Chapter 33 The Eight Rankings of Starnet Academy (Part 1)

“Heh, Junior Brother, you’ve asked the key point!” As soon as Bamboo heard Bai Xiaofei ask about the Bounty Ranking, Bamboo’s interests were instantly aroused. But before he could speak, Fat Dog pushed him aside.

“I’ll tell this to you.” Fat Dog’s face carried a trace of excitement, as he had successfully seized over the right to speak. “You don’t know about the Bounty Ranking, so you probably don’t know of the eight rankings of Starnet Academy, right?” 

Bai Xiaofei shook his head lightly when faced with Fat Dog’s question.

“That’s good. Now listen—”

Bamboo, who had been pushed away earlier, forcefully interrupted Fat Dog before Fat Dog finished speaking. He said, “We’ve arrived at the infirmary. Even if you aren’t in a hurry, Junior Brother’s girlfriend is in a hurry. Keep your crap for later after we go in.”

When Fat Dog raised his head to look over, he noticed that they had arrived before an enormous, ancient-styled building. At its entrance was a very imposing and enormous medicine furnace that was so wide it required at least ten people to join their arms around it to wrap it.

“This is the infirmary. You have to maintain silence upon entering because anyone besides the sick who makes loud noises will suffer grave consequences,” Fat Dog pointed out very seriously as he stood by Bai Xiaofei’s side.

After they confirmed that Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t make a mistake, Bamboo and Fat Dog led the way around the medicine cauldron and swiftly entered the infirmary.

The infirmary in Starnet Academy was divided into a total of five floors. The first floor was the place to obtain and refine medicine. The second floor was mainly for treating external injuries, and the third floor was mainly for treating internal injuries. The fourth floor was where the heavily injured and those seriously ill usually resided. The fifth floor was a high-level treatment area that only important figures could enter.

Lin Li’s condition belonged within the scope of the second floor, whereas, which floor Fat Dog and Bamboo belonged to was clear from their injuries.

“Don’t worry, it’s only ordinary fatigue. She just has to lie here for a while, and it won’t be long before she’ll wake up. I’ll ask someone to send over some medicine to recover her physical strength later. You just need to feed it to her once she wakes up.” The person who spoke was a third-year senior sister wearing glasses and a brown coat belonging to the infirmary. Her light violet Cheongsam drew out her alluring figure.

The senior sister left after explaining to Bai Xiaofei what he had to do, and Fat Dog and Bamboo who were both respectful and fond of the senior sister ran in hastily.

After the care in the infirmary, their injuries had obviously become much better. At the very least, Bai Xiaofei was able to roughly discern their appearances…

“What the f*ck! Junior, is this your girlfriend?!” Fat Dog and Bamboo let out exclaims of shock at the same time when they saw Lin Li lying on the bed, and their saliva instantly started flowing.

Bai Xiaofei sidestepped and blocked their vision before revealing a silly smile with them.

“Senior, we can be considered friends, right?” Bai Xiaofei didn’t speak frankly, yet the meaning of his words was extremely obvious. Fat Dog and Bamboo could be said to be righteous as well because they hurriedly wiped off the saliva on their mouths.

“One shouldn’t covet the wife of a friend. We have our own principles, and it was just a normal reaction…” As they smiled sheepishly, Fat Dog and Bamboo quickly fixed their expressions.

“But, Junior Brother, it won’t be a problem for this girlfriend of yours to be placed on the Blossom Ranking!”

“Right, right, right! It’s even to the extent that it wouldn’t be a problem for her to charge into the top few rankings!”

Both of them spoke in perfect harmony, and they once again spoke of a term Bai Xiaofei didn’t know.

“Seniors, please have a seat. Can you tell Junior Brother what exactly these eight rankings are?” After he invited both of them to have a seat, Bai Xiaofei moved their attention from Lin Li to his question.

“This is an interesting subject!” The chubby Fat Dog rubbed his hands together before continuing with the topic he hadn’t finished earlier.

