Chapter 376: Fill the Pit You Dug Even If You Cry Doing It!

Chapter 376: Fill the Pit You Dug Even If You Cry Doing It!

“I haven’t looked…” The first to speak was Lin Li, and her weak voice made Bai Xiaofei want to die.

This was the answer he was the most scared of hearing. If she hadn’t looked, that meant she completely put her hopes on him. One was fine, but what if there was a second?

“I’m the only teacher. How am I supposed to go to the students for help? People will gossip.” Xue Ying joined Lin Li, directly extinguishing Bai Xiaofei’s only glimmer of hope that there wouldn’t be a second one. However, he found her fear of being gossiped ignorable.

You’re scared? Really? You were quite unscrupulous when we went shopping!

“The three of us can pull Senior Yun Sheng into our group, but we haven’t looked for any other.” The first piece of good news was delivered by Leng Liuli, but it didn’t help much. If they took Yun Sheng, it meant Chu Liuyun was alone again.

“I can actually do it alone. I can still beat two or three people.” Chu Liuyun’s rare thoughtfulness was a real blessing in distress for Bai Xiaofei. Just as he was almost moved to tears, she added, “But I’ve made too many enemies, it will be difficult if they all target me…”

This was also the truth. In order to protect the Demon of Illusions, it was uncountable how many people she had beaten up in the past few years…

“Whatever for me. I just wanted to ask if you were free, but since you’re not, I can just quit. It’s impossible to compete with so many beautiful girls.” Qin Lingyan’s voice sounded as cold as ice, perhaps because she had been affected a little too deeply by the ‘Song of Fire and Ice’ play. However, her statement was unconvincing.

Unless one was an idiot, how could they not know that Bai Xiaofei was very popular?

And Qin Lingyan was no fool, she was from an established household. Therefore, her words sounded like nothing but jealous complaints to everyone…

“I… I was called here by Sister Xian’er. She said she could help me find some teammates. I have no other ideas.”

Although Zhen Qi had emerged from the shadow of Di Hang after the first round of the competition and basically regained her purity after receiving a Rebirth Pill from Bai Xiaofei, the grievances she had suffered the past two years had resulted in her development into a soft, yes-man character, which was hard to change back. This was why Bai Xiaofei wanted to chop Di Hang into ten thousand pieces! This kind of scum never had any regard for other people’s feelings at all!

Finally, everyone looked at Hu Xian’er.

“If I use all of my strength, I by myself can get the first place in the second round!”

Domineering! This was an unprecedented domineering attitude never seen in Hu Xian’er! If she had said so before, some people might doubt it, but now, the fact that she insta-crushed Su Yu left no room for doubts.

However, Bai Xiaofei panicked. Others could not hear it, but he could. This was a threat from Hu Xian’er directed at him. Using all of her strength meant exposing her ability to control time!

The competition was the center of all focus. It was hard to say that any big boss could ignore the effects of Permanence. When the news got out, Hu Xian’er would no longer have a quiet life. Therefore, Bai Xiaofei would not agree to this. Even if he couldn’t help Hu Xian’er, he would definitely find three reliable teammates for her. The results of the others didn’t matter. If Hu Xian’er revealed her identity, even leaving Starnet would be a problem for her.

At this point, everyone had reported their situations, and the ball was kicked back to Bai Xiaofei. He had barely managed to come up with such a good solution, but it was now useless.

Everyone is not going to find anyone else, now we’ll see how you’ll decide!

Bai Xiaofei fell into a long silence. Fortunately, the talk wasn’t without gains. At least he no longer had to face those deadly stares from before.

The girls all looked forward to his reply. At the same time, they were a little worried.

They looked forward to being the lucky chosen one and worried whether they could accept that it wouldn’t be them. Girls were just a combination of contradictions. Yesterday, they said they didn’t mind Bai Xiaofei having other girls, but today, they secretly started competing!

This must be what they called ‘war underneath false peace.’

Choked for what seemed like half a day, Bai Xiaofei finally squeezed out a solution. At this moment, he felt that he was a genius!

“Since you guys haven’t chosen, it’s simple. It’s just seeing up a few perfect teams, right? It’s no problem!”

The fact that this came from Bai Xiaofei, who obviously was about to explode from a headache, shocked the girls.

Up to now, none of you has explicitly asked me who I’m teaming with. Only Xian’er asked me if I could guess your purpose of coming here, right? In that case, I’ll just play dumb! I’ll just pretend as if you don’t know who to find and want me to tailor a team for you!

Damn! I’m a f*cking genius!

Bai Xiaofei began to ask the girls one by one about their specific abilities and began a long analysis after collecting all of the information. Finally, he looked up with a faint smile on his face.

“Alright! Go back and wait for my good news. I promise you won’t be disappointed! Consider yourself to have passed the second round!”

As soon as he said his piece, Bai Xiaofei fled the troubled place with the data he had collected. For a while after he disappeared out of sight, the girls still didn’t react.

It was all too fast. Or to be exact, this was Bai Xiaofei’s purpose. He didn’t intend to give them a chance to do anything.

After the girls thoroughly considered what he said, they smiled one by one. This compromise was something they couldn’t think of. However, this was exactly the kind of thing Bai Xiaofei would do. He always solved problems in ways that no one could imagine.

This time, they had lost. They lost by letting themselves be troubled too much…

Moreover, they also understood one thing after this. They should not force Bai Xiaofei. He didn’t want to hurt anyone or let anyone down, and he didn’t want to see those around him grow distant over a trivial problem.

Or to say that even he couldn’t tell who was more important, so why should they pursue this question that didn’t really matter? Wasn’t it enough to know that he had them in his heart? When they let themselves be troubled by this, the final result would only hurt people and themselves. Especially Bai Xiaofei. If this happened again, he might just become broken.

After thinking through, the girls looked at each other while smiling. At this moment, a special tacit understanding was reached among them – Don’t make it difficult for him.

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