Chapter 364: Towards the Pedestal, Shocking Starnet!

Chapter 364: Towards the Pedestal, Shocking Starnet!

“Alright, I accept! You choose the time and place!” Resisting the urge to kill, Su Yu even acted generously.

“Senior, did you burn your brains somewhere? You didn’t catch what our Xian’er just said? Our time is limited so it will be as quick as possible, the Sword of Assault will do. The students here are good enough as witnesses!” Bai Xiaofei answered with a smile, as if afraid he hadn’t angered Su Yu enough.

“Brat, pay attention to how you…”

Su Yu could hold back, but it didn’t mean that Luo Tong and the other vice president could. In order to recover from the consequence caused by his own mistake, Luo Tong stepped forward right away, but before he could finish his words, his body suddenly flew back and crashed into the wall, creating cracks in the solid stone bricks.

Seeing this, Su Yu’s eyes were instantly filled with horror.

What did she do just now?! I actually couldn’t see her movement at all?!

“Senior, we’ll be waiting, and doing some advertising while we’re at it. You’d better hurry and don’t let us wait too long, or I don’t know what I might say to affect your grand image!” Mentioning the topic that Su Yu was most worried about, Bai Xiaofei left the room smilingly with Hu Xian’er.

Looking at their backs, Su Yu hated that he couldn’t just destroy them in a sneak attack. However, he resisted, not because he didn’t want to ruin the office this time, but because he didn’t dare to. He didn’t know Hu Xian’er’s real strength!

“Wu Han, investigate Hu Xian’er’s performance at the New Student Competition and bring her information to me before the duel!” Su Yu’s voice was low and his face murderous.

Wu Han rushed out without any hesitation. This time, it wasn’t about being afraid of Su Yu anymore. Anyone capable of being a vice president was not an idiot. If he couldn’t even see that this matter was related to the life and death of the Student Union, he might as well quit his position.

At the same time, Bai Xiaofei and Hu Xian’er, a people-magnet duo, stood in the square of the Sword of Assault with a crowd surrounding them without even knowing their purpose.

“Ladies and gentlemen, there will be a challenge for the Combat Ranking here in a while. Hu Xian’er next to me is the challenger, and the challenged? It’s our President Su Yu. According to the rules of the Combat Ranking, this challenge needs witnesses. Therefore, I hope you guys can pull some more people over,” Bai Xiaofei announced with a smile.

When he finished, the square was collectively stunned agape.

A freshman is challenging Su Yu?! Do they have brain damage?

But they don’t look like it! Are they trying to gain attention?

There’s no difference between attracting attention using Su Yu and death!

Do we really have to watch Hu Xian’er being helplessly beaten?

Thinking this, some looked at Hu Xian’er’s with strange eyes, and some even couldn’t help but gulp. These were just normal men…

Although Bai Xiaofei detested those kinds of aggressive, penetrating eyes, there was nothing he could do. Their eyes were part of their bodies, it wasn’t like he could just dig them out. Besides, the more people coveted Hu Xian’er, it meant the more successful he was, right?

You can only watch while you drool, but I can do whatever I want. This is something you scumbags can never achieve in your entire life!

Secretly cursing to his heart’s content, Bai Xiaofei instinctively moved closer to the Hu Xian’er, as if he was scared that the Hu Xian’er would be taken away by others. Hu Xian’er naturally noticed Bai Xiaofei’s little act. Revealing a captivating smile, she boldly latched onto his arm.

This time, everyone was dumbstruck.

What the hell!

What the heck is this?!

Are these two a thing?!

The rumors are true?!

Speaking of rumors, they were actually quite interesting. The number of rumors about Bai Xiaofei could rival the number of ants in an ant nest, absolutely more than enough to write a book of several million words. Those rumors covered all aspects, his weird physique, his perverted habits, his abnormal hobbies… anything one could think of. Some of them were beyond the wildest imagination, but the most widely discussed was his love life!

And Hu Xian’er was one of them!

Her action just now undoubtedly proved one of the rumors to be true. Therefore, the shock of the onlookers was completely understandable.

If this rumor is true, then the other rumors should be true also? If so, then Bai Xiaofei…

This is breaking news! People have to know!

Those who were in for a show were never afraid of things getting too big…

More and more people gathered, and Su Yu didn’t disappoint. It didn’t take long for him to arrive, only that he now looked at Hu Xian’er with doubt.

According to the information brought back by Wu Han, Hu Xian’er was only at the peak of the Master Rank at the end of the New Student Competition. How did she reach the peak of the Grandmaster Rank so soon? Did she hide her true strength at the competition?

But if she wants to hide it, why come forward now? This doesn’t make sense!

Other people naturally didn’t know what Su Yu was thinking, they only knew that Su Yu had come and that a historic duel was about to begin!

“Alright, the person who should come is here, and there are enough witnesses. Let us begin!” Bai Xiaofei declared before getting off the ring with a smile.

At the same time, the spectators consciously retreated at least 200 meters away.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to watch closer, but that they were really afraid of being affected since there had been such precedents in history, not to mention that one of the fighters was Su Yu. If they were caught up in it, they were likely to be insta-killed!

There was nothing wrong with watching a show, but it would not be worth it if they lost their lives in the process.

After everyone backed away, leaving only Su Yu and Hu Xian’er in the square, Bai Xiaofei took out a ball from his storage ring. When his origin energy poured into it, an invisible barrier enveloped everyone, including the audience.

Shelter Ball – a prop on the Rare Object Guide that Bai Xiaofei asked the Babel Merchant House to help him buy. Its effect was to create a barrier that isolated the target from outside detection. Quite a useful thing, but the price was a little painful for just this effect.

Of course, Bai Xiaofei only saw the usefulness, the price was something that Zhuang Ming and the others had to deal with…

“Let’s start. Since you’re the challenger, I’ll let you make the first move,” said Su Yu as he manifested pale blue origin energy armor on his body. At the same time, all of his five puppets were summoned, and the puppet with defensive ability was ready to provide him with strong defense at any time.

Hu Xian’er acted as if she didn’t see all of this preparation. Her only reaction was a sneer.

“Then I won’t act courteously!”

Taking a step forward, Hu Xian’er instantly entered her transformed state and deliberately only called out a fox tail.


As a faint voice whispered, in the space within the Shelter Ball’s area of effect, time became an irrational thing…

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