Chapter 350: The ‘Huang Pursues the Feng’ in Feng Seeks Huang

Chapter 350: The ‘Huang Pursues the Feng’ in Feng Seeks Huang1!

“Now that this night has entered the final stage, I believe that everyone finds me the most annoying person at this moment,” as Bai Xiaofei went on stage, his teasing elicited a burst of laughter.

Well yes, you are really pretty annoying!

“I’ll just cut the nonsense. Next, prepare your ears and make sure they don’t miss every single note to come. Please welcome the third-ranked of the Blossom Ranking, Chu Liuyun!”

His voice signaled a light beam that instantly directed the attention of the audience to the center of the stage, where a feather-clad Chu Liuyun descended and floated in mid-air like a divine bird! With a light wave of her hands, a dark red zither hovered in front of her. As Chu Liuyun slowly sat down, a colorful phoenix soared over and swiftly stopped under her so that she sat on its back.

The next second, ten slender fingers gently caressed the zither. The whole square quieted down, only the sound of gulping revealed everyone’s expectations.

“O Feng, O Feng, returning home after roaming the world to seek his Huang.” An ethereal, crystal clear voice rang from her slightly parted cherry lips. After the intro, Chu Liuyun finally plucked on the strings…

It was only the first note, yet everyone already felt a kind spiritual satisfaction to their expectations, and it was only the beginning. As the beautiful melody flowed, a Huang glided into the scene and danced along. Gradually, the music grew more urgent and various birds appeared and joined in, dancing around the Huang. This picture of a hundred birds paying homage to the Huang accompanied by otherworldly music made a deeply lasting impression in everyone’s mind.

“Why do I have the feeling that the music is directly echoing inside my mind? Moreover, that Huang doesn’t seem to be the effect of the Divine formation?”

Below the stage, Bai Xiaofei was astonished while Yun Jingshuang next to him slowly opened his eyes.

“Chu Liuyun has the Illusionary Symphony physique. She can create illusions without a puppet, let alone that her puppet Spirit Sound is peak-grade Gold, only a little inferior to the Violetgold rank. So, as long as she wants, you will see anything she wants you to see.”

“However, this is not the best yet. What really makes her one of the top ten in the Combat Ranking is the way she can create illusions. Ordinary illusions deceive the five senses to affect the mind to achieve the purpose of deceiving the enemy, but Chu Liuyun’s ability is just the opposite. She can directly affect the mind, thus deceiving the target’s five senses. That’s why you think the music is right inside your mind. Not just you, but most of the people present should feel the same, which is the most terrifying aspect – It can cover a large area!”

Saying to this point, Yun Jingshuang closed his eyes again.

“But I didn’t think that her ability would have such a shocking effect when used in performing. Thank you for this, or I don’t think I’ll be able to hear this ever in my lifetime.”

Then, Yun Jingshuang completely immersed himself in the music, having no intention of continuing with Bai Xiaofei. Bai Xiaofei understood why. He looked up at Chu Liuyun.

I actually never really noticed such a powerful person!

At this moment, Chu Liuyun’s performance had entered the next part. After the homage by the hundred birds to the Huang, the Huang swiftly landed on a tall wutong tree. Three phoenix birds, around which three dancing Fengs were trying their best to promote themselves.

Three Fengs pursuing the Huang!

However, the Huang on the tree showed no interest at all while all the other birds were intoxicated by the dancing of the three Fengs. As the music gradually slowed, the three Fengs also stopped dancing. One by one, they landed under the wutong and waited quietly for the Huang to make her choice. As the ‘Feng Pursues Huang’ phase finished, the music took a turn and tugged on the nerves of the audience. From the music, they had a strong feeling that the Huang was about to make a choice.

After preening herself, the Huang’s bright feathers grew even more beautiful. Its head proudly raised, the Huang scanned the three Fengs, but there was no emotion in her eyes except for disdain. However, the Huang still spread her wings and flew up from the wutong tree.

Under everyone’s intent gaze, the music became melodious and ethereal. Everyone was guessing which one the Huang would choose because they could feel her burning, restless heart!

As the Huang slowly circled in the air, all the birds sang as if to cheer for her.

Finally, beyond everyone’s expectations, the Huang flew out of the stage and circled over the audience. At that time, everyone’s heart leaped.

She’s not going to choose from the three Fengs?!

Then who would it be?!

Surprise was mixed with delight as the male instinct gave rise to a hint of expectation in many male audience’s hearts, even though some people had never even met Chu Liuyun before…

The only exception was Bai Xiaofei! Looking at the Huang bird flying out of the stage, a chill ran down his spine…

No way it would be…

Bai Xiaofei’s worry was not even fully formed when the Huang had already begun to descend. Finally, under the gaze of all, it slowly landed in a corner before the stage. The lights gathered and Bai Xiaofei, who was gulping hard, was struck dumb.

As for Yun Jingshuang, he had wisely escaped to a distant corner, as this situation was completely within his expectation.

The big tree always attracts the wind, doesn’t it?

The Huang was less than 10 centimeters away from Bai Xiaofei as she lowered her head to him. At the same time, the music slowed.

Chu Liuyun was waiting for his response!

In the spotlight, Bai Xiaofei had no choice if he wanted the performance to continue. Slowly raising his hand, he gently touched the Huang’s head.

The next second, the slowed melody sped up and the Huang upon receiving his touch, soared into the air, chirping excitedly as if she had received the greatest happiness in the world. Finally, having circled several times, she scattered into countless sparks in the sky along with the last high-pitched notes. At this point, Chu Liuyun’s performance ended.

This time around, the applause was delayed for several seconds. For no other reason than everyone had been thrown into shock because of what just happened.

A public confession?! So you can do it like that?!

However, after some thought, everyone found Bai Xiaofei quite deserving.

This was the difference between being famous and not. If this happened when he wasn’t famous, Bai Xiaofei might be exposed without any privacy left, and then be troubled by a bunch of people.

But now, all that others could do was envy him, because if Bai Xiaofei was unworthy, they would be even more so!

At the moment, however, Bai Xiaofei wasn’t as thrilled as everyone imagined. On the contrary, Bai Xiaofei was a little overwhelmed…

No wonder I had such a bad feeling, so it’s real!! If I knew, I’d rather be caught yesterday instead of escaping using that method!!

How can karma come so quickly?!

To take this as karma, Bai Xiaofei might be the only one…

1. Fenghuang means phoenix, feng is to address the male and huang the female. Feng Seeks Huang is an ancient song about a male phoenix pursuing his other half. It's a very famous song for courting.

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