Chapter 352: O’ Mountain Has a Waiting Fox

Chapter 352: O’ Mountain Has a Waiting Fox

“See, I told you that I’m just a supporting actor. You didn’t believe me earlier, but you should now, right?”

After sending Lin Li down, Bai Xiaofei’s first sentence was to explain himself. Unlike just now, some people really believed his words this time. Or to be exact, those were the ones unwilling to believe that Bai Xiaofei could get the favor of two goddesses.

However, they really underestimated him! There were more than just two!

“A thrilling experience is up next. In this last performance, don’t blink, or you’ll regret it!”

Finishing his part, Bai Xiaofei’s figure gradually faded into the background. Then, as a crystal clear bird chirp rang from the quiet stage, the lights all lit, and the stage had turned into a forest using the Divine-grade formation. The chirp just now had come from the forest.

A little later, a small lavender fox was sighted, panicking as if it were trying to escape from something. After a brief hesitation, the fox’s body suddenly emitted a dazzling light, and before long, it was replaced by a graceful, petite figure in the same spot. Standing up slowly, Hu Xian’er in a simple purple dress enchanted all the men present!

In human form, Hu Xian’er continued to run. Suddenly, there was a commotion behind her. At the same time, on the big screens, a group of frantically running magical beasts also appeared.

An exhausted Hu Xian’er fell to the ground after running for a while. Just as the magical beasts were about to stampede over her, a man in golden armor suddenly appeared in front of her. With quick slashes of his sword, those beasts quickly became a pile of corpses.

Turning around, the man held out his right hand to Hu Xian’er, his face shrouded in shadows. The scene also froze at this moment.

The next second, as melodious music began to sound, Zhen Qi, dressed in palace attire with her eyes half-closed appeared and clear, graceful humming echoed in the square. At the same time, there was a flash of light on the stage as the forest disappeared, leaving the image of Hu Xian'er playing in the courtyard hand in hand with the man who only had a figure. The expression on her face showed she was the happiest person in the world.

Once again, the picture was frozen. Meanwhile, Zhen Qi’s humming became loud and light, and the music turned urgent.

When the stage light flashed, Hu Xian’er was once again alone, fighting with a group of magical beasts in a half-fox form. Moments later, all of the beasts were cut down, while Hu Xian’er was wearing a crown and surrounded by the members of the fox clans.

When the picture was fixed, Zhen Qi’s humming changed into a kind of sobbing that invoked sorrow.

In a flash of light, Hu Xian’er now stood alone on a cliff. Under the cliff was a bustling crowd of people. A trace of sorrow flowed through Hu Xian’er’s eyes and two clear lines of tears slowly streamed down.

At this, the stage completely darkened and all the lights gathered on Zhen Qi, who was floating in the air. The accompaniment music became a slow rhythm, and Zhen Qi also stopped her previous humming. As her eyes slowly opened, a sad and tactful voice swept out. Zhen Qi successfully conquered the audience the moment she started singing, not only because of her impeccable voice but also because of the lyrics.

“Fate played its trick and let me meet you, I let myself fall despite being worlds apart.

A heart full of confusion was hard to endure, forgetting you is even harder after just one look.

Thousands worship your achievement, I was set on accompanying you through it.

I thought about it day and night with no way out, you unexpectedly came.

Two hearts settled in that night full of indulgence, intertwined and hard to part.

But lives are different for no reason, you would eventually leave despite the hearts’ desire.

I’m like a pampa and you a boulder, yet love at first sight is as solid as gold.

Don’t forget me, carve in your heart that o’ mountain has a waiting fox!


The song died down, and the last performance ended in a calm way that no one could have expected. Apart from this, there was another thing that no one expected. No one thought they would silently shed tears at the last moment of the performance…

Everyone ached for that lonely fox girl on the cliff. Zhen Qi’s words “o’ mountain has a waiting fox” pierced the hearts like a sharp sword.

Hu Xian’er’s scenes were few in the long play that was painted with the song, but she was like a finishing touch of perfection. The two girls depicted a complete story with their seemingly unrelated acts…

After the lights completely went out, the warm applause lasted all the way until Bai Xiaofei went on stage and still didn’t stop for a long time. Whether it was the breathtaking impression Hu Xian’er brought them or Zhen Qi’s heaven-gifted voice, they were absolutely worthy of this applause.

“If I tell you that the figure of that man you just saw looked exactly like me, would you believe it?” After the applause stopped, Bai Xiaofei immediately ruined the atmosphere upon opening his mouth, to be flooded by all kinds of boos and hisses.

However, what he said was right…

Moreover, Bai Xiaofei perceived this song completely differently from the audience. The audience related to the song from her acting, while he didn’t even need to at all. The content of the lyrics had all happened between him and Hu Xian’er.

As for the latter part of the song, Bai Xiaofei was determined not to let it happen! He would not let her wait!

Even if the whole world opposes us, I will come to your side!

“Alright, it’s just a joke. Don’t take it seriously.” Of course, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t argue about this, though. He smiled and continued, “By now, the performances have been completed. Please welcome with applause all of our 500 performers and 10 mentors with their wonderful performances!”

Thunderous applause broke out and the whole square was brightly lit. Five hundred and ten dazzling beauties stood on the stage in small groups. The smiling faces of the girls flashed one by one on the big screens.

At this moment, they were already successful!

“Next, it’s time for you to exercise your power to return the favor for our girls on the stage. You all will select the 300 you think are qualified to enter the next round, and they will get the chance to compete for the Blossom Ranking! Tick those you want to choose on the light screen in front of you, and the formation will automatically take down the statistics. All votes will be cast under real names. If anyone has any objection, they can come and check after the end! That’s everything. Now, the voting begins!”

As Bai Xiaofei finished, the screens he mentioned also appeared in front of all the audience. Everyone grew nervous. At this moment, the heartbeat of both the voters and the performers on the stage quickened. Until the last moment, no one knew what the results would be!

The voting process lasted for nearly 30 minutes. Finally, when Bai Xiaofei got the results, all eyes fell on him.

Under the spotlight, Bai Xiaofei suddenly dismissed his light screen.

“Before announcing the results, I have a few words to say…”

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