Chapter 338: Let’s Do It Big!

Chapter 338: Let’s Do It Big!

Having successfully persuaded Uncle Feng, Bai Xiaofei’s plan officially entered the implementation phase.

Hu Xian’er calling in Uncle Feng proved to be a correct decision because his understanding of the Infinite Mountain Range was what Bai Xiaofei needed urgently. A living map would be vital for any sneak attack.

That was right, it was going to be a sneak attack.

Bai Xiaofei had no plans for a head-on collision relying on their brute power alone. He wouldn’t want to risk even a little bit of exposure!

“Further ahead is the territory of a King Rank Bone Demon under Yelu.”

Bone Demon was a special magical beast like the Earth Infants. After a large number of creatures died in one place, the accumulation of their resentment would form a new consciousness, which then became a Bone Demon upon attaching itself to the bones of the dead creatures.

There was no limit to the strength of a Bone Demon. As long as its resentment was strong enough, it could grow indefinitely. Moreover, it wouldn’t die with the destruction of its body because it could find a skeleton to regenerate at will, hence a Bone Demon in its territory was basically immortal.

However, Bone Demons had a fatal weakness.

Their fear of fire!

This was also why Bai Xiaofei chose this place as his destination, he wanted to strike where it would hurt the most for the big boss!

A Bone Demon is formidable, huh?! Then we’re gonna beat up the formidable demon! To burn you to death in the fire of your own fury!

When Blackie’s ability activated, Hu Xian’er, Xing, and Hong were hidden right before they entered the Bone Demon’s territory. Uncle Feng went to check the periphery, while Xiaoluo and Xiaobu followed Bai Xiaofei to stage a play named ‘the pitiful soul who accidentally broke into a Bone Demon’s territory.’

There was no need to say anything about Bai Xiaofei’s acting skill. They had just gone a little deeper into the territory when a grim voice echoed from all directions.

“I haven’t had the taste of a human in a long time! And two Earth Infants to boot? Seems like I don’t need to go out looking for food today!”

Along with the sound, a chill swept over. Although he came prepared, Bai Xiaofei still trembled uncontrollably.

“It’s a Bone Demon! Run!”

As soon as Xiaobu’s horrified voice shouted, Bai Xiaofei, who was ‘scared to death,’ turned around and ran. The next second, the surrounding bones automatically gathered up and formed a skeleton cage that trapped Bai Xiaofei.


A heavy right fist connected hard with the bones. Despite having some energy of the Bone Demon in them, bones were still bones after all and couldn’t withstand Bai Xiaofei’s punch.

“Oooh, someone seems to have some talent? Then try this!” rang out a humorous voice. Bai Xiaofei hadn’t even rushed out two steps when over a hundred bones flew towards his back in a neat formation.

If Bai Xiaofei took this, he’d definitely become a sieve!

“Earth Wall!”

Xiaobu immediately jumped down from Bai Xiaofei’s shoulder. With his strength greatly improved since reaching the peak of the King Rank, Xiaobu sped up the rate of soil condensation. Quickly, a thick and tall wall rose from the ground and blocked the Bone Demon’s bone spears.

The earth wall could only resist three waves of attack as the fourth completely destroyed it. However, it bought enough time for Bai Xiaofei to escape the bone spears’ attack range.

“Alright, that’s enough playing around. It won’t be good if you lot really escape.”

The eerie voice came from the direction where they were running towards. Right after that, the originally calm ground suddenly shook like there was an earthquake. An alarm suddenly rang in Bai Xiaofei’s heart as he ran like crazy. He abruptly accelerated for seven or eight meters and the next thing he knew, a huge bone claw had suddenly reached out from the ground and heavily smashed where he had just been.

Then, a second claw, a huge head, and finally a huge body, bit by bit, emerged from the ground – A skeletal dragon!

The size of a Bone Demon was, to a certain extent, the embodiment of its strength, and this big guy in their sight was definitely not something just a King Rank Bone Demon could control!

Which meant the information given by Uncle Feng might have some deviation… on the strength of the Bone Demon.

“Little fellow, why don’t you keep running?” The Bone Demon’s voice carried mockery towards its prey as it gazed at Bai Xiaofei in an exceptionally good mood.

However, it did not expect Bai Xiaofei’s reaction.

“Because I’ve reached my destination.” With a slight smile, Bai Xiaofei’s reaction successfully startled the Bone Demon for two seconds.

What is this? Is he scared silly or something?!

As the Bone Demon was thinking, a miniature sun suddenly appeared in the air. When it finally noticed, the little sun had already cast countless rays that it had no way to hide from because of its huge size.

Of course, the Bone Demon didn’t intend to hide anyway. It was confident in its own defense. Its current body had been so carefully tempered for such a long time that resisting Monarch-level attacks head-on was but a walk in the park. These kinds of seemingly unthreatening lights didn’t look like they could damage it at all.

Unfortunately, sometimes looks could be deceiving.

The miniature sun in the sky was formed with Xing’s Light of Obliteration!

As a result, the Bone Demon knew how devastating it was to be short-sighted. Its proud body was as vulnerable as tofu under the Light of Obliteration. Any part that was irradiated immediately melted like snowflakes. In just a few breaths, the giant skeletal dragon was already incapable of something as simple as standing.

“Light of Obliteration?!” Its voice filled with horror, the Bone Demon finally understood what the light was.

“You know your stuff, huh? But this is your last time.”

As soon as the words ended, Xing bolted out at frightening speed with the help of Hong. His slender and powerful body climbed up the crumbling bones and reached the dragon’s neck, then with some force, the huge dragon head fell down.

Xing opened his maw. The next second, a Light of Obliteration shot out!

The saying that ‘Bone Demons were only afraid of fire’ only applied for normal circumstances, but the Light of Obliteration was something beyond normal – There was nothing that it couldn’t do!

So, the Bone Demon chose to be a coward, its spirit escaping from its huge head. A mass of dark-gray fog flew out and flew into the depths of the bone land.

As long as it ran away, it would live to fight another day. As long as the consciousness survived, it was only a matter of time before it restored its strength. And for a Bone Demon, something it never lacked was time.

The speed of the consciousness was truly fast, Xing’s Light of Obliteration couldn’t destroy it before it escaped. As for chasing after it, that was even more unrealistic. Xing hadn’t reached a level where he could be faster than light.

That was okay though. Xing couldn’t keep up, but Hu Xian’er could!


As this familiar ability was used again, the Bone Demon’s consciousness that had almost escaped the danger zone was immediately frozen in mid-air. Hu Xian’er’s body flashed, and when she reappeared, the flame on her right arm that had been burning to extremes pressed down on the consciousness.

The next instant, when Permanence was lifted and everyone returned to normal, the consciousness issued a shrill, miserable scream. This scream lasted for about ten seconds before it gradually faded. The flame that came from Hu Xian’er also gradually extinguished.

Where the consciousness once was, a black crystal appeared…

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