Chapter 354: Not Letting Down Others, Not Letting Down Your Own Heart!

Chapter 354: Not Letting Down Others, Not Letting Down Your Own Heart!

“Eat… it all?” Bai Xiaofei gulped repeatedly as he gawked at Hu Xian’er in absolute disbelief.

This kind of word actually came from a girl’s mouth?! Is she so generous?!

Of course not, no female would be so selfless. However, Hu Xian’er was very rational, she could see much more than Bai Xiaofei.

“You didn’t hear it wrong, I meant it literally. But it doesn’t mean I’m letting you accept from all over the world!“ Hu Xian’er stared fixedly at Bai Xiaofei with a hint of warning.

Instinctively, Bai Xiaofei remembered something Hu Xian’er had said to him before, and his ‘little brother’ trembled…

Is she testing me?

But it doesn’t look like it! No matter how I look at it, she is trying to enlighten me!

But… is this kind of enlightening really okay?

“Then, you…” Bai Xiaofei weakly asked out, his tone full of nervousness.

“In fact, when I saw so many girls around you for the first time, I felt really lost and even nearly wanted to kill you!” It was clear from Hu Xian’er’s tone and expression that she wasn’t kidding, she was absolutely telling the truth. “But then I realized that it’s impossible to have no other woman beside you unless I am always with you.”

When saying this, her face was bitter, the kind that came from helplessness.

But this was true.

“You are just like the light at night. Even if you do nothing, your warmth and light will attract the opposite sex like moths, and you can’t even refuse even if you want to. Wise birds choose the right branch to land, and you are a piece of the very best wutong. Wanting to nest in your branches aren’t just good birds, but phoenixes!”

Here, Hu Xuan’er’s tone was laced with a pride that she really shouldn’t have felt. She was proud that Bai Xiaofei was her man, even though it brought her bitterness and helpless pride.

If she could, she would rather Bai Xiaofei be an ordinary person, but he was a light that could never be dim!

When Bai Xiaofei heard this, he was completely silent. He didn’t deny Hu Xian’er’s words, and when he thought about it carefully, it seemed to be true.

This wasn’t overconfidence, the fact was right in front of him!

“So, I thought it through. Remember I told you that I don’t ever want you to be alone? The two of us will definitely be separated for a period of time. I will miss you, but I don’t want to see you become like me. Therefore, I’m willing to let myself be wronged a little and let you have a ‘Lil’ Third or Fourth1.’”

Hu Xian’er gave Bai Xiaofei a slight smile, while he completely froze. He didn’t expect Hu Xian’er would think like this, and now there was only one idea in his mind – No one else mattered, having Hu Xian’er alone was enough…

However, Hu Xian’er did not let this idea take root.

“You don’t have to be too touched, don’t even have any ‘only her’ determination. That way, you will have a hard time and the people around you will also have a hard time. Just let me be grand by myself.”

Admittedly, Hu Xian’er was formidable. In just a few words, she directly put out the flame that had just lit in Bai Xiaofei’s heart, even though it was one that was favorable to her.

“After all, it is not unusual for a male to have many females in the world of magical beasts, and the human world is even more extreme, so I just need not treat you like a human,” saying this, Hu Xian’er suddenly laughed. Bai Xiaofei broke out in cold sweat.

Although it sounds reasonable, why do I feel like I’m being cursed at?

“Moreover, when you mix in human society, the word ‘relationship’ is very important, and outstanding girls carry all kinds of connections. When you get them, you also get these connections. These connections will help you in times of need so that you can do what you have to do more smoothly. They will even improve your chances of survival in this continent of many unknowns. If I cut off those chances and someday can never meet you again, it will be too late to regret.”

A tender light shone in Hu Xian’er’s eyes as she looked at Bai Xiaofei.

“You don’t have to talk, just listen to me.”

Her index finger gently shushed Bai Xiaofei’s mouth that was about to open. There was a hint of dominance in Hu Xian’er’s tenderness.

You are my man, I have to be considerate for you!

“Next will be your restrictions.” After a brief smile, Hu Xian’er’s expression grew serious. “There can be other women, but you are not allowed to actively philander, and are not allowed to eat every single one you see! I have no problem with people like Lin Li and Chu Liuyun who really like you, but if you find one with ulterior motives, I will definitely strangle her first! “

With malice in her eyes, Hu Xian’er’s tone left no room for doubt.

“Also, keep good control over the quantity. Too many and I won’t have the energy to care! And you have to ensure that the woman who is willing to be with you will be able to accept the other girls around you. If there is a fire in our own backyard2, I’ll have only one way to put it out!“

Hu Xian’er made a clenched fist at this.

Bai Xiaofei gulped. He believed that Hu Xian’er was capable of this… However, he also understood the deeper meaning of her words.

‘You can find other women, but I must be the boss!’

Admirable, admirable! This was a truly smart person!

Smart people would not try to stop unstoppable things and instead would keep the situation within their control while going along with the flow. Just like Hu Xian’er now, her words had buried a seed deeply in Bai Xiaofei’s heart – Her position could not be replaced!

“The last thing I want to say to you is, no matter who it is, I hope you will not disappoint anyone. A man who makes women sad is not a good man. If I know, I will not want you!”

Hu Xian’er declared with a fierce glare. Her threat not only didn’t make him uncomfortable but even raised her image in his heart…

“Of course, I also hope you don’t do yourself wrong. I don’t want to see your face bitter every day and look like you’ve completely seen through the world.”

Here, Hu Xian’er took a deep breath and her face relaxed.

“Well, I’m done, do you have anything to ask?”

Looking at the calm Hu Xian’er, Bai Xiaofei was dazed for a moment as he pondered what she had said. Then, he slowly swallowed several mouthfuls of saliva.

“Uncle Feng taught you these things?”

A question that hit the vital mark!

Hu Xian’er was a magical beast, one who had only just developed a human form at that. However, what she had said just now was not inferior to him who was an expert in relationships!

“Elective course, in-depth study of human nature and social relations. Although I didn’t study for long, I already finished the course ahead of schedule, and they said my result is the best yet in over 100 years.” Hu Xian’er slightly raised her head with a proud expression.

Her answer stunned Bai Xiaofei for over ten seconds.

Elective course.


If Hu Xian’er hadn’t mentioned this word, Bai Xiaofei would have forgotten that he was still a student.

Sure enough, Starnet exists for a reason!

After sighing in his heart, Bai Xiaofei then looked at Hu Xian’er, his eyes completely without the previous confusion. Under her education, he found his own way.

Not letting down others, not letting down his own heart!

1. Lil’ Third: nick name for mistresses/ the third person in a relationship.
2. Fire in backyard: Trouble happenings with the female quarter (the wife or wives) of a household.

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