Chapter 345: The Focus of All Attention!

Chapter 345: The Focus of All Attention!

Watching Leng Liuying getting closer and closer to Hu Xian’er, a desperate plan popped into Bai Xiaofei’s head!

F*ck! Let’s just do it! Still better than being caught now!

Taking advantage of the fact that Leng Liuying couldn’t see them as her back was facing them, Bai Xiaofei suddenly turned to look at Chu Liuyun standing next to him. Chu Liuyun also looked at him, only to catch an eerie smile as well as a pair of aggressive eyes that flummoxed her.

The next second, a scene she could never expect was imprinted in her mind forever.

Without any warning, Bai Xiaofei quickly pecked Chu Liuyun on the lips, and before they had time to enjoy this gentle kiss, he dashed out the door.

“Little Feifei, confess! Are you…” When Leng Liuying turned around, she was stunned that Bai Xiaofei had disappeared. There was only a dazed Chu Liuyun standing there, her completely reddened face told Leng Liuying that something unusual had just happened.

“Big Sis Liuyun, where is Xiaofei? Why did you let him run away?” asked Leng Liuying. From her tone, it was clear that she wouldn’t give up until she got to the bottom of it.

However, Chu Liuyun didn’t listen to a single word as her head was a mess right now. Although the girls had teased Bai Xiaofei countless times, there had never been any really anything out-of-line. They had actually been probing on the edge but had no courage to cross that line.

However, just now…

That was a forced kiss, right?! My first kiss is gone? Taken away by a junior three years younger?!

What should I do now?!

Settle accounts with him?! Won’t everyone know then?

Just let it go? What if he thinks I am a frivolous person?

Bah, bah! What am I thinking, why care about what he thinks?! I’m the victim!

But what did he mean by that just now? Purely trying to take advantage of me? Has he been planning it for a long time? Or was it just on a whim?

“Big Sis Liuyun?”

As Chu Liuyun was still trying to sort it out in her mind, Leng Liuying waved her hands in front of her but got no response.


The sudden roar startled Chu Liuyun and brought her back to her senses.

“Ah! What is it?” The panic-stricken Chu Liuyun hurriedly answered while trying her best to act calm. What she didn’t know was that the more she tried, the more she gave herself away.

“What’s the matter? What’s wrong with you? What just happened?!” It was a pity that Leng Liuying wasn’t a private investigator. Her keen sense would be extremely useful for catching people in an affair.

“What could have happened?! You’ve been here the entire time, knock it off. Everyone is waiting. You’ve been talking all day, any more nonsense and I’ll sew your mouth up!”

If it couldn’t be explained, then just simply don’t explain. Chu Liuyun utilized her big-sister aura and threatened Leng Liuying before walking away. This tactic was indeed useful, there was no one that dared to oppose Chu Liuyun in the Demon of Illusions…

However, this didn’t stop Leng Liuying from casting Chu Liuyun a strange look. She even recalled the time when Chu Liuyun had secretly snuck out for a while. I see, so that’s how it is!

Sometimes, coincidence could help save a life, but it could also bring along new troubles.

“And here we all agreed to not get serious, yet Big Sis Liuyun is actually hoarding him alone! You are so dead!” Leng Liuying snorted, looking like she had really discovered something. Thinking for a moment, she decided to leave as well. If nothing else, Leng Liushuang’s handmade late-night supper must not be missed!

Confirming that everyone was gone, Hu Xian’er quietly tiptoed to the door. She looked around to make sure it was safe before hurriedly running out. Only after leaving the danger zone did she stop, and then a trace of jealousy welled up in her heart.

Although she knew it was only Bai Xiaofei’s plan to escape, how could she not be angry when her other half did such a thing with another girl right in front of her?! However, it was impossible to settle this account now, and she dared not to either.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei was experiencing one of the most bizarre suppers in his life. He would rather not eat it if he could, although he was a little hungry after the intense ‘exercise’…

Leng Liushuang had made simple noodle soup, but the aroma was extremely inconsistent with its common raw materials. How to use cheaper ingredients to make better food was a compulsory course for her in the past two years.

The only noise on the table was the sound of slurping soup and chewing noodles.

Even Yun Sheng, who had always been slow, realized that there was something off with the atmosphere. The usually talkative him hadn’t uttered a word so far.

Everyone was sharing a strange silence – Until Leng Liuying, who couldn’t take it anymore, opened her mouth!

“Xiaofei, did Big Sis Liuyun feel good?”


Except for the speaker herself, the remaining five choked in unison, three of them because of shock, while Bai Xiaofei and Chu Liuyun were feeling guilty.

Bai Xiaofei was confused.

It was a blind spot for her. How did she see it?!

Aside from blushing in embarrassment, Chu Liuyun couldn’t think of anything else. How could she pay attention to blind spots or whatever in such a situation? She had already done a good job of not overreacting!

Casting a meaningful gaze at Chu Liuyun, who had buried her face in her bowl, then at Bai Xiaofei who was trying to act calm, the other three basically figured what had happened.

Bai Xiaofei naturally noticed their reactions. He knew that he had to quickly say something, or else they might just come up with all kinds of crazy thoughts if he let it be. By that time, it would really be too late for any explanations!

“Why, are you jealous, Big Sis Liuying? You can warm my bed tonight. You’ve been shouting that slogan for so long, but you haven’t once warmed my bed yet!”

Bai Xiaofei didn’t waste energy to justify anything but instead got back at Leng Liuying. And reality proved that it was the best way!

“Yes, that’s right! I think today is the day you fulfill your promise. If you dare not, you can bring Liushuang with you. Not Linli, though, she must accompany me.” As if seeing her savior, Chu Liuyun hurriedly chimed in and even pulled Leng Liushuang down while she was at it.

“I… I’m not going. Liuying alone is enough. The bed won’t fit,” a flushed Leng Liushuang hurriedly refused.

“Woah, how does Liushuang know how big Xiaofei’s bed is? Confess right now, what did you do while we were not paying attention?!” Completely in the zone, Chu Liuyun noticed Leng Liushuang’s slip of the tongue.

But what everyone couldn’t imagine was that Leng Liushuang turned as red as an apple while unable to provide an answer. From the looks of it, she was silently confirming Chu Liuyun’s words.

What… what the heck?!

Did something really happen?!

One wave hadn’t died down while another was already rising, but Bai Xiaofei, the center of all storms, welcomed a temporary calm. As for what all the senior sisters there were thinking, he had no energy to consider.

His brain cells weren’t enough for this!

At the same time, Yun Sheng sighed, silently put down his bowl, quietly got up and left.

This environment was not suitable for a single dog like him to survive…

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