Chapter 346: Everything is in the Unspoken Words!

Chapter 346: Everything is in the Unspoken Words!

After the perilous event, Bai Xiaofei, once again safe, finally welcomed a rare rest. He no longer dared to think about the matter involving the girls anymore.

The more one thought, the messier their thoughts would be, but the more they tried not to think, the more things would pop up unannounced. Before falling asleep, Bai Xiaofei suddenly had a premonition that something might happen at tomorrow’s performance.

This bad premonition gave him a night full of nightmares.

In his dream, he was chased around by the girls, and every one of them aimed to ‘handle’ him. When Bai Xiaofei woke up earlier than normal, he instinctively looked at his ‘little man’ which had been threatened all night.

It’s still here, all is good as long as it’s still here…

After crawling off the bed, he didn’t receive a loving breakfast as Leng Liushuang was currently staying at the contestants’ quarters. Moreover, the girls were performing today, so it was impossible for them to come back.

Calling up Yun Sheng, who had also had an upsetting night, Bai Xiaofei treated him to a deluxe breakfast. After three years in the Demon of Illusions, Yun Sheng had not just become a miser. He was now a miser without any money.

After parting with Yun Sheng, Bai Xiaofei got down to business.

With his absence yesterday afternoon in addition to the matters to be dealt with today, several merchant bosses had almost broken down his door. By the time he could finally catch his breath, lunchtime had already passed…

Argh, these people! Can’t you bring something to eat when you come to see me? If I starve to death, who’s gonna make money for you?!

Bitterly complaining, Bai Xiaofei, who was too lazy to move, conveniently took out a Crystal’s Longing and chewed on it. Blackie, who was lucky enough not to go out today, also got one.

Poor Huskie who was forced to feed himself missed a big treat.

As night fell slowly, Bai Xiaofei, who had slept for a while, was awakened on time by Huskie. He then changed into a navy-blue suit especially picked by Xue Ying, which instantly raised his aura and class to a new level. Coupled with his sunny and handsome face, he could go out now and easily fish a rich woman. However, he really wanted none of that as he hadn’t even had a clue how to deal with those girls already around him.

Ahhhh, can’t think about it or I’ll have a headache!

After sorting out his mood, Bai Xiaofei headed to the rehearsal place. The final encouragement was his responsibility. If nothing else, just imagining their disappointed eyes if he was absent could kill him one hundred times over.

Sometimes it was really not that someone didn’t know happiness when they had it, but that they couldn’t afford to enjoy such ‘happiness.’

Very soon, Bai Xiaofei arrived at his destination and Yin Jing once again called everyone together. The beauties today seemed different than the first day when Bai Xiaofei had come. In addition to expectation, their eyes also held some worry.

Although everyone’s performance was excellent, they didn’t have the slightest clue of how the audience would vote. Moreover, it was inevitable that 200 people would leave!

Therefore, Bai Xiaofei’s mood was heavy when he stood on the stage. In the beginning, he had only thought of this as a rare business opportunity and never thought he would be so perplexed at this moment.

If he could, he wouldn’t want to eliminate a single person below!

“Today will be the last batch. The end of this evening will be the time to announce who will stay and who will go. To be honest, I didn’t expect that I would be so troubled right now. It’s your month of hard work that’s making it hard for me to make such a difficult decision. Really, all of you are far better than I could ever imagine.”

Saying these words in a low voice, Bai Xiaofei didn’t mean to be overly emotional, but the eyes of some had already reddened.

It wasn’t just Bai Xiaofei who couldn’t imagine this, even they themselves never thought they could achieve this kind of level. His words deeply resonated in their hearts.

“However, I believe that even the 200 who will leave will lead an outstanding life in the future as long as you remember how you have passed this month and carry on this spirit! Heaven rewards hard work. Even if heaven is merciless, you come to me and I will fulfill my pledge today! Believe me, I will have that ability then, the ability to give you a wonderful life that you deserve!” By these words, Bai Xiaofei also placed a burden on his own heart. Even if the people below didn’t take this seriously, he would not forget a word!

But Bai Xiaofei was overthinking things. His words were completely carved in everyone’s heart.

“Don’t worry, junior, when I’m at a dead end, I’ll sure go back to take refuge with you. Then, you have to help me find a reliable man!” A senior sister took the initiative to make a joke. The whole crowd laughed.

Laughter could make people temporarily forget all troubles and hence was the best medicine for paralysis of nerves.

“Don’t worry, the men around me will never let you down!”

Bai Xiaofei immediately guaranteed as the images of Mo Ka and others emerged in his mind. Although they seemed unreliable, each of them was definitely more serious than the last!

“Finally, I wish everyone performing tonight a success and a perfect wrap-up for our performance round! I will be watching you from the audience. I know that tonight you all will definitely be eye-opening!”

As these words dropped, Bai Xiaofei earned over a hundred pairs of firm eyes. Many of them even looked at him with a different luster.

Beautiful women attracted men. Similarly, excellent men attracted women. No woman was stupid enough to like a person for no reason. All emotional efforts were given for a reason.

And Bai Xiaofei was currently in line with the fantasies of most girls about boys. If he had even just a small place on the Combat Ranking, he would have been the byword for perfect!

“See you on the stage!”

Finishing with those last five words, Bai Xiaofei bowed deeply to everyone – For everyone’s hard work over the past month!

The girls deserved that bow.

What Bai Xiaofei didn’t expect was that after he straightened up, all the girls also stood up and bowed in unison – For you, you have created this opportunity for us to recognize ourselves.

Bai Xiaofei deserved this bow.

No one in the rehearsal place spoke, and there was no false applause either.

Everything was in the unspoken words!

The crowd dispersed, and the participants of tonight’s show went on stage to give their performances one last check. Bai Xiaofei left contentedly, not noticing that several gazes lingered on his back for a long time…

It was time the long planted seeds were about to sprout!

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