Chapter 355: Make the Time for Something Big!

Chapter 355: Make the Time for Something Big!

“Guess what I want to do now?”

As soon as Hu Xian’er said this, Bai Xiaofei, completely understanding what she was getting at, stared at her with shining, penetrating eyes.

“But it’s not convenient during these two days. The human body is really troublesome.”

Before she could finish, he already had her in his arms. Ignoring her complaints, he pressed his lips onto hers.

When their lips finally parted a long time later, Hu Xian’er left Bai Xiaofei’s embrace with a ruddy face and eyes full of complaints.

“It’s still morning, aren’t you afraid of being seen?! Do you believe that my fan club can drown you with their spit alone?!” Hu Xian’er tried to look serious as she threatened Bai Xiaofei, her playful look made him flutter all over.

Damn it, if it’s not that you’re inconvenient right now, I’d have jumped you on the spot!

“Tch, your husband is no pushover either. Tell them to try and see if my great lord Xian’er will beat them all up or not!”

With two contradicting sentences, Bai Xiaofei, who pretended hard to look calm, successfully made Hu Xian’er crack up.

“Really gotta hand it to your silly mouth! Why, no longer struggling now?” Hu Xian’er teased as she laughed and even imitated Bai Xiaofei’s frowning expression.

“Very good, you actually dare to laugh at your husband. See if I won’t use our ‘house rules’ to punish you!”

The slapstick replaced the dull atmosphere, and soon after, the two left the square.

Before the official start of the second round of the competition, Bai Xiaofei gave the girls a three-day adjustment period and also gave himself a holiday.

However, he didn’t intend to pass it quietly, some people were holding strong grudges!

The success of the public performance brought considerable benefits to Bai Xiaofei and his associates. At the same time, as the New Student Mutual Aid Community rose to prominence, its position and support in the academy also rose. There were even some second and third-years beating about the bush and asking if they could join, but no one dared to nod until Bai Xiaofei said anything about the matter.

It was due to this that the status of the Student Union was becoming more and more precarious.

Therefore, Su Yu could not sit still.

“Boss, at this rate, the Student Union may really have to…”

“Shut up you wet blanket! How long has the Student Union been in existence? And with the Popularity Ranking still there, how can the academy make a move against us?!”

In the office of the Student Union, the two vice presidents quarreled while Su Yu sat there with a dark face and thoughtful expression.

“Luo Tong, you go and call Sima Ye. As one of our vice presidents, it’s time he should do something!” When Su Yu finally opened his mouth, it wasn’t to express his opinion on the quarrel between the two others, but was obviously a command.

Upon hearing this, the eyes of two vice presidents instantly lit up.

That’s right! If it is him, there must be a way!

Sima Ye and Su Yu, two of the three pillars of the Student Union, represented intelligence and combat power respectively, while the fourth vice president was the former top of the Wealth Ranking. The three of them together formed the iron triangle of the Student Union.

However, one of the corners had fallen, as Fang Ye suddenly appeared like a storm and took away the top place of the Wealth Ranking with absolute strength and even led far ahead!

This was also one of the reasons why Su Yu could not sit still. After all, Fang Ye was one of the leaders of the New Student Mutual Aid Community. His rising reputation was equal to a blow to the Student Union.

However, for now, the existence of Su Yu and Sima Ye was still sufficient to support the weakening Student Union.

Unless the two of them also fell!

“I’m on my way!” Luo Tong excitedly took the job and ran out, leaving the pessimistic vice president and Su Yu in the room.

“If the Student Union really collapses, would you join that new mutual aid community something?” Su Yu suddenly asked.

Cold sweat instantly seeped out on the vice president’s back.

“No! Absolutely not! I can swear on my character!” The vice president quickly expressed his stand, afraid of showing any hesitation at all.

“Then do what you should do. If even you complain, how can you ask the people below you to stay at ease?!” At a change of tone, Su Yu’s icy words made the vice president felt like he had fallen into a freezing lake.

“I know my mistake, boss. I’ll go work now!” Bowing to Su Yu, the vice president’s hands began to shake.

“Go. I’m tired. Need a rest…” With a trace of exhaustion in his voice, Su Yu leaned back in his chair and slowly closed his eyes. The tactful vice president quietly left the room.

“Shit! Damn you! Aren’t you just a bit strong!? After I return, if you ever dare to go to our country, I’ll take your damn surname if I don’t give you a f*cking lesson then!”

After a bout of vicious complaints, the vice president still honestly returned to his department. While he was still under the other's roof, he had to bow!

Meanwhile, at the gate of the Illusionary Sandboard of the Gods Amongst Men, Sima Ye hurried over after being summoned by Bai Xiaofei, but he still wasn’t faster.

“Long time no see, Senior Sima.”

Bai Xiaofei’s warm greeting only earned a nod from Sima Ye, but the expectation in his eyes couldn’t deceive anyone.

“As long as you still remember our agreement. Are you going in now?” Sima Ye’s voice was very insipid. As for the people who followed him here to watch a show, they couldn’t remain calm at all.

Not because of Bai Xiaofei, but because of Hu Xian’er who had come with him!

In person! The real face of that fox puppet master! She’s much more beautiful up close than on the screen!


What is her relationship with this Bai Xiaofei? Why would she come here with him? Is she also here for the test?

“How can I forget? But I don’t know if I can alter the details of our agreement a little before I go in?” With a slight smile, Bai Xiaofei’s fox tail was practically swaying.

“You think you are qualified to talk about conditions with me?” Sima Ye coldly replied, unfazed as ever.

“Didn’t you already say it yourself? The matter with Senior Sister Zhen Qi is actually very easy to handle. You should have heard of the Rebirth Pill. Although it is a bit expensive, I think it’s still worthwhile to exchange it for a clean name.”

Having his words returned to him, Sima Ye immediately frowned.

Communicating with rich people was just frustrating, you never know what kind of ‘dirty’ solution they could come up with!

“I advise you not to go too far!” While his voice was still cold, Sima Ye had compromised.

“It’s certainly nothing too much. I just want to make a bet with you, Senior, a big bet!” Bai Xiaofei grew serious as he quietly looked at Sima Ye.

This was a seriousness that raised Sima Ye’s alert.

What does he want?

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