Chapter 373: Victim of One’s Own Cleverness!

Chapter 373: Victim of One’s Own Cleverness!

“Bai Xiaofei, you think you are smart, but today is the day you lose!”

Chu Tianyi sneered after summoning his One Heaven Sword. When he said this, however, he was actually looking at Feng Wuhen and not Bai Xiaofei.

“Before I came here, I saw every record of your fights, including the battle between you and Sima Ye in the Illusionary Sandboard. Your second puppet gives you the ability to change your appearance! Say, your two puppets haven’t shown up until now, but they’ve actually been here all the time, haven’t they?”

Chu Tianyi’s words startled the audience, but the expressions of Bai Xiaofei’s group didn’t change at all as they quietly watched Chu Tianyi’s monologue.

“What’s more, I remember that your first puppet can’t seem to speak. A bit like this ‘boss’ at your side, huh?”

Chu Tianyi stared fixedly at Feng Wuhen while saying this. Too bad for him, he didn’t spot any changes on Feng Wuhen’s face.

“After all that talk, what are you trying to get at?” Feng Wuhen leisurely spoke and didn't seem to panic at all like Chu Tianyi had anticipated.

“He is not Bai Xiaofei, you are! This is why you dare to propose this method to duel with me! Because you want my first blow to fail!”

This statement astonished everyone.

So that’s how it is! But it really seems like Bai Xiaofei’s style, and Chu Tianyi’s analysis makes sense!

“Oh? Then according to your analysis, there’s also a high chance that my true body is Lu Lingyun. Why didn’t you guess it’s him instead?” said Feng Wuhen noncommittally while also throwing up a smokescreen.

“First, it’s you who took the Starnet Brilliance, which not only plays a role in guaranteeing the so-called fairness but also provides you protection, because you are afraid of being seen through by me and need a lifesaver! Second, I investigated the people around you. Feng Wuhen is a calm person. You may not have noticed that your style of speaking is totally different from his. Although you are deliberately mimicking his tone, it’s useless!”

Chu Tianyi obviously knew what he was saying. When he finished, all the onlookers already believed him and at the same time began to worry for Bai Xiaofei.

“So, you deliberately acted like a brash kid and pretended to be a pig to eat the tiger1?” asked Feng Wuhen indifferently, as his eyes flashed with a sharp light.

“Don’t say that. You may be a little famous, but you’re no tiger!” Chu Tianyi retorted with a sneer. This was actually his true thoughts.

“Damn, boss, you are really underestimated. And from the looks of it, I’ll have to take on this attack for you. You must give me a salary increase.”

Feng Wuhen turned to Bai Xiaofei with a bitter smile, and Bai Xiaofei’s response was still a silent smile.

“You need to consider this carefully. If it turns out different from what you think, you will have to take a strike from our perfectly unscratched boss.” Stretching his muscles, Feng Wuhen looked back at Chu Tianyi with a smile that caused the audience to be confused.

Is Chu Tianyi’s speculation true?!

“Don’t worry, no one can change what I’ve determined. Keep your meaningless reminder, I’m not going to change my mind,” declaring so, Chu Tianyi waved his sword and terrifying fluctuations infused with origin energy seeped out. Then, he leaped up, and the glowing sword in his hand stabbed down towards Feng Wuhen with unstoppable, piercing momentum.

As the sword speedily approached, Feng Wuhen’s expression finally twitched a little. This completely fortified Chu Tianyi’s determination. In fact, until just now, everything Chu Tianyi had done was to probe! Because he wasn’t sure if his guess was right, he left himself some leeway so that he could change the target at any time. But now, the slight change on Feng Wuhen’s face confirmed his final decision.

Chu Tianyi accelerated in midair and decisively charged at Feng Wuhen!

The next second, the Starnet Brilliance glowed, and Chu Tianyi’s sky-shattering sword was blocked. No matter how formidable, everything was but a floating cloud in front of the Starnet Brilliance’s invincible shield.

Landing gracefully after finishing his attack, Chu Tianyi smiled confidently.

“You lost,” stated Chu Tianyi lightly, his sword drawing a flowery arc before returning to its sheath.

And then…

“Aiii, it’s a pity that you don’t try acting for a career, Big Brother Feng.”

A nonchalant sentence sent Chu Tianyi’s heart plunging to the abyss because the speaker was none other than Bai Xiaofei!

At the same time, Huskie ran out after cleaning the leftovers on the table, followed by Blackie, who jumped onto Bai Xiaofei’s shoulder.

Seeing this, everyone was dumbfounded.

“Not like I have a choice when you’re my employer, right?” Feng Wuhen shrugged with a wry smile.

While the two chatted, Chu Tianyi felt like he was standing naked in public. This wasn’t just being slapped in the face, it was being hit in the face with a whip!

“Your analysis is excellent, so don’t feel embarrassed. Normal people are definitely not as smart as you. In fact, it was a 50:50 bet, and the result is that you bet on the wrong answer.”

Bai Xiaofei stepped forward and expressed his opinion so that Chu Tianyi wouldn’t be despised by the people around. After all, this was the person who was going to work for him for three years, free of charge!

As it turned out, what he did was effective. As soon as he finished speaking, the buzz around immediately ceased.

That’s right, if it had been another person, they might not even be able to consider such a possibility. Chu Tianyi is just a move behind his opponent, and this move is enough to decide the outcome.

“But let’s save the nonsense for later and finish this duel first,” saying that, Bai Xiaofei exercised his fist before starting a long process of activating origin energy resonance.

When this process was finally completed, his body had become considerably larger. Then, he dashed straight at Chu Tianyi.

Getting hit by this strike would mean death!

Just one second before Bai Xiaofei’s fist connected with Chu Tianyi’s head, the latter swiftly moved sideways, leaving Bai Xiaofei’s fist hitting air.

Bai Xiaofei seemed to have anticipated this. Not embarrassed at all for having rushed over too strongly, he withdrew his fist.

“Well, next is the time to solve the puzzle!”

Patting Chu Tianyi’s face that was dripping with sweat, Bai Xiaofei withdrew his imposing aura and walked back to Feng Wuhen.

Once again, the onlookers pricked up their ears…

1. Chinese idiom. It means pretending to be weak and catch the opponent by surprise.

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