Chapter 357: Sweeping through the Command Ranking!

Chapter 357: Sweeping through the Command Ranking!

The spectators outside were already shocked, and many of them who were seeing Bai Xiaofei taking this test for their first time were already gaping when they saw his troops.

How can he have so many points?! What did he do at level 4?!

No one had leisure to answer this question, because they were all enjoying a visual feast. Just like no one had ever won so many points in the 4th level, the way Bai Xiaofei passed the 5th was also unprecedented – Crushing victory!

In this battle between the two armies, Bai Xiaofei chose the roughest way to carry it out. Seizing the opponent’s weakness of having no cavalry, which was a highly mobile unit, he exchanged for a team of cavalry to be his main force and sent them in a life-risking killing rush!

From the beginning to the end, in just five short hours, an army of ten thousand troops was almost all completely wiped out by Bai Xiaofei, and this was only the beginning. With the 5th level cleared, Bai Xiaofei had completely entered the zone. The 6th level of besieging a city and the 7th level of running to provide rescue from thousands of miles away all ended with lightning-fast momentum!

At this point, Bai Xiaofei was already 11th on the Command Ranking. One more step past the 8th level and he would be qualified to face Sima Ye.

In the end, Bai Xiaofei didn’t fail their expectations. In the 8th level of surrounding a location and attacking the opponent’s rescue force, his army single-handedly resisted the continuous raid of six cities!

What others saw as a nightmare of a hurdle became Bai Xiaofei’s benefit-giveaway level, the seemingly unimportant accumulation in the early stages had all taken effect.

Just like the story where the character could get twice as many beans as the day before. At first, the amount seemed meager, but once the accumulation started, it grew to a horrifying number. Bai Xiaofei made himself into a real version of this story.

However, most people attributed this to him laying a good foundation in the early stage, and not what he actually did in those levels. Only Sima Ye could see one thing clearly – Bai Xiaofei’s style had changed!

If the former Bai Xiaofei was only a profiter who used little clever tricks, then he was now a general capable of making strategic decisions, one who had both brains and brawn! Whether it was his ability to use his own power or to command the army, Bai Xiaofei had reached a height beyond the reach of ordinary people.

This sparked a fire in Sima Ye’s heart!

Yet, just when he thought Bai Xiaofei would come out to compete with him, Bai Xiaofei chose to continue! Each of the continuing levels was more strenuous than the last, but as if he had gone crazy, Bai Xiaofei kept trying all kinds of tactics.

It felt like he was sharpening a knife. The levels were the sharpening stones, and his command ability was the knife!

What was even more frightening was that Bai Xiaofei seemed like he was born to be a general. If he suffered losses, he would immediately learn a lesson and find a way to deal with it. As he passed one level after another, he became more and more used to commanding.

Finally, when Bai Xiaofei stopped while still feeling like he hadn’t had enough, he had already surpassed Sima Ye’s ranking!

Everyone was dumbfounded.

He really surpassed Sima Ye?!

This is not a dream?!

Someone really overtook Sima Ye on the Command Ranking?!

Everyone was in disbelief, but the truth right in front of them left no room for doubt. At this time, Bai Xiaofei came out from the Illusionary Sandboard. Compared with before he entered, he seemed like a completely new person.

“I’m sorry, Senior, I accidentally overdid it. Now it seems that you are going to have to challenge me.” Smiling, Bai Xiaofei looked as scoundrelly as he could ever look.

“If it’s mine, I will definitely get it back. You don’t need to provoke me,” said Sima Ye indifferently, totally unaffected by Bai Xiaofei.

Before two armies faced each other, if one of them was in a bad state of mind, then they were already at a disadvantage. Bai Xiaofei knew it as did Sima Ye.

“Since this shouldn’t be delayed, shall we start?” asked Bai Xiaofei. Sima Ye’s reaction was entirely within his expectation. If the guy really fell for this kind of low-level trick, he wouldn’t be Sima Ye.

“That’s my plan.” Eyes full of excitement, Sima Ye stepped forward.

Under everyone’s gaze, the two entered the Illusionary Sandboard one after the other.

When Old Man Illusionary appeared this time, he didn’t show the same enthusiasm as before with Bai Xiaofei but wore a serious, formal expression.

“Later challenger, are you here to challenge the one in front of you?”

This question was for Sima Ye, who felt a choke in his heart upon hearing it. The label ‘later challenger’ was too sarcastic.

“Yes!” Spitting out a word in a low voice, Sima Ye’s determination to ‘handle’ Bai Xiaofei was once again renewed.

“Then, defender, are you sure you want to accept his challenge? If you fail in the challenge, your ranking will always be behind him even if you do better than him in the levels, unless you beat him in a duel,” Old Man Illusionary turned to Bai Xiaofei and continued the procedure.

“I accept!”

At this answer, Old Man Illusionary turned away from the two.

“The match is ready. I wish you all good luck!”

After the words dropped, a colorful light instantly wrapped around the two. When his sight was restored, Bai Xiaofei found himself standing on a city wall. In the challenge match, the defending champion would always be a city defender, while the opponent had five times the troop points in everything.

Since any accumulation during the levels did not affect the duel match, their foundations were equal.

Bai Xiaofei’s victory condition was to defend the city for three days or completely defeat Sima Ye’s army, while Sima Ye was to capture the city lord mansion in Bai Xiaofei’s city within three days and occupy it for more than two hours.

After carefully reading the rules, a little smile appeared on Bai Xiaofei’s face. It was exactly a defending match that became the foundation of his fortune of troop points! Calling up the light screen to exchange troops, Bai Xiaofei felt like he was going down a very familiar route as he smoothly exchanged his points. With the rapid declining points, various arrangements also appeared on the wall. At last, having replaced the last of his points for the most basic infantry, Bai Xiaofei stretched his body contentedly.

At this point, the audience outside was completely stupefied.

Bai Xiaofei did not even exchange for a deputy general! Beside himself, who was also a general, the highest position was a Martial Warrior centurion!

Is he going to command all four walls by himself?

How is that even possible? I haven’t heard of him being capable of dividing himself!

But he doesn’t seem to have come here to give away his points. And there’s still a big bet going on!

At the thought of this, the audience felt that their brain cells were not enough.

But everyone had overlooked one thing. As the opponent, Sima Ye didn’t know what Bai Xiaofei had exchanged for, and what Bai Xiaofei wanted was a misjudgment by Sima Ye!

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