Chapter 347: The Third Batch of Performances; the Song of Fire and Ice!

Chapter 347: The Third Batch of Performances, the Song of Fire and Ice!

Once again standing on the huge stage, Bai Xiaofei had the feeling that a lifetime had passed. This trance hit so heavily that the speech he had prepared in advance disappeared without a trace, and all that remained were only the most genuine feelings in his heart.

“I believe that like me, everyone is looking forward to tonight’s performances. Before this, however, I humbly ask that you will spare some time to think back, savor the wonderful performances of the previous two days, and remember the girls who have shed sweat for them. While it is always our instinct to move forward, I hope everyone can forget it just for now.”

As he said this, Bai Xiaofei took the lead to close his eyes and the noisy square gradually quieted down. Some people complained at the beginning, but those voices then faded one by one, leaving only silence.

When Bai Xiaofei opened his eyes again, the audience was looking at him quietly. Excitement was a good thing, but sometimes, it indeed wasn’t a bad thing to give yourself some calm.

Bai Xiaofei just wanted to give all of the girls a fair chance. This was the only thing he could do.

“Thank you very much for your cooperation. I give you my sincere gratitude on behalf of all our participants and believe that you will make the fairest judgment. Now, without further ado, let us begin!”

All lights dimmed instantly. When they lit up again, three senior sisters in palace costumes were standing quietly on the stage. The next second, an ethereal voice accompanied by melodious music sounded, and everyone felt like their souls had been cleansed…

Performance after performance, rounds of applause after another. One had to admit that the Blossom Ranking was there for a reason.

Those who were capable of being in the limelight were indeed extraordinary. The average level of the third batch was obviously higher than the first two, so excellent that in every few performances, there would definitely be one that would be so moving it caused hair to stand on end!

As the host, Bai Xiaofei was shocked again and again. All the words he had prepared were useless and all he said were improvisational judgments.

“The next two to come on stage were originally going solo, but after seeing their performances, our mentors decided that they must be merged. Whether one plus one can be greater than two this time, let it be answered by our song of fire and ice!”

The stage darkened right after Bai Xiaofei got off. But this time, it didn't light up immediately.

The audience was stunned for a moment before a faint light rose slowly in the center of the stage. Then, the light turned into a flame that kept burning brighter and brighter, as more flames gradually rose from the surroundings. Finally, a graceful figure like a flame elf walked out from the flame at the very center.

It was Yan Suzi, in her transformation state!

Her flame-like long hair and explosive clothes after the transformation instantly ignited the whole square, and this was only the beginning!

Accompanied by intense music, Yan Suzi was like a flame immortal who descended into the world to play and fire was at her mercy. But suddenly, a cold wind struck, instantly extinguishing half of the flames and leaving the remaining ones to flicker dimly.

Right after the cold wind, numerous icicles fell from the sky. As the largest of them struck the ground, the whole stage seemed to tremble a little. Then when that icicle shattered, Qin Lingyan came out in a beautiful ice-blue outfit. Her pale blue make-up and air of dominance outstandingly depicted the very image of a frost queen.

Qin Lingyan didn’t have the ability to control ice energy, but let’s not forget what the stage had – A Divine-rank formation that could make anything possible.

So long as Qin Lingyan requested it, she could even become a real goddess, let alone just a frost queen. It wasn’t without reason that she dared to choose this image, because she nailed it!

Upon her appearance, the frost queen’s attention was immediately caught by the flame elf. At the same time, the flame elf also grew angry after seeing the frost queen destroying her toys. Even more terrifying flames poured out from Yan Suzi. With the cooperation of the Divine-rank formation, Yan Suzi transformed and put on a luxurious, fiery red robe.

And then, ice and fire – the two absolutely incompatible attributes – collided. As the confrontation of half martial arts and half dance unfolded, the ice and fire on the stage gradually intertwined, and the two girls’ momentum rose increasingly.

In the end, the whole stage turned into half fire and half ice. The two girls bolted into the air and collided with their strongest strikes. Interweaving ice and fire, the resulting explosion drowned out everything as the music abruptly stopped.

In a flash of light, flames and ice shards floated down, scattering across the stage. Qin Lingyan and Yan Suzi, the leading stars, resumed their original appearances and bowed deeply to everyone hand in hand.

Under the light, the scene could only be described in two words: Aesthetically beautiful…

Thunderous applause instantly erupted. For the two girls to be able to perfectly manipulate such a huge stage, this was absolutely unprecedented! Their song of fire and ice had been remembered by all!

Yan Suzi and Qin Lingyan hugged each other, their tears streaming down uncontrollably. In order to cooperate to such perfection, they had really put in much pain and effort.

Yan Suzi had already lost count how many times her origin energy had been drained dry. Qin Lingyan, in order to experience the feeling of control of ice, had been frozen back and forth by an ice puppet master and suffered frostbite over and over again.

No one’s success was achieved easily. All the splendor that was seen only came after blood and tears.

Sending Qin Lingyan and Yan Suzi off the stage, it was Bai Xiaofei’s turn again.

“I am at a loss for words! I believe that after today, the two titles of frost queen and flame goddess will resound throughout the whole continent. Now, please sort out your excitement, because the next performance is worth looking forward to!”

When the lights flashed, Bai Xiaofei’s figure blurred away and was replaced by seven dancing butterflies…

The performances continued and so did the appreciation. What didn’t change all along was the audience’s enthusiasm while their expectation for the next performances just kept getting higher. After seeing Yan Suzi’s and Qin Lingyan’s performance, everyone knew that their expectations had been too low. To put it bluntly, this first screening round was no inferior to a large-scale event by the Phoenix Cry Pavilion. It even had some excellent highlights that the latter wasn’t capable of, because whether it was the participants or the Divine-rank magic formation, they couldn’t be copied!

Thinking this, everyone’s hearts boiled.

What earth-shaking things are to come next?!

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