Bai Xiaofei…

1. Lin (凛): like Leng, it also means ‘cold’ but in a more imposing/majestic way.

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