Chapter 360: Countering Whatever!

Chapter 360: Countering Whatever!

A new round of stone volleys began. This time, with the addition of Sima Ye’s fire oil bombs, the casualties on the city wall reached a new high.

“Rotation!! Troops below, go fill in! Those above bring the injured down!”

At Bai Xiaofei’s order, his soldiers on all four walls responded at the fastest speed possible. At this moment, time was of the essence. Thanks to the rotation defence plan, soldiers would swap out during bombardments, successfully avoiding the attacks.

However, during the bombardment, Sima Ye’s soldiers had rushed into the trench area!

The preparation during the day displayed its effectiveness. Sima Ye’s troops were dramatically slowed from approaching the city wall. At the same time, the heavy crossbows on the wall finally welcomed their opportunity for achievements. However, this kind of casualties was completely within Sima Ye’s calculations. This was the price that must be paid to approach the wall, otherwise, his troop points wouldn’t be so many times more than Bai Xiaofei.

Gradually, more and more soldiers entered the trenches, and some began to assemble ladders under the wall.

“Ambushers!” As Bai Xiaofei shouted on the wall, the messenger immediately blew the horn. The next second, right inside the trenches, a bunch of troops sprang out waving their weapons.

Blocking the enemy’s advance was only an additional function of the trenches. Bai Xiaofei’s real purpose was this – ambush! With the night and the city wall attracting everyone’s attention, plus the soldiers in the trenches were hiding under a thin layer of soil, no one noticed until Bai Xiaofei ordered the horn!

This surprise team achieved good results the instant they appeared. The charging enemy soldiers never expected that someone would jump out from below their feet and cut them down like reaping wheat. After that, the ambushers jumped out of the trench and ran right to the wall, cooperating with the archers along the wall to take the lives of the enemy who had passed the trench along the way.

“Open the gates!”

After the ambush team nearly annihilated the first wave of enemies, the gates were opened and Sima Ye, in a dark corner, suddenly went crazy when he saw this.

A chance! Bai Xiaofei, you are too greedy!

This damned batch of soldiers should be left to me!!!

Sima Ye’s infantry behind sped up. Formation and order no longer mattered now. As long as they reached the wall, everything would be solved!

However, a scene that Sima Ye could never think of happened.

After the gates were opened, the soldiers outside didn’t rush in right away, and instead, the cavalry squad who had been killing left and right charged out from inside.

It was not until this moment did Sima Ye finally understand one thing.

Why did Bai Xiaofei dig trenches everywhere, leaving only a passage in front of the entrance? Because he had been preparing for this moment!

However, this realization came too late…

Stampeding in a careless momentum, the cavalry once again reaped a large number of heads. Upon their triumphant return, Bai Xiaofei’s ambushers had also come back inside and the gates that had greatly provoked Sima Ye slowly closed…

Sima Ye’s heart was bleeding.

From the beginning until now, Bai Xiaofei’s endless countermeasures had consumed nearly half of his troops, while Bai Xiaofei only lost less than 30%. This kind of loss had seriously exceeded his calculations.

However, Sima Ye already could not turn back. Rushing forth in desperation was his only choice, or else so many of his soldiers would have died in vain. He realized that tonight was his only chance!

“Pass my order, puppet masters, lead the teams and attack the wall!”

With five times more troop points, in addition to exchanging more soldiers, what would you exchange for as a killer move?

Sima Ye chose puppet masters. Energy Stream puppet masters!

This not only saved points by not having to exchange for puppets but also ensured terrifying lethality because Energy Stream puppet masters were like gods on the battlefield! Including Sima Ye himself, his side now had a total of five Energy Stream puppet masters.

If this method worked, the effect would be world-sundering, and now was the time for them to show their mettle. The Master Rank might be ordinary in Starnet, but in the continent, it was still an existence that countless people looked up to, especially in wars where the force of high-rank puppet masters was absolutely strategic.

At this moment, the rest of the soldiers were desperately pressing towards the wall, while Sima Ye’s Master Rank puppet masters were mixed among them.

“Turn it into a smooth road!”

On a wall side where Bai Xiaofei wasn’t present, an earth energy puppet master pressed a palm on the ground. With the surge of his origin energy, the trench was instantly filled. He had long wanted to do so, just that Sima Ye had never ordered it.

The disappearance of the trench accelerated the pace of their advance. This side was the first to transport a large number of soldiers under the wall. If it weren’t for the runes on the wall to prevent puppet masters’ power, this earth puppet master alone could have destroyed the wall!

This change instantly reached Bai Xiaofei’s ears. His worst worry had finally happened. He hadn’t exchanged for high-rank, commander-level soldiers that could counter the puppet masters, so this force would certainly cause devastating damage.

Therefore, he must personally act!

“Deliver my order! I’ll take command of Bai Xiaofei’s side, tell the other sides to seize the chance to break into the city while I hold him back!” As his eyes fixated on Bai Xiaofei who was busy making orders, Sima Ye made a hasty decision.

“The wind is blowing.”

Sima Ye raised his hand gently. Winds suddenly raged in the originally calm night sky. At the same time, another puppet master who had approached the wall called out his puppet.

“Flame of Attachment!”

A puppet similar to a kaleidoscope spat out large patches of flame. Under normal circumstances, it was absolutely impossible for flames to burn on the walls, but there seemed to be no such restriction at all for the fire from this puppet. It was as if the flames attached to the wall had a life of its own. They burned more and more brightly with the strong wind and spread over half of the wall in an instant.

Moreover, because of the wind, it became difficult for the soldiers on the wall to fight the ones climbing up. The situation was developing in Sima Ye’s favor, and the capture of the city wall seemed like only a matter of time.

However, when Sima Ye was being very smug, a piece of news nearly broke him: Two of his commanders were killed! Now the only ones left were the earth puppet master and the fire puppet master.

His brain rapidly processing, Sima Ye tried to come up with a suitable explanation, before his terrified eyes rested on Bai Xiaofei, who was running back and forth on the wall.

Could he be a fake?!

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