Chapter 362: Victory! Bai Xiaofei, Who Saw Through Everything!

Chapter 362: Victory! Bai Xiaofei, Who Saw Through Everything!

The troops from the two sides near Sima Ye quickly gathered per his order, but he didn’t see the last no matter how long he waited. At this point, Sima Ye gave a long sigh. It’s likely that something bad happened to them.

The cost of attacking the wall was so great that it surprised Sima Ye a little. Three out of the four puppet masters were gone. If this was a real war, Sima Ye wouldn’t be counted as successful even if he captured the city. The loss of Master Rank commanders, and Energy Stream puppet masters at that, was an incalculable loss even for an empire…

“Attack the city!” Sima Ye gritted his teeth and gave the final order. Even without the three commanders, it was enough. Using these soldiers alone, he could still crush Bai Xiaofei. The disparity in strength created by five times the troop points was not something that Bai Xiaofei could make up for!

Receiving Sima Ye’s order, the army quickly moved forward in an orderly manner. The street fighting that Bai Xiaofei had originally planned was canceled as there was no point in ambushing anymore. Jumping down now basically meant instant death for his soldiers…

The horn for retreat sounded from the direction of the city lord mansion, and all the soldiers who could move quickly flocked there.

Seeing this, Sima Ye's face once again revealed a smug smile.

You want a last fight to the death? I’ll see what you have to qualify for a fight to the death with me!!!

After the withdrawal of Bai Xiaofei's troops, Sima Ye's army advanced even faster. Ten minutes later, they had surrounded the city lord mansion, and the lost fourth army had also returned to Sima Ye's command, at which he was informed of what happened to his last commander.

Sima Ye had to admit that he admired Bai Xiaofei a little.

Again, if this war was in the real world, Bai Xiaofei could simply retreat from the city. In that way, he would not get stigmatized for it, but it would even become his merit! So, in a sense, Sima Ye had lost.

However, this was no time to consider such a thing. What everyone wanted to see was what kind of sparks their final collision could create!


Sima Ye's army had just surrounded the city lord mansion when a large volley of stones flew out from within. In the middle of the courtyard of the mansion, twenty catapults stood in a circle, frantically firing.

The first volley of stones made Sima Ye pay quite a heavy price. He didn't expect Bai Xiaofei to have already factored the defense war of the city lord mansion in the plan. No wonder Sima Ye always had a feeling that the defense on the city wall was a little feeble towards the end. So, this was the focus of Bai Xiaofei's defense.

Too bad, you have the wrong focus!

A sneer rose in the corner of his mouth, as Sima Ye lightly spat out a single word, “Advance!”

So what if you have catapults? Without the city walls to help you, the advantage of numbers is absolute! Unless your catapults can shoot like a machine gun!

At the same time, Sima Ye’s remaining Master Rank made a move. A huge fire dragon erupted out from his kaleidoscope and roared while flying towards the city lord mansion. After releasing the dragon, though, the puppet master's face turned pale almost instantly. The dragon had obviously consumed most of his force.

However, the effect would be beyond excellent. As long as the fire dragon penetrated the mansion, there would be absolutely no room for Bai Xiaofei to turn the tables.

Unfortunately, when this fire dragon carrying Sima Ye's wish was approaching the mansion, a loud cry echoed, and at the same time, a tiny fire line flew straight out from the mansion, clashing with the fire dragon in the blink of an eye.

Then, the scene that terrified Sima Ye played out.

After coming into contact with the fire line, the fire dragon screamed miserably. Its huge body began to twist in mid-air before shrinking into a fireball in a few moments. Inside this fireball, a shadow appeared and slowly grew bigger. Finally, the fireball broke into a giant flaming bird spreading its huge wings.

King Rank magical beast, Fire Slayer Bird!

“How… how is this possible?!” Looking at the Fire Slayer Bird in the air, Sima Ye murmured with his eyes wide open.

It takes five times the troop points of a Master Rank puppet master to exchange for a King Rank magical beast! Where did he get so many troop points?!

The gears in his brain quickly turning, Sima Ye recalled everything that had happened from the start of this match until now. Then, he realized something that he had ignored.

First of all, there was no high-rank commander in Bai Xiaofei’s army, not even one above a centurion had shown up. Secondly, although Bai Xiaofei had been fighting him all hot and heavy from the beginning, not many troops had been actually dispatched. Finally, everything Bai Xiaofei had done seemed to have only one purpose, to guide him into the city!

Thinking until that point, Sima Ye had lost all expression.

I’ve lost…

The next second, the Fire Slayer Bird high above let out another loud cry and a fireball flew out from its flapping wings towards the entire city. In less than three minutes, the whole city had been engulfed in a sea of fire except for the city lord mansion. In that sea of fire, Sima Ye's soldiers couldn’t do anything at all except to flee or be burnt into ashes.

This was also why Bai Xiaofei would rather get rid of the city wall and leave to kill the three Master Rank puppet masters.

One or two Master Rank puppet masters could not pose a threat to the Fire Slayer Bird, but four or five might just be a different story! Therefore, he must get rid of any possibility that the bird would be threatened.

As for Grandmaster Rank puppet masters, they had never been within his consideration. Even with five times his troop points, Sima Ye would still not have enough to exchange for a Grandmaster Rank puppet master with wide-area-of-damage skills.

Therefore, the instant Bai Xiaofei saw the number of troop points, he had already thought of this moment, and all the arrangements he had made was to pave the way for it!

War was all about who could see further ahead, and Bai Xiaofei was way ahead of Sima Ye. Therefore, it wasn’t a surprise that Sima Ye lost…

There was no suspense whatsoever with the ending. At the entrance of the Illusionary Sandboard, Bai Xiaofei came out full of smiles, followed by Sima Ye, who was still dazed.

“Senior, remember to fulfill your promise. As for comforting, feel-better talk, I won’t bother. I believe you will definitely adjust yourself.” With a slight smile, Bai Xiaofei strutted away from the Illusionary Sandboard with Hu Xian’er under the intent gaze of everyone.

After this, Bai Xiaofei gained another title for people to look up to.

The number one of the Command Ranking!

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