Chapter 340: Ambush the Reinforcements!

Chapter 340: Ambush the Reinforcements!

The currently burning boneyard might only be a small spot on the map of the Infinite Mountain Range, but for Yelu’s territory, what happened to it was a drastic change that couldn’t be ignored.

The Bone Demon was an important subject of Yelu’s care and focus training. Especially after Yelu had lost a Monarch Rank beast, the Bone Demon’s status had been raised by a lot. Therefore, Yelu exploded in rage upon learning that the boneyard was on fire. He immediately ordered two Monarch Rank in addition to a bunch of King Rank beasts to race over and check.

At the same time, on a huge tree, Bai Xiaofei’s group was quietly squatting. From the looks of it, they had been there for a long time.

“Uncle Feng, are you sure this road is the only way to the nearest Monarch Rank magical beast?” Xing felt like he was going into hibernation at this rate, but he treated Uncle Feng with respect, something everyone knew wasn’t easy to come by.

In the world of magical beasts, strength and potential determined others’ respect towards one. And whether it was strength or potential, Xing could crush Uncle Feng. A Wildwind Leopard was pretty much at the limit at King Rank’s peak, while Xing, at the beginning of the Monarch Rank, had only just started.

In fact, Xing behaved in consideration of Bai Xiaofei and Hu Xian’er. Since his bosses all called the man ‘Uncle Feng,’ how could he not follow? Xing was still capable of at least this level of common sense. Even if he wasn’t, Hong wouldn’t just sit and watch him act stupidly.

“As long as they attach some importance to the Bone Demon, reinforcements will surely come along this road!” said Uncle Feng firmly as he looked towards Bai Xiaofei.

It was Bai Xiaofei who said that the Bone Demon must be important to the opponent. Therefore, if there were no reinforcements, the blame could easily be thrown upon him.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Feng. Didn’t you say that there were only eight Monarch Rank beasts under Yelu? And after we killed one before, there are only seven left, so I’m sure he won’t sit by idly now when something happens to his powerful underling Bone Demon, who has just broken through to Monarch Rank.”

Bai Xiaofei wasn’t one bit anxious. Having said that, he once again entered a completely still state.

Waiting to scheme against others was something Bai Xiaofei would never be tired of. Back in the Gorge of Heroes, he had once squatted in one place for a whole day and night in order to trick someone. Therefore, the present few hours were just a piece of cake!

“They are here.” After a long wait, Hong suddenly said in a whisper. Her scouting ability was the strongest among everyone present.

“What exactly is the situation?” Bai Xiaofei instantly grew excited, his eyes fervent.

“Five King Ranks, one Monarch and a bunch of small fries. Their speed isn’t fast, they shouldn’t be of the speed type!” Hong could only examine their energy without seeing their images, or else it would be much more specific.

However, this was enough for Bai Xiaofei.

Not long after Hong’s alert, rumbles echoed, accompanied by the shaking of the ground. Uncle Feng with the best eyesight instantly saw what was coming.

“Ground Dragons!”

Ground Dragons, the lowest-ranked magical beast with dragon bloodlines. However, dragons were so strong a creature that even if Ground Dragons had only a trace of that bloodline, they still had a chance to grow to a high rank!

Unfortunately, their existence wasn't approved of by the dragon clan, so they could only become the lackeys of others.

“Not to mention a hybrid, even if a pure dragon comes, I’ll still make this place its final grave!” With a cold snort, Bai Xiaofei signaled Xiaoluo and Xiaobu on the ground.

Some time later, an army of Ground Dragons charged by like tanks on a battlefield. If this force were placed on a human battlefield, it would definitely be a nightmare.

Too bad, the nightmare had met its own nightmare today!

Just after the army rushed past the hiding position of Xiaoluo and Xiaobu, the two instantly made their move. In the radius of at least 600 meters, dense spikes shot out as the duo urged their energy without regard.

The low-level Ground Dragons were stabbed into meat skewers, while the higher-level ones forcefully took on the attack with their strong defense.

Dragons were well-known for their defense! However, no matter how strong, there was always a limit. Specifically, they had no way to resist a single-target attack from a peak King Rank.

Uncle Feng rushed down from a giant tree almost at the same time Xiaoluo and Xiaobu initiated the attack. The speed advantage of the Wildwind Leopard was at its finest in this instant. A King Rank Ground Dragon couldn’t even react before its head was smashed like a watermelon with Uncle Feng’s full-force strike!

Finishing one, Uncle Feng’s body flashed as he headed towards the next King Rank magical beast. At this moment, the Ground Dragon army finally realized what was going on.

Ambush! A deadly one at that!

Metallic lights instantly enveloped all surviving Ground Dragons, the difference was that the intensity of the lights differed according to their levels.

Just as the Ground Dragons thought they finally had some time to catch their breath, Xing, who was so excited that his heart could jump out of his chest, launched his attack!

Fully covered in the Light of Obliteration as well as Hong’s buff, Xing darted towards a King Rank beast. The word ‘defense’ was meaningless for him as the metallic light shield covering the target couldn’t last for half a second before Xing pierced through its body! After reaching the Monarch Rank, Xing’s manipulation of the Light of Obliteration had reached a new level far surpassing the kind of novice laser-flash from before.

Then, making a lightning trip through the remaining two King Rank Ground Dragons, Xing earned a triple kill in just a few breaths!

Watching helplessly as all of this happened, the only Monarch Rank Ground Dragon had completely given up on resisting. A Monarch Rank Ruindemon Flood Dragon wasn’t something it could go against. At that moment, the Ground Dragon only had two ideas.

Send out news, then run!

However, they could only remain as ideas. Before the Ground Dragon could act, its surrounding space instantly stilled. Hu Xian’er, the last one to join the battle, descended from the sky with the flame on her right arm urged to the extreme again.

As fire triumphed against metal, the fire attribute was the nemesis of metallic defense, not to mention that the Ground Dragon had no ability to fight back. It could only use its own head to take on Hu Xian’er’s blow, which was unfortunately a task beyond its capability…

When the time lag was finally lifted, nothing had changed except that the leader of the Ground Dragons had turned into a charred corpse. When the rest of the Ground Dragons finally regained their wits, they all scattered off without any hesitation.

However, Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t be called Bai Xiaofei if he let them escape!

Underground, Xiaobu and Xiaoluo acted. A ring-shaped earth wall rose, cutting off all escape for the Ground Dragons.

Everything became simple from then. Only two words were enough to describe what happened next ––

A massacre!

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