Chapter 351: The Ultimate of Ability Control, Genesis!

Chapter 351: The Ultimate of Ability Control, Genesis!

Bai Xiaofei took the stage again, although he had still not completely calmed down. Obviously, there was a change in the audience. Although he couldn’t see their faces clearly, Bai Xiaofei could still picture their odd expressions.

“Cough, that was just for the performance, so I hope you guys won’t get it wrong. And since the night continues, our next participant is also a heavyweight, and what’s more, her performance was personally directed by the Unimaginable Lin Xuanyi. If you still think about what just happened, you will miss it!”

With some explanation and deception, Bai Xiaofei managed to divert the audience’s attention… a little.

“No more nonsense. Please keep your chins intact for the next performance!”

Afraid that matters would only get worse the more he tried to explain, Bai Xiaofei hurriedly jumped down the stage like he was running for his life.

Then, Lin Li, dressed very plainly, walked slowly to the center of the stage under the lights. The simple student uniform made her look a little out of place with tonight’s performance. However, it changed instantly after Lin Li bowed to everyone.

“Divine Phoenix Feather Dress.” With just four light words, the ‘ugly duckling’ transformed into a stunning empress! It wasn’t that Lin Li didn’t need to be dressed up, but that no matter what she was dressed in, it would look bleak in contrast to the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress.

The moment the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress made its entrance, the audience erupted. Lin Li didn’t fail Bai Xiaofei’s expectations, her appearance successfully diverted everyone’s attention.

It was impossible otherwise, with Lin Nishang being one of the three Legend Rank experts and her reputation as the number one beauty in the continent. The Divine Phoenix Feather Dress was like a brand that was unique to her only. Therefore, no one could calm down when they finally witnessed this puppet with their own eyes.

There were rumors years ago that Lin Nishang had a daughter, and for as many years, many had been unwilling to believe it. But after today, those people would have to shut up. Their goddess wasn’t only a flower that was spoken for, but she even blossomed and bore fruit.

However, Lin Li wasn’t someone who relied on beauty and her mother’s name to impress. She dared to stand on this stage because she had absolute confidence!

After putting on the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress, Lin Li’s abrupt change in temperament vividly depicted what an empress was. With a domineering aura, she snapped her fingers and light spots flew out one after another.

Thousand Star – Lin Li’s second puppet!

Lin Li used to combine them together, but today she didn’t. Countless stars scattered all over the air above the stage and moved in order under her control. Looking at them, no one understood what she was doing. However, some people in the audience began to reveal shocked expressions as it went on.

These people all had one thing in common, they were all puppet masters of the Energy Stream. They could sense the elements around gradually being gathered with Lin Li’s movement, and the concentration of all energy that could be mobilized in the area was increasing at a frightening speed.

How is this possible?! Isn’t the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress only capable of controlling one element at a time?!

Is this iron-clad rule broken?! Then Energy Stream puppet masters can just all quit and go home!

Could it be the only way to suppress the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress is useless now?

Indeed. This was the greatest meaning of the creation of Thousand Star – to make up for the only weakness of the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress! Only that Lin Li couldn’t utilize this ability in combat, so she could only control one element in the previous battle. However, she could manage when it was outside of battle.

The number of people being shocked gradually grew as the elements gathered by Lin Li attached themselves to the Thousand Star. The originally colorless light spots turned into colorful artificial stars, thus signaling the official start of Lin Li’s performance.

Ignoring the sweat dripping down her forehead, Lin Li slowly revealed a smile, a smile with confidence that stole everyone’s soul for a moment!

The next second, with a gentle wave of Lin Li, the yellow spots in the starry sky flew down. The originally empty stage instantly turned into a plot of dry yellow land, and the cracked ground looked as if it had been sunbathed for a long time.

But it didn’t matter. Soon there was a drizzle from the sky above. As Lin Li’s origin energy poured out, the drizzle turned into a moderate rain, right before it rained cats and dogs. Muffled sounds of repeatedly drummed and blinding lightning lit up the dark night sky.

However, whether it was the rain or lightning, when approaching Lin Li, they perfectly avoided her. It felt as if she was the god of this space.

When the thunder subsided and the rainstorm stopped, the water on the ground had formed a lake. Looking at the lake in front of her, Lin Li smiled in satisfaction and lightly waved her hand again, sprinkling various seeds.

Seeing this scene, the audience froze again.

Growing things on the spot? How long do we have to wait until they sprout?!

Lin Li answered this question with action: 10 seconds!

Fiery-colored elements swayed in the air, forming firebirds that skyrocketed the surrounding temperature. At the same time, the green spots, the rarest of all in the starry sky, slowly descended and were quickly absorbed by the earth.

This was the energy of the Life Stream, a rare branch of the already rare Energy Stream. The possibility of the birth of a puppet master capable of controlling life energy was not any higher than that of an Illusion Stream one capable of illusion stimulation!

Moreover, life energy also had a resounding nickname – The energy of miracles!

Using the current situation, for example, plants that would take at least a few years to grow were now sprouting at a speed visible to the naked eye, until they grew into a jungle under the urging of just a sliver of life energy.

With these plants, Lin Li began to transform her territory, creating mountains, rivers, flowers, and trees. Everything modeled themselves according to her will. Breezes and drizzles, and a fireball as the sun perfected the circulation system of this miniature world.

Looking down at her masterpiece from the air, Lin Li smiled again, yet there was a hint of pity on her face right after. This small world was too quiet. It lacked the most important thing.


Seeing this, everyone swallowed hard.

She can even create life?! That is no longer human, okay!

Lin Li certainly did not have that ability, but her performance was still short of one last step. With a gentle wave, the rest of the stars gathered together and flew straight toward Bai Xiaofei in the audience. A dazed Bai Xiaofei hadn’t figured out what had just happened when the stars already pulled him onto the stage.

“My world is short of life. Would you like to perfect this world with me?”

The moment her voice dropped, chins also dropped all over the floor.

Bai Xiaofei had predicted this. Only, he didn’t expect it would happen in such a way!!!

You guys are trying to kill me like this!!!

While screaming in his heart, Bai Xiaofei kept his face with a gentle smile. He couldn’t even bear to see Chu Liuyun disappointed, let alone Lin Li…

“I can, but it will have to wait until you grow up!” Gently poking Lin Li’s forehead, Bai Xiaofei helped her draw a perfect end to the performance.

The next second, a contented Lin Li pocketed Thousand Star, and the newly formed world dissipated into tiny sparkles.

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