Chapter 368: The Triplets’ Longing!

Chapter 368: The Triplet’s Longing!


At the instant their lips touched, the incompetent table couldn’t resist Chu Liuyun’s forward momentum. Losing their center of gravity, the two fell heavily on the ground. Before the moment of landing, Bai Xiaofei instinctively took Chu Liuyun in his arms and acted as a flesh cushion.

When they finally stopped moving, the two stared at each other while hugging. Looking at the blood on Bai Xiaofei’s lips caused by her teeth, Chu Liuyun giggled unkindly.

“Do I count as a young grass eaten by an old cow1…” Perhaps the fall short-circuited his brains, as Bai Xiaofei uttered a sentence that could kill him one hundred times over before his wits returned.

“Oh? So you’re complaining that I’m older than you?” Straddling Bai Xiaofei, a trace of anger flashed in Chu Liuyun’s eyes.

The next sentence would decide Bai Xiaofei’s life or death!

“No, no, no, no! Absolutely not, my stupid mouth just ran by itself!”

Well, that was a unique explanation. But indeed Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t mind having an older sister for a lover. Think about it, in addition to big sister-little brother, he even did teacher-student, human-animal…

Fortunately, his explanation was accepted. After throwing Bai Xiaofei a glare, Chu Liuyun stood up.

“Get up, you still have one more stop to make. If you tarry for too long, Liushuang and them may not wait.”

Chu Liuyun’s words froze Bai Xiaofei, who had only half stood up.

“Liushuang… and them?!” Bai Xiaofei felt like he couldn’t think straight.

“According to the traditions of the Snow Kingdom, if a girl of multiple births is married to a guy, that guy will have to marry the rest. Now that Liushuang likes you, there is no other choice for Liuli and Liuying, not to mention that they don’t dislike you, which is already a good result for them.”

Chu Liuyun said it so generously that she almost didn’t seem like a girl.

Who said girls are very selfish?

“What? So happy you can’t talk?” Covering her mouth to hide a smile, Chu Liuyun felt evilly pleased to see Bai Xiaofei speechless with his mouth agape.

You have a headache now, and you will only have more in the future!

“Then they…”

“Don’t worry, Lil Sis’ Xian’er is more formidable than you think. You only need to show your face, the rest has been taken care of by her. I really don’t know why such a good girl like Xian’er would take a fancy to a guy like you,” Chu Liuyun said with an unconvinced expression. However, even she didn’t know how she had fallen so hard for him…

Being pushed out of the room, Bai Xiaofei’s head was still spinning.

What did Xian’er tell them? It’s all settled just like that?!

Is this the legendary, ‘when shepherds quarrel, the wolf wins’?

Erm… Yes, the meaning was close. Anyway, Bai Xiaofei was a little too overwhelmed to think of a better phrase.

Arriving at the triplet’s room in a trance, Bai Xiaofei suddenly lost the courage to knock at the door. Chu Liuyun was already like that, then wouldn’t the triplets’ intimate assault ‘sentence’ him on the spot?!

However, there was no need for Bai Xiaofei to knock. He had just reached the door when Leng Liuying, who couldn’t wait anymore, opened it and looked at him as she haughtily said a few words.

“What? You want me to drag you in?”

Bai Xiaofei just wanted to cry now…

Who said that I’m the one taking advantage? Why do I feel like I’ve come here to be taken advantage of?!

“Still not moving?”

Seeing Bai Xiaofei still standing blankly, Leng Liuying went around behind him and pushed him into the room. Inside, Leng Liuli was standing quietly beside a pillar while Leng Liushuang sat elegantly in a chair. Leng Liuying also found a spot after pushing Bai Xiaofei in. Pulling over a chair, she stepped a foot on it like a bandit as she stared straight at him.

The door was locked, so there was no hope of running.

“Sister Liuyun should have told you the general situation, right?” Once Leng Liuying opened her mouth, the bandit vibe was even more authentic than that of a real bandit!

Coming out of the same womb, how can the difference be so big? Does it kill you to be just a bit more gentle? What am I, a pure boy, supposed to do?

Uhh… Pure boy…

“Say…” Gulping, Bai Xiaofei suddenly had the feeling that he had been kidnapped.

“What’s your thought then?” Leng Liuying continued to press on coldly.

Leng Liuli and Leng Liushuang grew nervous. Bai Xiaofei’s next sentence would announce their fate! As women, the matter of finding a man basically decided their whole life. It wasn’t just a joke to say ‘follow the man you marry, for better or worse.’

“Are you guys sure you won’t regret it? I may…”

“Why the hell are you being so yappy? Just spit out your answer, no need to care what the three of us think. Just know that we have no opinion,” Leng Liuying shoved the rest of Bai Xiaofei’s words back in his stomach.

This and Chu Liuyun’s approach were completely two extremes, but no matter which one, Bai Xiaofei felt tired and couldn’t cope!

“So you’re gonna talk to your future husband like that?!” Choked for a long while, Bai Xiaofei finally found a solution – Fight violence with violence.

And it was quite effective. That sentence had all three sisters stare blankly at him.

“Told you! How can anyone refuse such a good thing, especially this pervert! He can’t move when he sees a beautiful woman. How can us three sisters fail to rope him in?”

Leng Liuli was the first to react, and when she talked, Bai Xiaofei felt tricked. However, he was tricked willingly.

“No more worries for you, second sister. You see, this boy is very honest!” Leng Liuying walked to Leng Liushuang, giggling as if she had forgotten that she would be given to Bai Xiaofei as a bonus.

“You two are obviously interested too, how did it become all about me now?!” A flushed Leng Liushuang countered, but her excitement already was obvious from her voice.

The triplets then teased each other in front of Bai Xiaofei, giving him the feeling that he was only a decoration…

“Er… well, then can I leave?” asked Bai Xiaofei weakly.

“No way!” the three sisters immediately shouted out in unison.

Scared witless, Bai Xiaofei gulped hard. “Then what should I do…”

But again, he couldn’t finish because Leng Liuli was angrily walking towards him.

“If you lose this, I will definitely kill you!” Leng Liuli handed Bai Xiaofei a hand-made waist pendant made of perfect white translucent jade.

Upon touching it, a cold feeling welled up in Bai Xiaofei’s mind. A spirit prop?!

And that was not all. After Leng Liuli, Leng Liushuang followed and gave Bai Xiaofei her own hairpin.

“Keep it safe on you. It can save your life at a critical juncture. This is the only thing my mother left me…” Although her tone was gentle, her eyes were firm.

As the honest-looking Bai Xiaofei held the hairpin in his hand, Leng Liuying was the last to come up.

“This one of mine is badass. Unless you’re near death, don’t let your origin energy touch it. It can only be used once a year,” said Leng Liuying as she took off the pendant around her neck and put it in Bai Xiaofei’s palm. The pendant still carried her warmth.

At this, Bai Xiaofei finally understood. These were engagement tokens!

1. An idiom for couples with a very big age difference.

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