Chapter 342: Blackie’s New Ability; Intense Battle with the Tree Demon!

Chapter 342: Blackie’s New Ability; Intense Battle with the Tree Demon!

Following Uncle Feng’s lead, the group soon arrived at a completely new environment, though in Bai Xiaofei’s view there was no difference from the previous place – just trees everywhere…

However, Uncle Feng with his acute senses told Bai Xiaofei that the territory of the target was right ahead, and they couldn’t get any closer like this.

Because guarding this territory was a Tree Demon!

Tree Demons were majorly similar to the Earth Infants in nature, except that they weren’t born from heaven and earth but were a large fertile clan. Their ability was manipulating plants to fight, while their main bodies were also very fragile. The physically tough Ground Dragons were their bane of existence as their attacks leaned towards controlling and slowly grinding, which was the type of fight that the Ground Dragons were least scared of.

“Any suggestions?” It was rare that Bai Xiaofei solicited others’ opinions before taking action, which made the rest slightly uncomfortable.

“If you plan to destroy them all, I suggest burning the whole place down!” Uncle Feng wasn’t just ruthless, he wanted the extinction of the Tree Demons!

However, this was understandable. When besieging the fox clan, the Tree Demons hadn’t done any less.

“But arson will certainly alert the magical beasts nearby, so we must do it very quickly!” Uncle Feng then raised potential issues.

However, this kind of difficulty was nothing for Bai Xiaofei!

“Don’t worry, we will make it quick. However, Uncle Feng, wiping them out may have to be shelved. We don’t have the power yet. Rest assured though, that day will come sooner or later!” Bai Xiaofei then looked at Hu Xian’er and chuckled sleazily. “We’ll listen to Uncle Feng, so it’s your show now, my dear wife!”

The address caused Hu Xian’er’s pretty face to flush red. While this wasn’t the first time he had called her ‘wife,’ it had only been on some special occasions. So, when Bai Xiaofei called her that, some scenes had accordingly flashed in her mind…

In order to hide her embarrassment, Hu Xian’er immediately moved. Their position was just where the airflow was highest, making the setting of fires a simple task.

Besides, Uncle Feng didn’t have the word ‘wind’ in his name for nothing1. The element energy he excelled at controlling was wind. This element was common, but sometimes could be extremely useful.

Thanks to Hu Xianer’s efforts and Uncle Feng fanning the flames along the way, a man-made fire ensued. The fire only sparked in a few spots at first, but in the blink of an eye, it turned into a raging forest fire.

And this was just the beginning!

Blackie jumped onto Bai Xiaofei again, its black pupils radiating a different light from the past. As much of a BUG as Huskie, it had also gained a new ability right after eating the core of the Bone Demon, a very timely one at that ––

Dynamic masking! Through a certain medium, Bai Xiaofei could simulate a living body using Blackie. Despite having no attack capability, the living body wouldn’t look any different from a real one.

In addition, dynamic masking could change others’ appearances through some mediums, but it was only limited to changing the appearance and not completely turning into another person like Huskie.

Author’s note: Don’t ask why it would gain such a fitting ability for the situation. I have 10,000 ways to explain, but I’m too lazy! That’s right, I’m very willful!

Bai Xiaofei hesitantly took out a bunch of scales stripped from the Ground Dragons. As a medium, they would be consumed.

These scales are all money, ahhh!

Although the amount was like pocket change compared to Bai Xiaofei’s current assets, this kind of heartache was not one bit reduced for a money-lover! As for reimbursement, such a thing was impossible. Just look at Hu Xian’er and Uncle Feng, did they look like they had any money?

Therefore, Bai Xiaofei could only swallow this pain alone.

But it’s all money ah! Bai Xiaofei spared a second to grieve a little bit more.

Gritting his teeth, he then launched Blackie’s new ability. The next second, an army of Ground Dragons appeared on the other side of the fire, way more numerous than what the group had encountered!

“Don’t let me down, charge!”

With a commanding roar, the army rushed into the flames, with Hu Xian’er and others disguised as Ground Dragon bosses at the frontline. Bai Xiaofei also rushed in himself, but he used Huskie’s ability instead of Blackie!

Gotta save every piece possible! Damn it, can’t say anymore or I’ll become a miser…

In the raging sea of fire, there were panic-stricken Tree Demons everywhere trying to put out the flames. The appearance of the Ground Dragon army instantly terrified them.

Does Yelu want to provoke a territory war?! Does he have shit in his head?!

No matter what the Tree Demons thought, everyone had no intention of showing mercy. It was high time they collected their debt, and every single kill mattered!

As for resistance, very few Tree Demons actually tried. Thinking that it was a premeditated attack, plus with the scourge of their race there, any resistance would be futile. Therefore, the first thought of most Tree Demons was to run.

However, the harder they ran, the more they made it easier for Hu Xian’er and others to kill them!

Of course, there was still some resistance, and some Tree Demons of at least the peak of the Enlightened Rank even dared to initiate attacks. They then became the focus of the group’s special care.

“Hong, find that Monarch Rank Tree Demon!” Hu Xian’er came to Hong’s side after crushing a Tree Demon’s head.

Receiving the order, Hong immediately stopped fighting and activated her exploration ability to its maximum limits. About seven or eight seconds later, she finally locked in a direction.

“Southeast, about 2700 meters, on the run, very fast!”

As soon as the answer was heard, Hu Xian’er bolted away. All the Tree Demons along her way were stupefied.

A Ground Dragon can be this fast?!! Are those four legs really legs and not wheels?!

However, Hu Xian’er did not give them too much time to ponder, killing everything she could along the way.

In less than ten seconds, Hu Xian’er had already spotted the only Monarch Rank of the Tree Demons. At the same time, the target also noticed her, only what it saw was a Monarch Rank Ground Dragon.

“You are starting a war! Lord Kuang Ta will not spare you!” The Tree Demon had stopped, its face full of fury and panic. At the same rank, it was no match for the Ground Dragon, but it wouldn’t be easy for the latter to kill it either. As long as it stalled long enough, the reinforcements around would arrive and it would be the death for this Monarch Rank Ground Dragon!

Thinking this, the Tree Demon boss made up its mind to fight Hu Xian’er to the end. Its two King Rank guards spread out, laying siege to Hu Xian’er together.

However, Hu Xian’er only had one reaction to this – Disdain!

Since you yourselves wish to die, don’t blame me for being cruel! Time to get back a sum from your debt to the fox clan!

By this point, a light had flashed on her left arm. Permanence ready, start!

1. The Feng in his name means wind.

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