Chapter 366: Lei Shan’s Decision, Lei Min’s Interrogation!

Chapter 366: Lei Shan’s Decision, Lei Min’s Interrogation!

Leaving Lei Shan’s office, Bai Xiaofei’s face was full of pride. His task was successfully completed with Lei Shan left with no room for any resistance.

If Bai Xiaofei had only been a normal student before this, intimidating Lei Shan would be enough to make him super famous, but for the current Bai Xiaofei, this was just a small addition to his glory. What really mattered was that his plan was now possible!

The next day, as the Blossom Ranking competition took a break and the whole academy was in heated discussions, Starnet’s big boss Lei Shan released news that popped everyone’s eyeballs.

After getting rid of the grandiose-sounding words, this was the general meaning: Two months later, Starnet would organize a vote for the Popularity Ranking. If the Student Union lost to the Student Community in this voting, the Popularity Ranking would cut off its connection with the Student Union, and the Student Community would replace them.

This was undoubtedly the last straw that broke the camel’s back. In the Student Union’s office, Su Yu had lost all hope after getting the news. In just a short half a day, the submitted applications for quitting the Student Union had filled his table, and among them were even the presidents of various branches!

It was over. There was no need to even vote at all, the Student Union was done for…

Meanwhile, the talk of the town, Bai Xiaofei, gulped nervously as he faced Lei Min, his face twisted.

“Tell me, how are you going to handle this?” Lei Min asked lightly, her tone was like that of a mother-in-law interrogating the bastard who was dating her precious treasure of a daughter.

For the first time in his life, Bai Xiaofei chose silence in the face of another’s question. He really couldn’t be blamed, how would anyone answer this kind of question?!

“Not talking, are you? Then, I’ll ask one by one and you answer one by one.” As if she had expected this reaction from all normal men, Lei Min simply said what she had prepared.

Bai Xiaofei still remained silent.

Yeah, whatever you say! What else can I do, right?! Do you know how desperate I am now?!

“What is your relationship with that Hu Xian’er?” Lei Min coldly dropped a bomb.

Bai Xiaofei’s eyebrows instantly wrinkled. After some silence, he took a deep breath, as if he had made up his mind about something shocking.

Damn it, if I die then I die! You asked! Don’t blame me if my answer angers you to death!

“Lovers. I will definitely marry her in the future.” Bai Xiaofei firmly looked up.

This time, it was Lei Min who was speechless. She never thought Bai Xiaofei would admit to it so frankly and it caught her off guard. Her prepared reprimands were now useless. With just those few words, Lei Min had the feeling that the situation had spun out of her control.

“Then what about Lin Li? Don’t tell me it’s the same for her!” Still staring at Bai Xiaofei coldly, Lei Min seemed to want to indict Bai Xiaofei with her questions.

“At the moment I regard her as my sister, but she doesn’t seem to feel the same for me, and I can’t guarantee that my feelings for her won’t change in the future. After all, I have a good impression of her. If she has problems, I definitely won’t hesitate to step out.” Bai Xiaofei was most confident when he spoke the truth, although he was also very confident when he lied…

“You mean you want to have your cake and eat it too? Have you considered your little lover? Or have you ever considered it from the perspective of a girl?”

This question was a bit heart-wrenching for Bai Xiaofei. But while it might have given him a headache if Lei Min had asked earlier, it was no longer the case now that he had found his answer.

“Of course I have. Before Big Sis Lei asked me these questions, I had been struggling for a long time, but in the end, I found my own answer.” Bai Xiaofei paused a little before continuing, “Xian’er knows my relationship with everyone. I have never concealed anything from her, and from now on, I will not hide from anyone!”

With resolution in his voice, Bai Xiaofei struck Lei Min dumb again.

Can it actually work like that?! You want to rival the skies or something?!

“Your own answer? What do you mean?”

As her shock gradually turned into suspicion, Lei Min didn’t notice that she was no longer dominating the conversation.

“I can’t stop others from having opinions about me, but I can control my attitude towards them. I will try my best to ensure that I don’t hurt anyone’s true heart. However, if mutual feelings naturally come to fruition, I will never hesitate. I won’t let the word ‘regret’ follow me!”

What Bai Xiaofei said was very obscure, but Lei Min understood. Only that her understanding was a bit biased. She thought that Bai Xiaofei simply wanted to eat everything, and the so-called responsibility was just his excuse.

“Oh? So you mean you are actually a great man?” Sneering, Lei Min didn’t hide her irritation.

“I am not a great man, I am just a normal person with my own belief. I will not force anyone but I will not be forced by anyone. I just want to be a normal person with a clear conscience. I will not manipulate anyone into anything, but I will not stop anything and make others feel uncomfortable either!”

With a light smile as he said these words from his mouth for the first time, Bai Xiaofei actually felt joy.

That’s right, this is my way! Letting down no one, letting down no heart!

Upon hearing his explanation, Lei Min paused and pondered over his words. She saw a twisted kind of logic that made sense.

This was airtight! At least she couldn’t find any flaws with which to reprimand Bai Xiaofei!

“I thought your problem was only with Liuyun and Liushuang, but I didn’t expect you to think so.” Lei Min said with a wry smile, and she was full of sympathy for Chu Liuyun.

It's just their luck for falling for this kind of man.

“Sister Lei, I know that you mean well and that you don’t want us to make mistakes that shouldn’t be made at our age. I can understand you, so here I will promise you this.” Staring straight at Lei Min, Bai Xiaofei looked extremely solemn. “I will explain everything to Sister Liuyun, and I will make my stand clearly and rationally, but I also hope that you can do one thing. If something really can’t be stopped, maybe it is best to let it happen. At times like that, I hope you won’t intervene and let us handle it ourselves.”

Looking at the serious Bai Xiaofei, Lei Min fell silent.

“I believe that there are no silly girls in this world. If there are, it must be that their eyes are covered by something. I promise that I will help them tear off these covers. I will not take advantage of their confusion, but I will not refuse a fiery heart. And, I think I have that power and qualification!”

This was the point – The qualifications!

There were men with several wives everywhere on the continent, there were also many women with several husbands. In this era, the strong had access to more resources, and sexual/romantic partners were one of those many resources.

There was no need to look at people with prejudice. Bai Xiaofei was not defending anything, and this continent was not a simple continent. There was nothing wrong with Bai Xiaofei. Even if some said he was a breeding horse1, he was still a breeding horse with principles.

A breeding horse with a clear conscience!

1. Breeding horse (种马): a term developed for novels' main male characters that are promiscuous/have many lovers.

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