Chapter 344: There isn’t Enough Time

Chapter 344: There isn’t Enough Time…

After parting with Uncle Feng and the others, Bai Xiaofei and Hu Xian’er walked back to Starnet while chatting happily. Along the way, a special atmosphere gradually heated up…

Upon approaching the gate, the two again turned into the same appearance as when they had left. The four students of the New Student Mutual Aid Community guarding the gate all looked upset since it was a torture for them to be unable to watch the performances in progress.

However, their attitudes were still decent, which pleased Bai Xiaofei.

It was actually quite rare and difficult that a person wouldn’t vent their own bad mood on others. It could be said that Bai Xiaofei’s efforts to cultivate the New Student Mutual Aid Community hadn’t gone to waste.

“It seems that the performances aren’t over yet.” They hadn’t come close to the square when explosive music had already reached their ears. For some reason, Bai Xiaofei gulped hard when he said this.

“Well, it’s still early…” Hu Xian’er murmured, her pretty face blushing.

“At the moment, all the shops should be closed, their bosses all bought tickets.” Before even checking, Bai Xiaofei already ruled out all the shops.

“If so, we can’t go to the store to rest…” Hu Xian’er added, and then the two saw guilt and nervousness in each other’s eyes.

The next second, they both burst out in unbridled laughter.

“Miss Hu Xian’er, the unparalleled number one of the Blossom Ranking, may I have the honor to invite you to my humble abode?” Bai Xiaofei slightly bowed and extended his right hand.

Covering her mouth to giggle, Hu Xian’er didn’t take Bai Xiaofei’s hand. Her index finger hooked his chin slowly and lifted his head before her arms gently wrapped around his neck.

Biting her lip, with her charming watery fox eyes shining, Hu Xian’er fluttered her eyelashes at Bai Xiaofei, her hot body pressed so close to his that they looked like they were joined together.

“Then you have to be fast, or there won’t be enough time…” As those cherry lips slightly parted, her ethereal voice instantly set Bai Xiaofei on fire!

He could not take it any longer!

Picking up Hu Xian’er in a princess carry in a flash, Bai Xiaofei ran at the fastest speed in his life all the way to the Demon of Illusions. Fortunately, the members had gone to watch the public performances at the invitation of Yun Jingshuang. Otherwise, if this were to be seen…

Forget it, even if they were seen, nothing could stop Bai Xiaofei now!

Rushing into his room, Bai Xiaofei threw Hu Xian’er onto his big bed, but before he could come near, Hu Xian’er suddenly reached out and blocked him.

“Master, do you want this little one to transform for you?”

Hearing Hu Xian’er’s indescribable voice, Bai Xiaofei felt like he was going to explode, but what else could he do except nod?

Hu Xian’er snuck a satisfied smile upon his reaction, and then under his intent gaze, she began to unbutton his shirt one by one, each one speeding up his heartbeat a little…

“Fox transformation~” When the buttons were halfway off, Hu Xian’er suddenly uttered two words. The next instant, her body started to transform at the slowest speed possible, so that Bai Xiaofei could clearly see every inch of change.

“No more waiting!”

As soon as Hu Xian’er finished her transformation, Bai Xiaofei sprang to tackle her before she could continue to tease him.

“Be gentle, I have to perform tomorrow…” Hu Xian’er, who was so ‘arrogant’ just now, suddenly weakened a moment before the battle began and said this with a pitiful expression…

Ahhh, women! Sometimes they just had to do superfluous stuff!

The music outside was sometimes urgent, at times slow, catering to different types of performances. The thunderous applause from time to time earned pleasant surprise exclamations from the performers on the stage. In a word, it was a process of mutual enjoyment.

“It’s our turn tomorrow. Liushuang, you must treat us to a big meal tonight. I’m getting tired of eating from the Thousand Aroma Restaurant every day,” Liuying’s voice rang out before a burst of noisy footsteps outside could be heard from Bai Xiaofei’s room.

“Mhm, I’ll get ready!” Liushuang was as nice as ever. Her gentle voice was pleasant to hear for both boys and girls.

“I’m gonna see if Xiaofei has come back. It’s really strange that he didn’t show up tonight. Even the last award was announced by that guy Yun Jingshuang!” The one talking this time was Chu Liuyun, her voice full of resentment.

“I’ll go with you!” Leng Liuying the chaos lover just had to join in.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei and Hu Xian’er were completely dumbfounded inside. Bai Xiaofei put on his clothes at the fastest speed in his life, and Hu Xian’er was even faster!

“Blackie!” The moment Chu Liuyun knocked on the door, Bai Xiaofei summoned Blackie who he had chased off prior.

“Xiaofei, are you back?”


As Blackie’s ability activated, the standing Hu Xian’er turned into a wooden bedside lamp, while the previous lamp was put away by Bai Xiaofei.

“Yup, I just woke up!”

Rushing to the door in a panic, Bai Xiaofei took a deep breath and instantly controlled his expression before he slowly opened the door.

The moment he met eyes with Chu Liuyun, there was an awkward atmosphere. Chu Liuyun didn’t know what to say, while Bai Xiaofei didn’t dare to say anything.

“You just woke up but you’re so spirited, it’s not like you!” Leng Liuying couldn’t care less about courtesy, she simply voiced her suspicion.

Hearing her words, Bai Xiaofei just wanted to slap himself.

Damn it, damn you, Bai Xiaofei, too careless!

“I was too excited to hear your voices, Sis Liuyun and Sis Liuying! After all, we haven’t seen each other for a while. Why did you come back? Your performance is tomorrow, don’t you need to rehearse?” Bai Xiaofei answered casually, trying to change the subject.

“Big Sis Liuyun came back to see if you had hidden a beauty, saying that she wanted to catch you red-handed!” Leng Liuying said it like it was true and even looked into Bai Xiaofei’s room to prove her statement.

This drew a layer of cold sweat from his body!

“Don’t listen to her nonsense! Liushuang is going to treat everyone to a delicious meal. We’ve come to call you.” Her face red, Chu Liuyun held back Leng Liuying, but remembering the latter’s words, she instinctively scanned the room as well…

“Big Sis Liushuang is making us food?!” Bai Xiaofei cried out with an elated expression. “Then what are we waiting for? Go go go!”


Just as Bai Xiaofei was about to escape the danger zone, Leng Liuyun suddenly stopped him from closing the door and slowly walked into the room.

“Why is there a strange smell? It seems that there is the fragrance of a girl!”

It’s over…

Those were the words that popped up in Bai Xiaofei’s head, accompanied by complaints and grievances towards Leng Liuying.

Do you have a dog’s nose? How can you even smell something like that!?

What do I do now?!

Bai Xiaofei subconsciously cast a glance in the direction where Hu Xian’er stood, as the gears in his brain rapidly turned…

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