Chapter 34 The Eight Rankings of Starnet Academy (Part 2)

“Most people like to call the Wealth Ranking as the Rich Man Ranking because practically all those that are able to be listed on this ranking are people with extremely deep backgrounds. If you know anyone on this ranking, you can move freely in Starnet Academy because money makes the world go around.” Fei Gou’s eyes couldn’t help but reveal a trace of yearning when he mentioned the Wealth Ranking, and at the same time, there was a trace of helplessness in his eyes.

“Shouldn’t wealth be concealed? Aren’t these people afraid of being targeted?” Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but reveal a trace of bewilderment because this was fundamentally different from his thoughts.

“Concealing wealth is for ordinary people. Besides studying here, these princes and nobles carry the assignment of recruiting talents for their families. Ascending the Wealth Ranking is the best shortcut for this.”

This time Bai Xiaofei had really learned something because one would never know what was hidden behind something without encountering it.

Bai Xiaofei was absolutely an expert when it came to playing tricks on people, but he could be said to basically be a blank sheet of paper when it came to political trickery.

The knowledge relating to the Wealth Ranking could be considered the first stroke on this blank sheet of paper.

“After the Wealth Ranking is the Blossom Ranking, which was mentioned earlier.” Merely mentioning this name caused Fei Gou’s drool to flow all the way to the ground. “Since the ancient times, heroes have been prisoners of beauties, and all the people on the Blossom Ranking are beauties that are one in a million! To a certain extent, the Blossom Ranking is the ranking within the eight rankings that possesses the greatest charisma. So long as someone on the Blossom Ranking says a single word, there will basically be nothing that won’t be carried out in the first possible moment.”

When Fei Gou spoke up to here, Bai Xiaofei’s right eyelid suddenly twitched, and then a face that was as cold as ice appeared within his mind. “Err, Senior…I have a question. This name, Qin Lingyan…”

“The Goddess of Ice?!” Bai Xiaofei hadn’t finished speaking when Fei Gou’s exclaim of shock explained everything. “Not bad. Junior Brother, you’ve just arrived here yet you’ve already aimed your sights on a new target? But you already have such a beauty like Sister-in-Law, so I advise you to behave yourself. Otherwise, you won’t even have a place to cry when you return empty handed.

“Moreover, it’s better not to offend the Goddess of Ice. Not to mention her disposition, which keeps others away, just the backing she possesses is too much for you.”

“Exactly. Even though she’s merely ranked at the 27th position, her charisma is amongst the top. Because she’s a junior and everyone feels she’s much easier to make a move on, there are numerous people pursuing here. It’s even to the extent that many big shots among the third-year students have aimed their sights on her,” Chu Gan interrupted and caused Bai Xiaofei’s heart to go completely cold…

I’m finished. I’ve really run into trouble this time…

“What’s wrong? Junior Brother, why’s your expression so unsightly?” Bai Xiaofei’s extremely obvious change in expression didn’t escape Fei Gou’s eyes. But Fei Gou didn’t think too much about it. After all, it was impossible for him to imagine how Bai Xiaofei could have offended a figure of such level.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. I just feel disgruntled for us men. On what basis is there only a Blossom Ranking but no Hunk Ranking!?” As soon as he finished speaking, Fei Gou and Chu Gan glanced at each other before laughing at the same time.

“Alright, we’ll be waiting for Junior Brother to establish a Hunk Ranking. At that time, remember to place both of us on there!” After they finished laughing it off, Fei Gou became serious once again, but he wasn’t as excited as he was when he spoke about the Blossom Ranking.

He said, “The Treasure Ranking records the known high-grade puppets in the academy and various precious tools and items such as medicinal pills. To put it bluntly, this ranking is for the sake of showing off. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the most useless ranking. But it’s useful for courting girls.”

After quickly going through the Treasure Ranking with a single breath, Fei Gou became excited once again. “The final ranking is formidable, the Bounty Ranking. The academy had once suppressed the existence of this ranking yet compromised in the end because the vitality of this ranking was truly too strong.”

Bai Xiaofei instantly concentrated 120% when the Bounty Ranking was mentioned because he had heard from Fei Gou and Chu Gan earlier when they were walking over that he was on this ranking.

“If the Starnet Ranking was said to be the assignment board of the academy, the Bounty Ranking was the assignment board of the students. Moreover, there was no restriction to its contents! All sorts of bizarre assignments are on this ranking, but it’s mostly filled with assignments to teach some ignorant fellows a lesson.” 

Bai Xiaofei gulped down a mouthful of saliva as Fei Gou spoke.

“Right, that Bai Xiaofei I told you about earlier is a freak. A new student that just entered the academy actually offended the Goddess of Ice. Now, Qin Lingyan directly put out a bounty of 10 Starnet Stones for anyone who teaches him a lesson. It recurs ten times a day and continues for ten days. Presently, everyone outside has gone mad searching for this fellow called Bai Xiaofei!”

Chu Gan instantly interrupted once Fei Gou finished speaking, and he displayed a dissenting opinion. “Do you know? I heard that Bai Xiaofei brought Qin Lingyan back to his dormitory room, and their relationship isn’t ordinary. It might even be a lover’s quarrel. At that time, probably anyone who carries out this assignment will later be beaten up.” 

“Didn’t you hear? Qin Lingyan has already clarified that it wasn’t her who went to his dormitory room, and it was Bai Xiaofei’s puppet that transformed into her. Supposedly it’s a husky,” Fei Gou refuted. As one of Qin Lingyan’s fans, he was even more willing to believe her.

Bai Xiaofei was struck with panic when he heard this, and he hurriedly hid Huskie behind him.

“Forget it. Transforming into a person? Who would believe such nonsense? That’s an ability of a Mimicry type Illusion Stream puppet, and there isn’t a single one in the entire academy.” Chu Gan’s justification was fairly sufficient, and Fei Gou was actually momentarily without an answer.

“Junior Brother, what do you think? Who is correct?!” Under his extreme helplessness, Fei Gou turned around to look at Bai Xiaofei.

“Err…this…” Bai Xiaofie choked on his words for a long time and didn’t speak a single word in the end. Presently, all his thoughts were placed on how to deal with this crisis.

Chu Gan thought Bai Xiaofei was afraid of offending them, so he hurriedly explained, “It’s fine. Junior Brother, you can speak freely. Both of us just want to have some fun, and we won’t do anything to you.” 

“Actually, only the people concerned have the greatest right to speak. So long as you bring both of them together and confront them, wouldn’t everything be settled? Even though the academy is extremely large, it wouldn’t be so difficult to find a new student, right?” Bai Xiaofei felt like strangling himself to death as he spoke these words, but he had no choice because Fei Gou and Chu Gan would not let the matter go if he didn’t answer them.

“Yes, Junior Brother is right. We just have to wait for when classes end tonight. There were already people waiting at noon, but it seems Bai Xiaofei’s class didn’t have their classes in the classroom,” Chu Gan said, and Bai Xiaofei suddenly had the impulse to thank Xue Ying.

If it wasn’t for the training in the morning, he might have suffered in the morning while he was completely off guard.

Right when Bai Xiaofei heaved a sigh of relief, Lin Li woke up. “Bai Xiaofei…” 

Her faint whispers caused the entire room to fall into deathly silence…


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