Chapter 343: Ah, How Lonely Being Invincible Is!

Chapter 343: Ah, How Lonely Being Invincible Is!

Under Permanence, the Monarch Rank Demon Tree’s expression solidified in its face as its entire body also became a huge sitting duck. The next moment, Hu Xian’er was already in front of it in a flash and her flaming right fist punched a hole through the Demon Tree boss without any suspense. At the same time, she also crushed the heads of the two King Rank Tree Demons.

That moment Permanence touched them, the three top Tree Demons of their clan turned into three magic cores before even uttering a scream.

Bai Xiaofei, who had been following closely behind, was exhausted. If he hadn’t been running like crazy, Hu Xian’er would have left the range of Blackie’s Dynamic Masking. If their covers were blown, everything they had done so far would be in vain!

“Tell everyone to retreat!” Seeing the three magic cores in Hu Xian’er’s hand, Bai Xiaofei instantly understood what happened. He didn’t reproach Hu Xian’er for being reckless and instead commanded the ‘Ground Dragon army’ to quickly leave the territory of the Tree Demons.

Not long after the group left, three waves of magical beast troops poured in from different places. The fire was soon brought under control, but the tragedy of the Tree Demon clan could never be reversed…

The Tree Demon head had perished, only three out of the seven King Rank Tree Demons were left, yet the survival rate of the lower-level Tree Demons was exceptionally high.

“What is going on? Who on earth could beat you into this state?!” inquired a Monarch Rank huge ape as it picked up one of the remaining three King Rank Tree Demons. In front of the ape, the already horrified Tree Demon urinated…

“Let him go! Do you want the Tree Demon clan to become extinct?” A magical beast with features similar to humans – except for her blue skin – came over just when the great ape was about to get angry.

The huge ape obviously had some fear of this blue magical beast. Suppressing its murderous intent, it put down the Tree Demon.

“Tell me who did this to you.”

The voice of the blue magical beast was strangely special. The Tree Demon’s eyes that were dull from fear gradually blurred.

“It’s… the Ground Dragons, a lot of… Ground Dragons…” the Tree Demon murmured as if mesmerized.

“Ground Dragons? Yelu’s side?” The one speaking was an honest-looking bear, but its gold and silver fur added a hint of temperament that made him stand out from normal bears.

“Boss, this was found in the ruins. There are many other similar things.”

As the three Monarch Rank beasts were discussing, a King Rank ape came running over while holding a Ground Dragon scale.

“It really is…” the huge ape’s resounding voice rang again, completely convinced that the attack was organized by the Ground Dragons.

“We are only responsible for reporting the situation. The judgment shall be decided by the lord. It’s too early to say anything,” said the blue humanoid magical beast, which made the other beasts instantly quiet down. However, even she had believed this to be an indisputable fact. A storm might just start from this moment on!


Meanwhile, after a non-stop marathon, Bai Xiaofei’s group had finally exited the inner circle of the Infinite Mountain Range and returned to the peaceful outer layer, where even an Enlightened Rank beast could be a big boss.

“Hahaha! Refreshing! Today is a great day! I haven’t enjoyed myself in such a long time!” Xing was the first to express his feelings, looking high as if he had taken some drugs.

The rest were basically feeling the same. To be able to kill their way out of a Monarch Rank beast’s stronghold, it was impossible not to be excited, especially Hu Xian’er and Uncle Feng, who were savoring the pleasure of revenge!

“These magic cores are yours!” Hu Xian’er said and handed Bai Xiaofei the magic cores – two Monarch and nine King Rank cores.

The eleven magic cores alone were already worth dozens of times the amount of the messy materials in Bai Xiaofei’s storage ring.

“These are of little use to me. Keep it, whether it’s Hong, Xing, or Xiaoluo and Xiaobu, they will be a great help to you after absorbing these magic cores,” replied Bai Xiaofei.

Looking at so many magic cores, it was impossible for Bai Xiaofei to say that he wasn’t tempted. However, he knew that things had priorities, Blackie’s and Huskie’s abilities were currently enough for him, while any improvement for Xing, Hong, Xiaoluo, and Xiaobu would be an increase in their chances of survival.

“Why, do you want to act all courteous with me now?” teased Bai Xiaofei when Hu Xian’er didn’t take back the magic cores.

“Of course not!” Revealing a captivating smile, Hu Xian’er’s expression was sweet like she had just eaten honey.

“Xing, you four divide these. While they aren’t consistent with your elements, they’re still good for ranking up!”

Hu Xian’er walked to Xing and handed him the cores without keeping even one for herself, while Xing had no such word as refusal in his dictionary. He happily accepted the cores and ran to share the spoils with the others.

“Are there any other plans?” asked Uncle Feng as he walked to Bai Xiaofei. His attitude could be said to have taken a 180-degree turn, from wanting to eat Bai Xiaofei alive at first, to wishing that he could just tie Bai Xiaofei to himself right now…

Today, Bai Xiaofei had not only helped him release some pent-up anger but had also done it without implicating the fox clan at all. This had been simply impossible in Uncle Feng’s opinion, but under Bai Xiaofei’s leadership, they did it!

“What arrangement? Uncle Feng, this is already enough for a day, please come to terms with it. Besides, I am not as energetic as you are. I am just a normal human, I have to sleep!”

Smiling wryly, Bai Xiaofei felt like Uncle Feng had forgotten the fact that he was a human being. But considering it carefully, his current body seemed to have nothing to do with a ‘normal human’…

There was no freaking ‘normal human’ that could be like Bai Xiaofei!

“Ehh… that kind of makes sense…” said Uncle Feng hesitantly with a hint of embarrassment.

A myriad of ‘what the f*ck’ galloped through Bai Xiaofei’s thoughts.

What do you mean ‘kind of’?! It really seems that you’ve never treated me like a human!

“Uncle Feng, I still have to ask you to find our clan members. I’m afraid I still have to remain in Starnet for a while. I have to at least restore my Monarch Rank before I can return to the mountains, and there are many things I need to learn in the human world!” Hu Xian’er stepped forward and slowly explained her plan.

However, she omitted one reason.

She wanted to spend more time with Bai Xiaofei…

“Go, I trust that you will restore the fox clan to our former glory!” affirmed Uncle Feng with resolute eyes. This was the first time Hu Xian’er got to see this tone and expression from him.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Feng, you still have me! If the fox clan can’t hold, I’ll bring people to sweep through the Infinite Mountain Range! At that time, what Yelu, what Kuang Ta, their only end is death!” said Bai Xiaofei with a casual laugh. He was clearly talking nonsense, but no one thought so.

This was how reality played out sometimes. When you told the truth, others would think you were lying. When you found a rare time to make a joke, they took it seriously…

Ah, how lonely being invincible was!

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