Chapter 372: I am More Suitable for Her!

Chapter 372: I am More Suitable for Her!

With Bai Xiaofei deliberately dallying, their meal took exceptionally long. When the three were finally full and stopped, even the waitress waiting on them couldn’t bear to look…

How can someone actually make their friend wait like this??

“Let’s go, let’s see which friend of mine is so patient.” Bai Xiaofei snapped his fingers with a smile, and Huskie and Blackie were instantly summoned back.

When the group came out from the private room moments later, Chu Tianyi, who nearly grew mushrooms after such a long wait, angrily stormed up to them.

Chu Tianyi, a third-year student of the Sword of Assault, ranked 35th on the Combat Ranking!

“Bai Xiaofei, I want to challenge you!”

His voice carried a grudge so heavy that he drew everyone’s attention to himself.

Someone wants to challenge Bai Xiaofei!

There’s a show to watch!

This meal is so worth the money, I get to catch such an exciting event!

Many people present knew Chu Tianyi. Most of the time, being ranked on the Combat Ranking could be a resounding title.

“Our boss isn’t someone you can challenge just because you want to. State your reason.”

Bai Xiaofei didn’t answer. The one that spoke was Feng Wuhen, his nonchalant attitude indicated that he didn’t take Chu Tianyi seriously at all.

“He’s not worthy of Senior Chu Liuyun! I am the most suitable one!” replied Chu Tianyi solemnly like a hotheaded youth.

“Oh? What makes you think so? Whether it is influence or potential, our boss is better than you. To be honest, I don’t even know who you are,” said Feng Wuhen sarcastically.

“If nothing else, just because my surname is also Chu! We are from the same roots! And I am more handsome than him!” Chu Tianyi provided a reason that left everyone between laughter and tears.

Challenging Bai Xiaofei with this intelligence?! Are you not afraid of death?

Um… The guy really wasn’t afraid. He probably didn’t know what fear was with his intelligence!

“If you want to challenge, just go through the procedures after the Blossom Ranking competition is over. Our boss is Chu Liuyun’s guardian. As long as you pass the first two levels, you can challenge him. Now, just save your ideas until then.” Feng Wuhen blocked Chu Tianyi from a direct challenge.

“Hmpf! Coward! You just don’t have the guts! Look at you, you don’t even dare to speak to me face to face and only hide behind your underlings!”

Chu Tianyi ignored Feng Wuhen and stared straight at Bai Xiaofei. However, the latter’s only reaction was just a smile.

“Fellow student, talking like that is not commendable,” Feng Wuhen’s voice grew icy and a trace of murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

“If you don’t like how I talk, then let your boss duel me. As long as he beats me, I will never bother him again!” Chu Tianyi sneered, looking as if he would not stop pestering until his purpose was achieved.

Feng Wuhen then leaned towards Bai Xiaofei to discuss something. Everyone could only see their mouths moving without hearing a word.

“Our boss said that he can accept your challenge, but he will never stake Chu Liuyun as a bet. However, if you win, after the Blossom competition, he will let you through the first three levels directly. If you lose, you will have to work for our boss for three years! Without payment!”

Feng Wuhen spoke again. The people around immediately exclaimed in surprise.

It’s here! Seeing how this is going, they’re definitely going to fight!

“No problem! I will wait for you outside!” Chu Tianyi was unusually straightforward as he agreed and turned around, wanting to leave.

Feng Wuhen stopped him, “There’s no need to be in such a hurry. You are the challenger. According to the rules, the fighting method is up to us. We haven’t said what the fight will be yet!”

Chu Tianyi’s face was immediately filled with displeasure.

It’s just fighting! What kind of variety is there?!

“Fine! Say it, how are we going to fight?!”

“Have you heard of the ‘gentleman’s way’?” Feng Wuhen smiled, while Chu Tianyi was stunned.

“What is it?”

“Very simple, that is, to eliminate the complicated confrontations. You and our boss will take turns to attack. The defender can’t evade, but they can use defensive abilities. Whoever falls first loses. Moreover, as the challenger, you can make the first attack!”

Here we go again! Bai Xiaofei once took advantage of this method once, but he had been beaten a little badly that time… This time, it was unknown what he thought of it.

Meanwhile, the crowd instantly broke into a commotion when Feng Wuhen finished his words.

You guys really don’t know who Chu Tianyi is, do you?!

Fighting him in that way?! You’re seeking death!

As mentioned before, among the choices for puppet masters, there were outdated extreme streams that still existed, and Chu Tianyi was the extreme among the extreme. He didn’t have any other puppets outside of his One Heaven1 Sword, and the puppet core attached to the sword was also of the Strengthening type.

There were even rumors that even though Chu Tianyi was at the peak of the Master Rank, his best strike could break the defense of an Exquisite Rank. In other words, he followed the ‘one-hit KO’ path!

“You think I’m stupid? Who doesn’t know that Bai Xiaofei has the Starnet Brilliance? How do I win against its 3-second invincibility?!”

When Chu Tianyi pointed out the problem, everyone suddenly realized.

So this is the trap!!

“Rest assured, our boss will not use the Starnet Brilliance. If he does, it counts as we have lost,” Smiling, Feng Wuhen dispelled Chu Tianyi’s concerns.

“Are you sure?” asked Chu Tianyi in disbelief. The onlookers were also shocked again.

What the hell are they trying to do?! They’re really tired of living?

“Absolutely!” Feng Wuhen confirmed with a serious and confident expression.

With so many people as witnesses, Chu Tianyi had no reason to doubt.

“Very good! I agree!”

Upon Chu Tianyi’s words, Bai Xiaofei and Feng Wuhen smiled at each other.

He took the bait!

Under the gaze of the public, Bai Xiaofei took off his Starnet Brilliance from his chest and handed it to Feng Wuhen, then slowly walked outside. From the beginning until now, he hadn’t said a word except when he had a discussion with Feng Wuhen.

Since this type of duel didn’t require a large area, the onlookers could watch from up close. They made space for a small circular area outside the Thousand Aroma Restaurant.

Bai Xiaofei stood in the front while Lu Lingyun and Feng Wuhen weren’t far away at his two sides instead of standing with the audience.

“Don’t you two want to be further back?” Chu Tianyi’s brows slightly furrowed as he saw this.

“There is no need for that,” Feng Wuhen answered, having no intention of moving.

“Then I won’t act courteously!”

Chu Tianyi suddenly seemed like a different person in an instant, no longer having that rash, silly expression. Instead, on his face was a hint of craftiness rarely seen on normal people.

1. The sword's name is also Tianyi, translated to One Heaven.

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