“The eight rankings are divided into two types. The first is acknowledged by the academy, and there are a total of four. They’re respectively the Starnet Ranking, Combat Ranking, Command Ranking, and Popularity Ranking.

“The other type is only spread among students, and they’re respectively the Wealth Ranking, Blossom Ranking, Treasure Ranking, and Bounty Ranking,” Fat Dog said. When he had just finished speaking the names of the eight rankings, Bamboo instantly pinned him down.

“It’s my turn! It’s my turn!” After he seized over the right to speak, Bamboo cleared his throat and continued, “The Starnet Ranking can be said to be one of the foundations of our academy. It updates the various assignments and commissions from within the academy or the outside world on a real-time basis. All students in the first year or above may take assignments from the Starnet Ranking, and those that complete the assignments will obtain the corresponding points. So, the Starnet Ranking is sometimes called the Point Ranking as well because the assignments on the Starnet Ranking are ranked according to the number of points provided.”

“Points?” Bai Xiaofei revealed a bewildered expression as he interrupted Bamboo.

“Points can be exchanged for Starnet Stones. At the same time, possessing sufficient points is one of the prerequisites to graduating, and a lot of people have been unable to obtain their graduation certificate in the end because their points were insufficient.”

Bai Xiaofei nodded and grunted lightly in acknowledgment, and then Bamboo continued.

“The Combat Ranking is also called the Genius Ranking. Many organizations that come to Starnet Academy select the students they want according to the rankings on the Combat Ranking.

“Just as its name implies, the Combat Ranking is naturally based on who is more formidable in battle. Moreover, the Combat Ranking change in real time as well, and so long as you’re willing, you can challenge the hundred people on the Combat Ranking. If you defeat them in a fair battle, you’ll take their position.”

Bai Xiaofei’s eyes lit up abruptly when he finished listening to the introduction of the Combat Ranking. “Can I use all sorts of methods in battle?”

On the other hand, Fat Dog and Bamboo were slightly stunned when they heard that Bai Xiaofei was interested in the Combat Ranking. They then revealed experienced expressions.

“That is true. But, Junior Brother, this ranking isn’t something you can consider now. There are over 10,000 people when all the students of Starnet Academy are added together but there are only a hundred on the rankings. So, even the person placed last on the rankings isn’t someone you can resist.”

Bai Xiaofei didn’t pay much attention to Bamboo’s warning, but he still nodded. “Senior, don’t worry. I’m just asking. You can continue.”

“Next is the Command Ranking. All the people on this ranking are freaks whose intelligence have attained a monstrous level. At the same time, the people on this ranking are people that the various Empires would fight to the death to seize over to their side. Besides that, the standard of one’s ability is judged by the Illusionary Sandboard. You’ll be able to command an army in there, and the most levels you lead your army through, the higher your ranking will be.”

Bai Xiaofei didn’t interrupt this time, but he committed this ranking to memory.

“The final ranking acknowledged by the academy is the Popularity Ranking. This ranking is comparatively fixed because the academy will organize voting every single year. Practically all those who enter the rankings are backbone members of the Student Council, and they’re responsible for assisting the academy in managing various affairs.” Bamboo revealed a proud expression as he spoke.

“Your senior, me, just happens to be one of the people on this ranking. Even though my ranking isn’t very high, if you mention my name, Chu Gan[1], in the Furnace of Agarwood, it would still be slightly useful.”

“F*ck, stop boasting! Aren’t you embarrassed to say this when you’re right at the bottom? Move aside.” Fat Dog seemed to be extremely dissatisfied with Chu Gan’s actions of showing off, and he pulled Chu Gan to the side.

“I’ll explain the remaining four.” Once Fei Gou left the disgruntled Chu Gan to the side, he started to explain the remaining four rankings to Bai Xiaofei.



1. Same thing as Fei Gou and Fat Dog, Chu Gan sounds like Bamboo in Chinese.


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