Chapter 370: The Pitiful Yun Sheng

Chapter 370: The Pitiful Yun Sheng…

The sun rose as scheduled, but there were some people who could not wake up.

For example, people who were worn out from last night, such as Bai Xiaofei and Hu Xian’er… And, of course, the Leng sisters and Chu Liuyun who were excited all night, as well as Lei Min who was worried all night.

In other words, of the entire Demon of Illusions, only Yun Sheng got up on time as usual.

However, he was also very tired mentally.

Although the sound insulation in the Demon of Illusions was decent, it was unable to contain Hu Xian’er’s vast energy! Others might not have heard anything but his ears were stimulated all night.

Even worse, he woke up early in the morning without seeing any food prepared… By the time he got to eat Leng Liushuang’s lunch, he was already starving.

The table today had welcomed Hu Xian’er as an addition, while Feng Wuhen and Rui Mengqi weren’t present, saying they were going to make up for a missed lesson.

However, the odd thing was that no one seemed to be surprised except Yun Sheng. Hu Xian’er chatted and laughed with Chu Liuyun and the other girls, drawing a harmonious picture with him looking like an outsider…

Well, in a sense, that was true.

“Yun Sheng, the customer department needs a manager. I think you’ll be suitable,” Chu Liuyun suddenly said halfway into the meal.

Yun Sheng was shocked in the middle of taking food into his bowl.

Why do you suddenly need to manage it? Didn’t you leave it to operate by itself before?

“Why me?” asking a dumb question, Yun Sheng immediately received several murderous gazes.

“Then, you tell me, who else?”

Chu Liuyun coldly threw back a question. Yun Sheng subconsciously looked at Bai Xiaofei, but the latter kept munching on his food as if he hadn’t heard anything at all.

Ahhh, seems like it can only be me then…

“Okay, I’ll go there tonight,” agreed Yun Sheng reluctantly. He felt that he might be the saddest prince in history.

“Just move out of your room so that Xiaofei can move into it.” Chu Liuyun’s words stupefied Yun Sheng again.

“Then what about Xiaofei’s room?!” His face full of consternation, Yun Sheng felt as if he had been abandoned.

“It’s for Xian’er, she will move in with us.” Another shocking blow for Yun Sheng.


Sometimes one would get the thought that their brain cells were not enough, just like Yun Sheng today.

“Are you moving or not?” Chu Liuyun didn’t answer his question and her voice simply turned icy.

Okay okay, with this tone, what else can I say…

“I’ll move!” Yun Sheng hurriedly provided a definite answer as his back began to drip with cold sweat. Just now, he felt killing intent from Chu Liuyun.

This isn’t the place to stay for long!

“By the way, what did you do last night, Xiaofei? Why was there a girl’s voice in your room? Were you watching those ‘movies’?”

Yun Sheng was not just normally dull. He was so dull that Bai Xiaofei almost choked to death…

What was interesting was that, except for Hu Xian’er who maintained a calm facade, the rest of the girls looked at each other with suspicion.

Who is so impatient?! I thought we all agreed to be reserved?!

As an outsider, Yun Sheng noticed everything, and the word ‘shock’ could no longer explain his present state.

What the hell?! What is this situation?!

“Erm, I have to go see Big Brother Feng. You guys eat first. Feel free to find me if you have anything.”

Realizing that this was not the place to stay wasn’t only Yun Sheng, but also Bai Xiaofei whose heart was drumming wildly. He found himself yet to be capable of dealing with what was going on in the Demon of Illusions.

From others’ perspectives, Bai Xiaofei was completely in heaven. What they didn’t know was that heaven and hell were sometimes just one step away. Without experiencing it for yourself, you wouldn’t know what it meant to be struggling with every step, one careless move and you would be done for!

After Bai Xiaofei slipped away, Yun Sheng decided to follow, seeing as the atmosphere of the place was no longer conducive for his survival.

When only the girls were left, the atmosphere didn’t become as strange as imagined, but the one with the most authority to speak changed.

“What’s with that Rui Mengqi?” Hu Xian’er’s question hit a critical point, and a heated discussion began…

Even in his death, Bai Xiaofei could never imagine that the topic would become like this after he left. As the girls joined hands, a tall wall was put up. Sometimes, the unity of the wives could be deadly!

Exiting the Demon of Illusions, Bai Xiaofei went to find Feng Wuhen, which he did not lie about. At the moment, Feng Wuhen was attending the elective course of leadership theory with Rui Mengqi. When the teacher on the stage spoke about a point, Feng Wuhen would help Rui Mengqi analyze whether it was right or wrong. Rui Mengqi was definitely the only unique one who came to class with a personal tutor.

As Bai Xiaofei looked at them, a bold idea suddenly popped in his mind. While it was bold, it could save his life! However, this had to be set aside for the time being, as something needed to be dealt with first.

When the bell rang, the students filed out. Only Feng Wuhen was still carefully explaining to Rui Mengqi what they had just learned in class.

“Brother Feng, I hope I’m not bothering you!”

When Bai Xiaofei’s voice was heard, Rui Mengqi looked up in surprise, about to throw herself at him.


“Stop! Keep your distance! I’ve caught a cold recently and it’s contagious!”

Making up a random excuse, Bai Xiaofei tried to stop Rui Mengqi at a safe distance. Unfortunately though, his excuse wasn’t good enough.

“Boss, you have a cold? Is it serious? Did you go to the Furnace of Agarwood? Do you want me to get you some medicine?”

A series of questions gave Bai Xiaofei the urge to slap his own mouth.

F*ck, who told you to run your mouth?!

“Mengqi, familiarize yourself with what you just learned in class. Our big boss and I have something to discuss.” At that critical moment, Feng Wuhen stood up to pull Bai Xiaofei out of the problem. Surprisingly, Rui Mengqi, who could make Bai Xiaofei suffer without a way to fight back, actually listened to him. She immediately agreed like a good child as soon as he spoke.

“Yes, Teacher Feng!”

After that, she turned Bai Xiaofei, her eyes were full of worry.

“Boss, remember to take medicine!”

After Rui Mengqi left reluctantly, Bai Xiaofei heaved a long sigh of relief and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

“Brother Feng, what do you think about Mengqi…”

“Hold on! Stop right there! I can’t afford it! If you have come here to ask me to help you with this, our conversation can stop here!”

Bai Xiaofei hadn’t finished when Feng Wuhen already firmly expressed his rejection.

She may seem obedient, but you don’t know what pain my head has suffered these past few days! I want to live a few more years!


With a helpless sigh, Bai Xiaofei had to dispel his newly rising perfect idea.

Aii, indeed, only I can fill the pit I dug myself!

“Let’s get down to business. What did you come to me for?”

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