Chapter 339: Can’t Stop Moving Forth!

Chapter 339: Can’t Stop Moving Forth!

“This is… a magic core?!” A gleam passed in Bai Xiaofei’s eyes as he looked at the dark crystal on the ground.

In the past, the several magic cores left behind by the magical beasts they had killed had brought qualitative improvement, notably the one from a golden wolf that allowed Huskie to skyrocket.

And this one right here was a Monarch Rank magic core!

“Indeed, but it’s useless,” Uncle Feng came in and commented regretfully.

“What do you mean?” Bai Xiaofei asked, feeling a little dejected.

“The resentment in the cores of Bone Demons is too strong, anyone who tries to utilize the energy inside will be affected and may even become a new Bone Demon, so this thing…”

Uncle Feng was explaining seriously when a little figure flashed over. When everyone finally realized what had just happened, a series of cracking and crunching sounds were already heard.

The culprit was Blackie, next to whom was Huskie, who had just been one step slower and staring with a miserable expression.

Everyone was shocked, especially Uncle Feng. This feeling of being immediately face-slapped left him a little embarrassed.

“Uncle Feng, did you just say that nobody can use that stuff?” Gulping nervously, Bai Xiaofei weakly asked with concern in his voice. “My puppet ate it. It won’t affect me, right…?”

“Theoretically, it will…” replied an appalled Uncle Feng as Blackie soon gnawed the Bone Demon core clean, and it obviously looked like it hadn’t had enough…

What the hell is this?

Magic cores can be directly eaten?

Is the resonance method thing all wrong? Is this actually the right way to use magic cores?!

Why the hell does it have no strange reaction after eating a magic core?? What on earth is this cat?! Another perverse?!

All kinds of thoughts flooded the heads of those present, but Blackie couldn’t care less. After finishing the core, it jumped onto Bai Xiaofei’s shoulder and closed its eyes. Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei began to feel uneasy, the ‘theoretically’ that Uncle Feng had just said scared him a little.

He wasn’t Blackie, he was only an ordinary person!

Amidst his inner struggle, Bai Xiaofei was suddenly pulled into his own sea of consciousness! His line of sight was covered with nothing but stark-white bones, and the area was at least ten times larger than the boneyard outside. The various shapes of the bones showed that they came from different creatures.

For some reason, Bai Xiaofei knew the origin of those bones – They belonged to the victims of the Bone Demon!

What Bai Xiaofei didn’t know was that what he was seeing right now shouldn’t have appeared under normal circumstances.

Under normal circumstances, he should now be in the boneyard and bearing the impact from the resentment left by those creatures instead of looking down at them from an all-perspective like this, and even feeling respect directed towards him from those bones!

Moments later, the skeletons in Bai Xiaofei’s sea of consciousness stood up one by one. Anyone would be creeped out by this scene, but for some unknown reason, Bai Xiaofei felt an inexplicable peace of mind.

After all the skeletons stood up, white light spots drifted out from them and converged where Bai Xiaofei stood. When all the bones had turned into white light, a mass of glowing, milky white liquid floated above his palm. He could feel extremely pure energy from this mass of liquid, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t make any impact on it or even touch it.

In the end, Bai Xiaofei could only give up after trying for half a day in vain and simply let the mass float in his sea of consciousness. The moment he withdrew his hand, his spirit was instantly separated from his sea of consciousness and he regained control of his body.



The moment he was awake, anxious calls from everyone greeted his ears. Just now, Bai Xiaofei suddenly froze and didn’t respond no matter how they had called him.

“It’s okay, I’m okay…”

Bai Xiaofei hurriedly reassured. The next second, Hu Xian’er jumped into his arms, her eyes red from crying. What royal, what image, nothing mattered at this moment.

“Look, I’m alright, aren’t I? Don’t cry, everyone is watching, we can’t let Uncle Feng laugh at us.” Bai Xiaofei gently patted Hu Xian’er’s back and wiped her tears.

“What happened to you just now?” said Hu Xian’er with a little grievance after the tears had stopped.

“I was pulled into my sea of consciousness and saw a mountain of bones. At the end of it, those bones became a pure energy mass beyond my control, and then I returned…” Bai Xiaofei described in detail with a hint of helplessness and bitterness.

Two times! Of the two times he ever entered his sea of consciousness, not one had been of his own will. Bai Xiaofei actually doubted if that sea of consciousness was still his own…

At the side, Uncle Feng and the others were shocked.

Being pulled into his own sea of consciousness, bones turning into energy, these things were all unheard of to them, let alone trying to provide an explanation to Bai Xiaofei.

“Forget it, I’m fine anyway, don’t delay our business!” the carefree Bai Xiaofei turned the page, not at all worrying about his own safety.

“Yes, yes, yes! Boss is right! Let’s hurry along!” Xing immediately chimed in. He clearly hadn’t had enough fun from the battle with the Bone Demon. Although his sneak attack had been excellent, not having the final blow left him quite uncomfortable when he was obviously the highest-rank present!

“Let’s clean up this place first!” Bai Xiaofei let go of Hu Xian’er and looked around at the boneyard. Having witnessed the scene in his sea of consciousness, he suddenly felt a strange sorrow upon seeing all these bones outside.

“Xian’er, burn everything.”

Bai Xiaofei said it very lightly. Hu Xian’er paused a little before solemnly uttering consent.

Once again entering her fox transformation, Hu Xian’er activated her flame energy to its fullest. Everyone could feel the surrounding temperature rise. The next second, as Hu Xian’er jumped up, a huge fireball gathered before her before slowly flying towards the center of the boneyard.

The fireball was so slow that it would be absolutely useless in a fight, but it was a good start. It meant that Hu Xian’er could control fire like a puppet master of the Energy Stream.

After a lengthy flight, the fireball finally touched the bones. Like cold oil meeting a hot iron pan, a violent reaction swept through the whole boneyard!

Phosphorus was produced in places where bones were piled up in large quantities, and phosphorus was, without a doubt, very flammable…

Looking at the sea of fire in front of him, Bai Xiaofei silently recited words of condolences, then left the Bone Demon’s territory with everyone.

The hunt had only just begun!

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