Chapter 358: You Can Only Watch Me Dig!

Chapter 358: You Can Only Watch Me Dig!

“Squadrons 1 to 8 stay on the city wall. The rest, take your tools and go out with me to dig!” This was Bai Xiaofei’s first order after he was done exchanging points.

An order that flabbergasted everyone!

Leaving the city just like this? Is he seeking death?!

But these people would soon shut up because Bai Xiaofei was not trying to die.

Sixty percent of the soldiers went out with him. Starting from the foot of the wall, they started digging trenches enthusiastically. During this, those on the city walls kept a vigilant watch on the surroundings.

Bai Xiaofei’s actions naturally didn’t escape the eyes of Sima Ye, who was paying close attention. Although he didn’t want to make a move during the day, he now had no choice at all! In desperation, Sima Ye’s troops pressed forward with infantry carrying huge shields in the front, archers behind them, and catapults in the rear. Of course, they didn’t dare to get too close, to be able to get below the wall would be enough.

In fact, cavalry with the strongest mobility would be the best choice against Bai Xiaofei in this situation, but Sima Ye was not so stupid to use his limited troop points for cavalry in a siege war. So, this time he could only settle for second best!

“Alert! Enemy attack!” The soldiers on the wall who had a wide field of vision instantly spotted Sima Ye’s troops.

“Pass my command, those already finished digging hide in your newly dug trenches, shield soldiers put your shields up! The rest continue to dig! Catapults, open fire! Archers, get ready to shoot!” Bai Xiaofei yelled at the wall behind him. With the messenger quickly running back and forth, the simple command quickly reached the other three sides.

The range from the wall was much wider than that on the ground. Therefore, before Sima Ye’s troops could reach close enough, the catapults and archers on the wall had already launched attacks.

After only one round of attacks, Sima Ye completely gave up on the idea of advancing. After some casualties, his army decisively retreated, but their catapults started a performance.

Indeed, it was literally a performance – showy but impractical.

Stones that seemed deadly in normal siege times didn’t actually have any impact on the soldiers inside the trenches. Think about it, our ancestors were able to survive bombs in trenches, not to mention those inaccurate catapults…

In the end, two rounds of stone throwing not only caused less than double digits of injuries for Bai Xiaofei’s side, but they were also only minor injuries, and the trench-digging still carried on in a speedy and orderly manner.

“Infantry, scatter wider! Keep consuming their stones, I don’t believe he has changed much of his troop points for guarding supplies!” Realizing that throwing stones was useless, Sima Ye decisively changed his plan. He couldn’t let Bai Xiaofei keep digging trenches, otherwise, when they got to the wall, those trenches would be extremely deadly.

At Sima Ye’s command, the soldiers began to rush towards the wall in the same way as the besiegers in the 4th level. As long as they could approach the city, Bai Xiaofei would be crippled if not dead!

“The enemy is advancing in scattered groups!” When the lookout soldier on the wall cried out, Bai Xiaofei smiled.

Do you really think this lord is a fool? That I’ll suffer from the same trick twice?

“Catapults, stop. Archers, change projectiles to straight ahead, close range!” Bai Xiaofei roared another order that caused all the spectators to be dumbfounded.

Shoot close range? You really think your opponents are some soft persimmons you can pinch as you like?

However, the soldiers didn’t hesitate and immediately followed Bai Xiaofei’s words. For them, his orders were imperial edicts!

On the other side, Sima Ye was also stunned to see this. He wasn’t so naive to think that Bai Xiaofei was giving up. This kind of situation obviously showed that Bai Xiaofei had thought of a way to deal with that kind of attack. However, Sima Ye couldn’t think of what exactly that method was.

However, he would soon find out, in a way that made his heart ache!

“Close enough now!”

The onlooker on the wall shouted again, and the archers began to wield their might at the same time.

“I want them all down!” Bai Xiaofei shouted at the top of his lungs. Right after, an earth-shaking roar echoed from the gate, where a team rushed out the next second and scared everyone silly.

Cavalry!!! I #@$^ you!!! You f*cking exchanged for cavalry in a defending war?!!!

Mhm, I did, so what?

And then, it was a horrible, unspeakable massacre. A scattered formation of infantry was simply sitting ducks for the cavalry. Although the limited troop points didn’t allow Bai Xiaofei to exchange for too many, especially when divided to the four walls, he still profited.

Moreover, like a rolling stone down a slope, Sima Ye could do nothing but watch his infantry being hacked to death, one by one!

“Beat the gong and recall the troops! Retreat as many as we can!” Sima Ye, whose heart was bleeding, shouted the words he least wanted to shout. In the end, less than 30% of the troops who rushed out returned.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei had no intention of continuing to attack. He didn’t give chase. When the cavalry was near the range of the opponent’s archers, he ordered them to go back. These were all treasures to him, if one died it would mean one less precious resource. He still needed them to kill and make great contributions later.

Once the soldiers finished retreating, Sima Ye's face had turned completely pale. He had considered all the arrangements Bai Xiaofei had made from the beginning and thought of everything he could think of, but he didn’t expect Bai Xiaofei to have come up with so many evil ideas to deal with all kinds of situations like this!

In stark contrast, his preparation could only be described as absurd. Just like now, he had run out of ideas. Unless he was willing to expend a large number of troops in an advance to the death, he couldn’t think of any other way to stop Bai Xiaofei. However, that perhaps was exactly what Bai Xiaofei wanted in order to allow his artillery to display their maximum potential! And Sima Ye couldn’t afford the losses that it could cause!

Therefore, watching Bai Xiaofei digging longer and longer was the only thing he could do now, because it was not yet the time to pull out his last trump card.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei was in the trench happily humming a little song, not looking the least bit anxious. This kind of defending war was much simpler than he had imagined.

He didn’t need to consider the people in the city, because there was none. Also, he didn’t have to consider the aspect of rescue, because there was only one enemy. Not to mention unexpected factors, because he already knew all the ins and outs of the opponent. No need to think about long-term development either, because he was only required to hold on for three days.

There was only one thing to do – React to the situation.

However, what Bai Xiaofei didn’t know was that the people outside had already exploded after the first round of confrontation.

The invincible Sima Ye was at a disadvantage!

This was definitely the first time they saw Sima Ye suffer a loss!

Could it be that they were going to witness a big boss fall from his pedestal?!

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