Chapter 361: The Last Play!

Chapter 361: The Last Play!

“Eroding Wind!” Whether the Bai Xiaofei on the wall was fake or not, Sima Ye now had no way back. Activating his origin energy, he used his trump card.

A strange fluctuation was added to the already raging wind, and its effect: strongly corrosive!

There were clearly runes that deflected energy attacks on the wall but facing the erosive wind now, the wall was weathering at a speed visible to the naked eye: It felt like time was being accelerated and causing the decay of the wall. Moreover, it was not only the wall but also the soldiers on it. The soldiers’ skin gradually dried up or directly cracked, and their horrible appearance made everyone who saw it tremble.

At the same time, Sima Ye’s conjecture was confirmed – It wasn’t Bai Xiaofei on the wall, but Huskie who had transformed into his appearance!

Huskie’s acting was truly a match for Bai Xiaofei’s. It obviously couldn’t talk, but its angry expression while pretending to scold people was exactly the same as Bai Xiaofei’s. Otherwise, Sima Ye wouldn’t have made such an error in judgment.

However, Bai Xiaofei’s absence also greatly weakened the defense of the front wall as there was no response from it despite Sima Ye’s brutal attack. Sima Ye joined hands with the fire puppet master and successfully tore a hole in the wall. The soldiers poured in, and in less than 20 minutes, the whole wall was already filled with Sima Ye’s troops. Although Bai Xiaofei’s soldiers desperately defended their posts, the exchange only resulted in some casualties from the enemy’s side. Compared with occupying the city wall, these casualties were negligible!

“Pass my order, give up the other three sides and gather here. Prepare to attack the city lord mansion!” Standing on the wall and looking at the gates being opened, Sima Ye finally had a smile on his face.

What other tricks do you have now?

At the same time, Bai Xiaofei, who had turned into one of Sima Ye’s soldiers, was mixed in the crowd. Because of Sima Ye’s command, the rest were converging towards the front wall, and Bai Xiaofei also realized that the front side had broken through.

However, he didn’t seem too flustered. As long as he handled this, this winner would definitely be him!

“The gate opened!!!”

Bai Xiaofei suddenly shouted in the crowd. The news quickly spread and all eyes were directed at the wall that they had attacked for half a day. The soldiers guarding the city above were frantically evacuating, and for some reason, they had even opened the gates of this side.

Are they giving up?

The commander of this side where Bai Xiaofei blended in looked at the wide-open gate and hesitated.

Should he gather with Sima Ye or go in from here? If the former, he had to go a longer way, while if the latter, he might be ambushed by the opponent. However, it was impossible to remain unmoved when seeing the gate that you had attacked like crazy for half a day now open.

After a long hesitation, the commander finally made a decision!

“Squadrons 6, 7, 8, lead your people in! Quickly occupy the wall and block the gate. Wipe out any possibility of the other party fleeing!”

After coming up with a grandiose reason, the commander sent them in to probe. Otherwise, directly telling the soldiers that they were to check if there was an ambush, their mood would be completely different.

To the commander’s surprise, the process of capturing this wall was surprisingly easy, and the ambush he imagined did not appear. It really seemed that the opponent had abandoned the city!

“Everyone, enter the city, prepare to meet up with our general!” In the end, the earth puppet master made a unilateral decision. In his view, this would definitely be praised by Sima Ye. He could just report that he already captured the wall before the order to gather.

The Illusionary Sandboard perfectly simulated human nature, even their weaknesses were no exception! For most commanders, the term ‘meritorious contribution’ was a fatally alluring bait!

As the troops poured in an orderly manner, nothing seemed off inside. The commander’s heart completely relaxed, while Bai Xiaofei stood at the gate and acted as the gatekeeper.

The commander chose to enter after two-thirds of his troops had gone in, which was usually a safe position. However, just as he was halfway through the gate, a chill suddenly hit his heart!

Eight nightcrawlers camouflaged on the dome of the gate jumped down and launched a deadly attack on the commander from all directions!

“Commander, watch out!” yelling at the top of his lungs, Bai Xiaofei immediately sprinted out. Two nightcrawlers were knocked away while one stabbed him with their dagger in a counterattack.

At the same time, the remaining nightcrawlers also failed as earth spikes shot out from the ground and nailed them. The gap between a Master Rank and them was too big!

Yet, in such a favorable situation, only Bai Xiaofei had rushed up.

After handling all the assassins, the commander anxiously rushed to Bai Xiaofei. On the battlefield, this kind of soldier who dared to use his life to take a blade for the boss was definitely the kind to climb ladders.

“Hold on, I order you not to die!” Half-kneeling to hold Bai Xiaofei, the commander’s voice was emotional.

“Ge.. general, the siege matters, I only hope… hope…” said Bai Xiaofei weakly. In the last few words, his articulation was slurred.

“You can ask for anything, as long as I can do it, I will fulfill it!” The commander’s voice was choked and his eyes reddened. At the same time, he put his ears to Bai Xiaofei’s mouth and tried his best to hear what he was muttering.

“Goodbye, commander!” Bai Xiaofei’s tone suddenly became clear, and his words stunned the commander.

Before he could regain his wits, the dagger that was inserted in Bai Xiaofei’s waist had pierced his heart!

“You may not have soldiers willing to die for you, but I do!” Bai Xiaofei viciously twisted the dagger, completely rending the general’s heart, but as a final dying blow, an earth spike also pierced Bai Xiaofei’s right chest.

Enduring the pain, Bai Xiaofei struggled to stand up. What happened here had already scared the soldiers around silly, especially when Bai Xiaofei pulled the spike out of his chest bit by bit. Splashes of blood triggered everyone’s nerves, but at the same time, Bai Xiaofei’s abnormal recovery ability also automatically activated.

“The commander disobeyed our general’s order. I have enforced the law on the spot according to the general. If you want to give your life to avenge him, go ahead!”

Dragging the commander’s body, a long blade appeared in Bai Xiaofei’s hand. With a slash, he now carried a big head in his hand. Then, Bai Xiaofei took the head, step by step, into the city while the soldiers along the way stared at him with horror, but no one dared to step forward!

First, they were scared of the general, and second, they were scared by his aura.

Those who weren’t afraid to die were always the scariest!

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