Chapter 359: Night Raid!

Chapter 359: Night Raid!

A whole day passed just like that, with Sima Ye having no other action but watching Bai Xiaofei making arrangements the entire time. If Sima Ye could, he just wanted to rush over and stop Bai Xiaofei! Those arrangements raised the difficulty of his siege by at least one level.

However, Sima Ye still had confidence, which would not be useful until the evening. Before that, saying anything would be in vain…

Sima Ye waited as the sun slowly sank. After the night darkened, he finally perked up.

Victory or defeat may be decided tonight!

“Light the fires!” Back on Bai Xiaofei’s side, everything was progressing smoothly. After it was dark, the torches prepared earlier during the day were lit up one after another. Under the city walls, it was bright all the way until the edge of the catapults’ attack range.

Bai Xiaofei wasn’t so foolish to think Sima Ye would just let things be, and he also didn’t think Sima Ye had the patience to wait until the next day. So, he definitely would act tonight!

However, these were the only things he could do at present. Just like Sima Ye unable to do anything while he was digging during the day, he also couldn’t imagine what kind of method Sima Ye would use to attack at night…

In the nervous wait, the lookout on the wall suddenly tensed.


Followed the lookout soldier’s shout was a stone rain, but the target of this attack wave wasn’t the city wall, but the torches!

“Inform the other three sides not to make a hasty move. After hearing the sound, test with a wave of stones, and then only continue to attack after seeing a large number of troops. At the same time, watch out for assassins who may sneak up, and guard against any approaching high-level martial artists or puppet masters!” Knitting his brows, Bai Xiaofei blurted out a series of commands.

Relying on the remaining fires, the distance visible from the wall was only several hundred meters, which was not enough to illuminate the enemy’s catapults. The situation had become troublesome! Gradually, as the scattered torches were completely extinguished by the stones and the visible distance from the city wall shrunk again, Sima Ye’s side finally moved.

In the darkness, the only way to judge the enemy’s approach to the wall was sound. For a moment, the atmosphere on the tense wall was so quiet that even a pin drop could be heard. The crackling of the torches burning was the only redundant sound.


As a dull horn sounded, rhythmic marching drums surrounded the isolated city from all sides, thus drowning Bai Xiaofei’s last means of judgment…

Whether to fight or not was the question!

If he decided not to in the event that the enemy was really approaching, it meant they would be able to pass through a supposedly dangerous area unharmed. However, if he decided to fight while this was only a feint by Sima Ye, then he would waste a large number of defensive materials. Either way, Bai Xiaofei could not afford the consequences!

Considering all this, Bai Xiaofei made a difficult decision. Although he didn’t want to do this, he had no other choice.

“Inform the nightcrawlers, one-third of them will change into their clothes, go down and get ready to guide the catapults!”

Assassins were born ready to die, always prepared to face death was their destiny. And this time, it was basically a one-way trip.

However, none of them had any complaints. After Bai Xiaofei’s order was issued, a total of a hundred nightcrawlers from all four city walls snuck down from the corners. The trenches dug during the day and the darkness after the fires were destroyed by Sima Ye’s catapults became their best cover.

After about ten minutes, red flames rose up one by one, and the people on the wall responded immediately. These flames signaled the enemy army’s position! The next second, the catapults started shooting from the city in the direction exactly where the flames rose!

At the same time, Sima Ye, who had only advanced less than a third of the way, felt an urge to kill. He really didn’t expect Bai Xiaofei to use such a method!

“Catapults, attack! Cover our soldiers rushing to the wall!” commanded Sima Ye.

The catapults, having taken advantage of the night to move into their positions, began to launch. This time, their goal was the wall.


The lookout soldiers roared, and the next second, rumbling sounds of collision between stone and the city wall echoed…

After the first round of stones, the walls responded quickly. While the opponent loaded new stones, the catapults quickly lobbed, this time with fire oil on the stones!

Bai Xiaofei hadn’t used fire oil before for fear of being detected, but it no longer mattered now. The most important thing now was lethality. Also, the fires after the stones landed on the ground would also let Bai Xiaofei roughly judge the enemy’s situation.

In contrast, Sima Ye dared not use fire oil as it would expose the location of their catapults, the loss of which would totally outweigh the gains.

Just like this, the two sides fired back and forth. Sima Ye paid some casualties while Bai Xiaofei’s side ended up worse. Many of his catapults had been destroyed and many of the heavy crossbows broke down before they could display much use, needless to say about the number of casualties. Although Bai Xiaofei adopted a rotation method instead of filling up the wall with soldiers, the wall was only so big, making hiding difficult. As long as a stone fell on the wall, casualties were inevitable!

In addition, the biggest headache for Bai Xiaofei was the damage to the city walls. The base of the walls was fine, but the damaged battlements cost him many standable positions, which would even become favorable locations for the opponent to attack the wall later on.

“Haven’t we pinpointed out their catapult positions?!!!” Dodging another wave of stones, Bai Xiaofei stood up and shouted towards the soldiers who operated the catapults.

It was impossible for him to remain calm.

“Found it! Found it!” a soldier shouted with delight, but before he could finish delivering the message, a huge stone smashed him and several soldiers around into paste…

“Motherf*cker, fire back!” commanded Bai Xiaofei with blood-shot eyes.

Having built pent-up pressure for a long time, the catapults finally found the opportunity for revenge. Stones with flame tails drew brilliant arcs in the air and crashed down upon the other side’s catapults!

The same went for the other three walls. After paying a heavy price, they also found the location of the catapults. After a round of stones, many artillery were wrecked, but this was also equivalent to unsealing Sima Ye’s oil bombs.

Since you’ve found us anyway, no need to maintain the secret!

“Fire oil ready!!!”

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