Chapter 371: The Provoker!

Chapter 371: The Provoker!

“I want you to help me contact Ethereal’s puppetsmiths!”

Bai Xiaofei’s voice was serious. Upon hearing this, Feng Wuhen was immediately curious.

“Oh? You want to tailor a puppet? Did you rank up again?” There was a hint of joy in Feng Wuhen’s tone. Bai Xiaofei’s advance in strength was definitely something to celebrate for those around him.

“Not a puppet. I want you to help me order a batch of non-puppet props similar to the Starnet Brilliance.”

Hearing Bai Xiaofei’s purpose, Feng Wuhen frowned.

“I’m afraid this is a little difficult …”

Feng Wuhen didn’t agree right away, as what he said was indeed true. If Bai Xiaofei wanted one or two, he could guarantee. However, Bai Xiaofei said ‘a batch,’ and given his understanding of Bai Xiaofei, those custom-made things must be of high level.

“Why? Even you can’t do it?” Bai Xiaofei was a little disappointed. He thought it would be a piece of cake with Feng Wuhen’s connections.

“It’s quite difficult to make non-puppet props that aren’t one-time use. It takes a lot of time even for divine craftsmen, that’s why those kinds of props are so precious. Moreover, you want them tailored, and in large numbers at that. There may not be puppetsmiths who are willing to take that on.”

What Feng Wuhen stated were facts. Normal puppetsmiths couldn’t craft non-puppet props, while whether high-rank puppetsmiths would agree to craft such things depended entirely on their mood.

Additionally, Feng Wuhen had left the Ethereal Merchant Group. Relying on personal relationships alone would be subject to many restrictions.

“Is there really no way?” His brows slightly wrinkled, Bai Xiaofei sounded a little dejected.

“In fact, there is!” Feng Wuhen suddenly clapped after some thought.

Bai Xiaofei’s interest was immediately piqued. His eyes filled with surprise, he asked excitedly, “What is it?!”

“Ethereal has a gold-rank puppetsmith with the special hobby of collecting all kinds of strange things. If you’re willing to take out those shady things you got from the Babel Merchant House, he’ll definitely agree to open his forge for you. Of course, there will still be a fee. It’s costly to make non-puppet props.”

Saying this, Feng Wuhen quietly looked at Bai Xiaofei. I gave you the method. Whether you want it or not is up to you.

“That’s really possible?”

Without any hesitation, Bai Xiaofei directly took out the map, all three pieces of which had been fully retrieved after they killed the golden wolf.

“Of course, don’t forget there’s also me.” With a confident smile, Feng Wuhen took the map from Bai Xiaofei.

If it wasn’t for encountering the BUG-like Bai Xiaofei, Feng Wuhen might be the best deceiver there was. When facing Bai Xiaofei, he was outsmarted every time…

“Say, what do you want to make? Why in such a hurry?” Feng Wuhen asked in a light tone and took out a pen, ready to write down what Bai Xiaofei said.

“A token that can represent my identity. Not too big but it must be exquisite, the kind of exquisiteness that girls like. It must have a strong protection over the bearer. That’s it.” Bai Xiaofei looked at Feng Wuhen expectantly. “Can you do it?”

“You want to make this thing to chase after girls?!” Feng Wuhen didn’t answer Bai Xiaofei’s question, as he was so shocked that his eyes nearly popped out.

“Not to chase, uh… How do I say it… You can understand it as a token of love!” Stuttering for a long time, Bai Xiaofei finally found a suitable description, shocking Feng Wuhen again.

What the?? Tokens of love in a batch?!

However, Feng Wuhen quickly understood. Considering all the girls around Bai Xiaofei, it made sense to make them in a batch…

He gave Bai Xiaofei a thumbs-up.

“Formidable, I didn’t expect you to really take action. As a man, I must remind you to be careful not to let your backyard catch fire.” Feng Wuhen smiled evilly and his expression was quite bizarre.

“Tch, do I look like the kind that can’t even handle such a little problem?!” Smugly patting his chest, Bai Xiaofei completely forgot how he hadn’t dared to say a word back in the Demon of Illusions…

“However, since you’re going to hire a high-rank puppetsmith anyway, I suggest that you create another kind of non-puppet prop, which can also represent your identity, but slightly different from the former one, and use them to rank your subordinates. This can increase their sense of belonging. Do it considering you won’t have just a few subordinates in the future.”

After teasing Bai Xiaofei, Feng Wuhen didn’t forget to provide suggestions. He wasn’t the kind of passive subordinate who couldn’t give timely suggestions. On the contrary, he had a very clear mind.

“You work on this then, Brother Feng, I have no opinion as long as you think it’s necessary. After all, you’re the pro.”

Bai Xiaofei was also a good boss, handsomely and cleanly washing his hands of work!

“You’re being lazy again. Forget it, I yield, but you have to treat me to a meal!” Chuckling, Feng Wuhen planned to ‘milk’ Bai Xiaofei a good one.

Although Bai Xiaofei had just finished eating, there was no such thing as ‘eaten full’ for him. Without any hesitation, he agreed straight away.

It was unknown whether Feng Wuhen did it on purpose when he decided on the Thousand Aroma Restaurant then called Lu Lingyun over, saying that there was something important to discuss. Lu Lingyun arrived only to find out that the important thing to discuss was what to eat, as Feng Wuhen insisted that he knew more about the delicacies they offered.

If looks could kill, Feng Wuhen would have been dead at least hundreds of times over. What made Lu Lingyun uncomfortable was that some waiters and waitresses even shouted “Boss Lu” when they saw him…

Too embarrassing!

However, what the trio didn’t expect was that something big was really coming…

In the middle of the meal, there was a knock on the door of the private room and a waitress came in.

“Boss Bai, there is a third-year student outside saying that your friend is waiting for you outside.”

All three were stunned.

“You have friends in the third year?” Feng Wuhen asked.

Bai Xiaofei began to rummage through his mind. Among the third-year students, aside from Yun Sheng, he really couldn’t think of anyone else.

However, he and Yun Sheng had just been together earlier. Moreover, Yun Sheng wasn’t the type with much on his plate. How could he have something to look for him for? Even if something happened, Yun Sheng would definitely state his name.

Thus, the result was obvious. This third-year ‘friend’ was not a friend!

“I understand, tell him that I can’t get away yet. Let him wait outside for a while.”

After sending off the waitress, Bai Xiaofei slowed his eating.

“Eat slowly, no hurry.”

Glancing at Bai Xiaofei, Feng Wuhen and Lu Lingyun smiled at one another.

What fool is it this time delivering himself to the door?

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