Chapter 349: Illusion Mirror, Iceberg Snow Lotuses!

Chapter 349: Illusion Mirror, Iceberg Snow Lotuses!

Xue Ying's performance garnered inexplicable success. Silent play, a genre that wasn't very popular before, conquered the audience with its special charm. And for this performance to be able to evoke everyone's emotions, Xue Ying naturally played an important role. Even Hua Wusheng – the mentor – commented: If she went on stage herself, she could only take a bow!

The performance again reset the highest standard of the night. Just when everyone felt that it was impossible to be surpassed, a highly anticipated group came onto the stage – the Leng sisters.

Before the official start of the performance round, the rehearsal videos broadcast had already made many participants remembered by the audience. Aside from the top tier such as Hu Xian’er and Lin Li, the three sisters of Leng Li conquered many with their complete identical icy beauty.

Therefore, when Bai Xiaofei announced their names, the audience immediately got heated. Even before he said the name of the performance, someone already finished it for him.

Illusion Mirror!

Different from the completely silent play by Xue Ying, the triplet utilized the stage to the fullest. The moment colorful lights shone down, three huge mirrors stood in three corners of the stage, and the three sisters stood in front of them. After they smiled at one another, a visual feast officially began.

As an enchanting radiance flowed, the lights in the three mirrors reflected back and forth, and the huge stage turned into a world of colorful crystal light.

Illusion Mirror was not only the name of their performance but also the name of their puppets. As empathy triplets, their puppets had the same nature as the Ming One and Ming Two brothers, meaning they had combined skills. Among them, the strongest combined skill of the three sisters was the one they were using at present – The World in the Mirror.

As the mirror world opened, the three girls moved along with the slow music. Their palace costumes intertwined and every movement depicted beautiful postures. Gradually, as the beat quickened, the special ability of the mirror world also was revealed. One by one, figures in the same clothes as the three sisters came out from the mirrors in all directions and joined in the dance. By the time everyone recovered from their stupor, the stage had become a grand group dance, led by the eldest sister, Leng Liuli.

At the very last step of the dance, the music slowed to an abrupt end, immediately followed by a sudden mirror shattering visual. The audience felt as if everything they had just seen wasn’t real, and that they were looking at another world through a mirror!

Gradually, the broken surface grew wider. With a last crunch, the broken shards reflected all colorful lights, and the virtual figures that had come out from the mirrors disappeared. On the stage, only the Leng sisters remained, now dressed in tube tops, short skirts, stockings, and bands wrapped around their arms that added a powerful flair.

Suddenly, countless mysterious masked figures poured out from the mirrors and rushed towards them. The three girls instantly turned into martial goddesses that smashed those figures into powder that scattered into the sky. The tight cooperation and the question of whether there would be a big move coming up made everyone’s heart pound.

In the end, a magical beast, so huge that it was ridiculous, poked out its head from nowhere. Leng Liuli and Leng Liuying served as stepping stones for Leng Liushuang, sending her into the air. With a battle cry, Leng Liushuang’s fist connected with the head of the magical beast! This scene was frozen for a second before the special mirror shattering visual occurred once again. A moment later, the mirror broke, and everything around it faded to nothingness…

When everything returned to normal, the music turned into ancient, crude Buddhist chanting. In the center of the stage, a group of young girls in sacrificial clothes were dancing on an altar. They all had the same faces as the Leng sisters.

In other words, these girls were all illusion copies!

Gradually, as the chanting climbed higher and higher, a rainbow light poured out from the altar. From the light, a figure came out slowly. This time, the main character was Leng Liuying. In a distinctive, fine outfit, the image of a goddess greeted everyone.

The moment the goddess appeared, the dancing of the sacrificial girls changed. As the light around the goddess spread, a pair of pure white wings grew on every girl’s back. Leng Liuying’s figure grew taller and taller while the angelic sacrificial girls began to fly up and down around her.

“Scatter, my children!”

As an ethereal voice echoed, the sacrificial girls seemed to earn some kind of relief. One by one, they flew out in all directions. After flying around the audience for a while, they then soared into the night sky where they turned into white sparkles. At the same time, Leng Liuying slowly floated into mid-air and slowly danced in the rain of sparkles.

When the sparkles finally faded, Leng Liuying’s movement also stopped. Revealing a smile that could topple the world, her body slowly dissipated into countless light butterflies…

Flying into the audience, the butterflies lightly landed in various places and burst into little stars after the curious audience touched them.

“Shatter, the World in the Mirror!”

With a faint voice from the three sisters, a clear and crisp sound was heard from the colorful glassy stage. Numerous mirrors slowly cracked and the cracks gradually spread. With the last crunching sound, the world in the mirror completely vanished. The three sisters, each wearing one of the three previous costumes, appeared on the stage.

Bowing towards the audience, they received thunderous applause in response. To be able to utilize Illusion Stream puppets to this extent, the triplet could already be ranked among geniuses! In the performance just now, except for the lights, they didn’t borrow the ability of the Divine-grade formation at all!

After the triplet exited the stage, the event also entered the bigger part.

There weren’t many groups left, which also meant this was the most anticipated part. The girls coming on stage next were all the top ranks of the Blossom Ranking. Even if they didn’t give an outstanding performance, their appearance alone would be enough to create a sensation, not to mention the strong expectations of the audience for them!

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei heaved a long sigh of relief. Now that the night had reached this point without any incidents, it seemed that the premonition he had the previous night was only a hunch. The three girls performing next weren’t the kind who would cause him any trouble.

Moreover, Bai Xiaofei still had a big plan prepared!

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