Chapter 356: A Big Bet!

Chapter 356: A Big Bet!

“You can say it, but I can’t promise I will be interested.” Sima Ye chose a rather conservative answer, neither refusing nor accepting.

However, Bai Xiaofei smiled.

As long as you are willing to listen, this lord promises you, you can’t run!

“I will challenge you according to the previous agreement, but I hope we can add a bet. If I win, you will withdraw from the Student Union. If you win, I will dissolve the New Student Mutual Aid Community! How about it?“

The moment these words finished, everyone revealed a look of horror.

So big a bet?!

What is he trying to do?!

Is the New Student Mutual Aid Community risking their lives with the Student Union now?!

Woah, what? Wow, there’s gonna be a show to watch!

The last thought was something that gushed out hysterically in the minds of everyone here, except Sima Ye. Those who enjoyed watching a show would not mind if things got even bigger. The only thing they were afraid of now was Sima Ye’s refusal!

“I am not interested in the dissolution of Your New Mutual Aid Community.”

Once Sima Ye opened his mouth, the onlookers looked obviously disappointed.

It’s over here, no show to watch…

“But if I win and you promise to do one thing for me, I will agree to your bet!”

It was not only the New Student Mutual Aid Community that Sima Ye wasn’t interested, but also the Student Union!

“Great, then that’s settled!” Bai Xiaofei promised straight away.

“You’re not asking me what it is?”

Sima Ye was surprised, and the excited onlookers weren’t any different.

“It doesn’t matter what condition, because I will definitely win.” After the declaration, Bai Xiaofei didn’t give Sima Ye a chance to talk as he said to Hu Xian’er, “Wait for me, it will be over soon.”

Then, under the surprised gaze of all, the bold-mouthed Bai Xiaofei slowly walked into the Illusionary Sandboard, while Sima Ye gnashed his teeth in anger. This feeling of being looked down upon made him very unhappy.

Yet at the same time, Sima Ye still vaguely held a little expectation.

He hoped that Bai Xiaofei could bring him a pleasant surprise! He had been bored on the Command Ranking for too long and there were no more trials to pass in the Sandboard. Therefore, a suitable opponent was as precious to him as an oasis in the desert!

At this moment, Bai Xiaofei once again saw Old Man Illusionary after entering the Illusionary Sandboard.

“Here I am again, grandpa.” Bai Xiaofei smiled and looked at Old Man Illusionary with reverent eyes.

“And here I thought you had forgotten these old bones. Those who entered behind you weren’t as interesting as you.” The old man was also in a good mood upon seeing Bai Xiaofei. The others came here just to pass the levels, only Bai Xiaofei would chat with him.

“I asked Grandpa Lei about you, so now, I want to ask you for a favor, grandpa.” Without any beating around the bush, Bai Xiaofei simply got straight to the point.

“Oh? Can I still help the people outside? Tell me. If I can help you, I will definitely do my best. After all, I quite like that boy Bai Longfei.“ Old Man Illusionary smiled as his voice relaxed.

Bai Xiaofei inwardly thanked his father who he had never met. Who knew the guy’s existence still had this kind of advantage?

“I want you to teach me how to command!”

At this favor, Old Man Illusionary was slightly stunned, but his expression soon turned serious.

“You are already very good, why waste time? It’s not a problem to get to the top with your current ability.“ Old Man Illusionary was telling the truth, but at the same time, he was actually conducting a test.

To test whether Bai Xiaofei was worth teaching!

“I know very well how far I can go. I’m only good at small-scale raids. I can fight a small army, but I’m almost a blank sheet of paper in official battles between two well-established armies. As far as things look, the remaining levels are definitely large-scale operations. This is my weakness, but for you, it’s just a piece of cake!”

Hearing this, the old man nodded with a slight smile.

Very clear-minded!

What the old man wanted was this kind of mindset from Bai Xiaofei. He could not and would not deal with blind and arrogant people.

“Then it’s going to take some time. Fortunately, the flow of time in this Illusionary Sandboard is different from the outside.” Old Man Illusionary apparently agreed as he stroked his beard.

“This little one will do my best!”


“This isn’t the first time he entered the Illusionary Sandboard, why hasn’t he started after so long? Is there a problem? “

“Maybe he’s scared? But if he’s scared, why keep headbutting straight into it?”

“That’s right, he doesn’t look like someone with a brain problem.”

After a long wait, the sounds of discussion soon arose. Even Sima Ye looked serious. Now, he was sure that Bai Xiaofei had discovered something in the Illusionary Sandboard that everyone hadn’t, but he racked his brains and was still unable to guess what it might be.

Only Hu Xian’er was like a little fervent fan as her eyes tightly fixed on the screen outside, with a trusting smile on her face.

“Is he going to take action against the Student Union? I’m quite curious about how far he intends to go.” Unable to keep being so idle, Sima Ye turned to Hu Xian’er and slowly asked. However, unlike other men, there was nothing uncomfortable in his eyes, as if he treated Hu Xian’er like a completely normal person.

And it was true. Women posed no attraction to Sima Ye! That was why they said big bosses were usually abnormal. Only how they were abnormal differed from person to person.

“It’s his habit to remove the grass from its roots.” Without even turning her head, Hu Xian’er gave a perfect answer to Sima Ye’s question.

“Su Yu is an insurmountable gap if that’s what his plan is.”

No matter how one heard those words, they sounded like Sima Ye was on Bai Xiaofei’s side.

“Non-existent. He is no longer a threat,” said Hu Xian’er nonchalantly, successfully startling everyone.

Su Yu is no longer a threat?

What does that mean?

Is Su Yu going to quit school? Or did something happen to him?

All kinds of speculations were made, but no one thought that someone would be able to defeat Su Yu! In their subconscious, that was an impossible thing!

Just when everyone was making guesses, there was finally something on the screen. It was the fifth level, a battle between two armies.

Bai Xiaofei, once again appearing inside, gathered his remaining dozens of people. Without any hesitation, he promoted all of them up one level. After this upgrade, Tie Zhu became a deputy general at the Martial Master rank!

At the same time, Bai Xiaofei’s list of selectable soldiers was now 80% lit, and the abundant accumulation of points from the 4th level made him as wealthy as a local tyrant. No one had ever had so many troop points at the beginning of the 5th level as he did, and this set the basis for him to pass the 5th level perfectly.

The 5th level clearance condition: lead one's troops to win in positional warfare!

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