Chapter 335: I’m Here, No One Can Hurt You!

Chapter 335: I’m Here, No One Can Hurt You!

“Get out here!”

After changing into a stone monster, Xiaobu’s voice also turned vigorous. His fists smashed hard into the ground, and a large circle of earth spikes shot out, forcing out the four underground Earthshrews.

The Earthshrews were much smaller than an average magical beast. To be more exact, they were only the size of big dogs, but when this was combined with the word ‘shrew,’ it might be a little too big.

And these four were at the peak of the Enlightened Rank!

The Earthshrews were only a full rank above Xiaoluo and Xiaobu, yet they could chase them all around the Infinite Mountain Range. The phrase ‘bane of existence’ was definitely not just talk!

After coming out of the ground, the four Earthshrews stared fixedly at the Xiaobu with feverish black eyes.

If they ate Xiaobu, their strength would definitely increase. Moreover, before they ate him, Xiaobu could also become a stepping stone, one that would completely change their fates!

In their craze, the four Earthshrews hurtled towards Xiaobu. Xiaobu slammed his bulky arms and countless stone spikes instantly shot out from his body in all directions.

However, the four Earthshrews acted as if they didn’t see the spikes and kept rushing with their eyes glued on Xiaobu. Just as the spikes were about to stab them, their paws gleamed, and the extremely sharp spikes were instantly smashed. At the same time, the four Earthshrews reached Xiaobu’s stone monster.

The next instant, four big holes appeared on the stone monster as they penetrated it like eating tofu. In less than two seconds, the four Earthshrews had gnawed the stone monster clean, but Xiaobu had already sunk underground as soon as they approached.

Turning around, the four Earthshrews looked at the newly condensed stone monster, the madness in their eyes had not decreased at all. Without any hesitation, they again bolted over. The difference was that this time, two of them went into the ground – to seal off Xiaobu’s escape route!

“Explode!” Seeing this, Xiaobu detonated his stone monster straight away. He must not let them close, or he wouldn’t be able to last until his rescue. If he was caught, he would be eaten in less than two seconds.

The detonated stone monster burst into countless shards that flew out in all directions. Of course, this caused no damage to the Earthshrews. However, Xiaobu was hidden in one of the stones, and once again pulled a distance away from them!

In the following period of time, Xiaobu basically repeated the forming of stone monsters then sacrificed them to buy time. Unfortunately, his energy was limited while the energy consumption of the four Earthshrews was minuscule.

Once again condensing a new monster, Xiaobu grew nervous. His energy had now depleted to the point he could not create another stone monster. In other words, if Hu Xian’er didn’t arrive in time, it might just be the end for him…

“Come on, I’ll fight you with my life!”

Inside the stone monster, Xiaobu used his remaining energy to form a high-density earth armor that enveloped his body. The armor looked similar to the special stone monster when he had fought the Steel Rhinoceros, only just not as big.

Quickly, the four Earthshrews surrounded him. Just like the stone monsters before, the special stone armor didn’t scare them one bit. However, when the first Earthshrew neared Xiaobu, a scene it could never expect happened!

The petite Xiaobu swung his right fist that was now covered in sharp spikes which then stabbed through the Earthshrew’s shocked eyes. The latter’s fragile brain was mashed into paste, but unfortunately, Xiaobu was also left exposed. Two Earthshrews instantly jumped over, one clawed at Xiaobu’s back, and the other bit the armor covering his right hand.

The heavy strike forced Xiaobu out of the strange stone body. At the moment he fell, the last Earthshrew emerged from the ground and pressed him under its feet. As its energy surged out, Xiaobu’s last bit of armor crumbled and his fragile body was completely revealed in front of the Earthshrews.

It’s over. I’m really gonna die this time…

This was Xiaobu’s first thought, but to his surprise, the Earthshrews didn’t finish him off, instead one of them picked him up in its jaws.

The two other Earthshrews then dragged the body of their companion out from under the stone bits. The three Earthshrews mourned over the corpse for a long time before shooting murderous glares at Xiaobu, but they still didn’t attack.

After exchanging a few words, the three Earthshrews took Xiaobu and ran into the forest.

Hearing the contents of their communication, Xiaobu’s wide round eyes were filled with horror.

It turned out that their target wasn’t him and Xiaoluo! They were just taking orders from another to capture them!

The first person Xiaobu thought of was Hu Xian’er who was coming to save him and fear instantly welled up in his heart.

My lord! Don’t come!!!

However, before Xiaobu could come up with a solution, the three running Earthshrews slowed down. It felt as if space around them had been pried out from the surrounding.

The next second, Hu Xian’er figure descended from the sky, and the three Earthshrews were kicked away in just half a breath. Within moments, Xiaobu, who was worried about Hu Xian’er, already fell into her arms, while the three Earthshrews flew backward like tattered rags. Two died on the spot while the other lost all mobility.

They were but peak Enlightened Rank magical beasts. Hu Xian’er could kill a Monarch Rank beast with a paw, let alone them.

“Lord… Lord Xian’er!”

Upon regaining his senses, Xiaobu’s expression was particularly complicated. Xiaoluo, hiding on Hu Xian’er, instantly jumped on Xiaobu, her round eyes overflowing with tears.

“It’s alright. I’m here, no one can hurt you guys,” Hu Xian’er comforted the two.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei, who had leisurely arrived late on the scene, picked up the last half-dead Earthshrew.

“Tch tch, it must not be easy for a shrew to grow this big.”

The Earthshrew looked horrified in Bai Xiaofei’s hand. Under normal circumstances, it was impossible for this Master Rank human to kill the Earthshrew, but now it was unable to move! Just now, Hu Xian’er’s kick had basically broken 60% of the bones in its body, and she had already shown some mercy.

“You now have two options. One is to answer my questions and the other is to join your little friends. I believe you are a smart shrew!”

With a slight smile, Scoundrel Bai made his appearance!

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