Chapter 334: A Call for Help from Xiaoluo and Xiaobu!

Chapter 334: A Call for Help from Xiaoluo and Xiaobu!

“In fact, all your resentment for the old man comes from you missing your parents, but you’ve never considered this one question – Why did your parents choose to sacrifice themselves? After learning about them from you, Big Sis Lei, I look up to them very much. They gave up many things that normal people cannot for the sake of Starnet. However, if you think about it carefully, you were probably the main reason they made that choice.”

In a sudden twist of the conversation, Bai Xiaofei succeeded in making Lei Min dumbfounded. No one had ever said something like this to her.

Lei Shan had wanted to but he didn’t dare, because coming from him, it would sound like an excuse.

“Put yourself in their situation and think about it. What would have happened if Starnet and the Infinite Mountain Range continued fighting? Even if the old man could have resisted six Emperor Rank magical beasts, what about the others? Who knows what would have happened to you if Starnet could no longer defend itself?”

“Your whole family lives in Starnet, Starnet is your roots. Your parents sacrificed their lives to keep those roots intact. They wanted to give you a stable environment to grow up in. They probably had even predicted that you would resent the old man for this, that was why they told you to guard the Demon of Illusions. They just wanted to give you a reason to remain in Starnet.”

“Because that was the only reason they could think of to keep you from leaving Starnet under such circumstances!”

At this, Bai Xiaofei stopped and looked straight at Lei Min. There was clearly a struggle in her eyes.

As a result, he pushed on!

“The dead are gone, the living have to keep going. If you are still immersed in the sadness of their departure, then their death is meaningless and it would even sacrifice the old man from your life. Believe me, the pain he bears is no less than yours!”

Bai Xiaofei led Lei Min in a direction that she had never considered. Then, she suddenly recalled a change.

She remembered Lei Shan had never touched alcohol because her father hadn’t allowed it. Even Revelation, his long-time friend, couldn’t talk him into it.

However, ever since that incident, Lei Shan’s wine cup had barely left his hands.

“I won’t say much anymore. In fact, when you planned to ask me about this, you already had the answer in your heart. I was only helping you see something you didn’t want to see. Go and see the old man. It’s been over 20 years, that’s enough revenge.”

Bai Xiaofei said and opened the covered plate in front of him. Inside, the sight of a heart-shaped poached egg stunned him.

This is…

“I’ve been in the Demon of Illusions for such a long time and yet I’ve never eaten poached eggs of this shape before. You should also think carefully about what I said.” All of a sudden, Lei Min seemed to turn into a completely different person. Leaving behind words that threw Bai Xiaofei into a mess, she got up and left.

After Lei Min left, Bai Xiaofei stared at the plate for half a day, then…

Why the hell do I care so much?! Let’s just eat first! It’s shameful to waste food, especially delicious food!

After sweeping clean the table, Bai Xiaofei wanted to rest, but Yun Sheng suddenly came running over in a panic. If Bai Xiaofei hadn’t known his real identity, he really couldn’t imagine that the guy was the prince of an empire.

He really does a good job of disguising himself!

“Xiaofei! Someone is looking for you!” said Yun Sheng while panting heavily, his out-of-breath look drew a sigh from Bai Xiaofei.

Why do I feel I am the senior here…

“Slow down, no need to hurry. Who’s looking for me?”

Bai Xiaofei asked slowly, but before Yun Sheng could answer, a familiar and attractive figure arrived.

“It’s me.” While Hu Xian’er’s voice was calm, her face was tense.

Stunned, Yun Sheng turned to look at Hu Xian’er with surprise written in his eyes.

So fast?!

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei sprang up. He couldn’t care less about anyone, but this person couldn’t be Hu Xian’er.

“Brother Yun, leave first. The two of us have something to discuss.” Bai Xiaofei’s first words actually weren’t directed at her.

Yun Sheng originally wanted to ask what was wrong, but meeting Bai Xiaofei’s serious eyes, he refrained.

Sigh, why do I feel a little redundant…

Inwardly complaining, Yun Sheng left with a face full of injustice. For a prince to be like this, it could be considered unprecedented…

“What’s the matter?”Bai Xiaofei nervously asked Hu Xian’er as soon as Yun Sheng left.

“Xiaoluo and Xiaobu, they both sent me a call for help. I need to go out.”

“I’ll take you!”

Without necessary communication, Bai Xiaofei immediately issued a summon to Huskie and Blackie. Eating to their hearts’ content in some corner, the two instantly returned to Bai Xiaofei’s puppet space before reappearing outside in a flash of light. Still dumbfounded, Huskie was picked up by Bai Xiaofei, and using his origin energy, it transformed into another person.

“I’m sorry but bear with it, try not to move until we get out.” As Bai Xiaofei said this, Blackie’s ability was activated and Hu Xian’er’s appearance subsequently turned into a large backpack. Of course, there was no impact on her real body.

“I’ll carry you out!”

Just like that, the image of a student preparing to go out into the Infinite Mountain Range for a mission was produced. In broad daylight, Bai Xiaofei took Hu Xian’er out through the front gate of the academy. After leaving the line of sight of the students at the entrance, the two immediately restored their original appearances.

“Hold on to me!”

As soon as they got out, their roles were switched. Bai Xiaofei held Hu Xian’er’s arm tightly while she entered her fox transformation. As a light flashed in her purple tail, she turned into a purple figure that moved rapidly through the woods.

At the same time, somewhere far, Xiaoluo and Xiaobu were also speedily flying through the trees, but behind them, there were four even faster things approaching. Judging from the horrified expressions on Xiaoluo and Xiaobu’s faces, they had met their bane of existence!

There was only one kind of magical beast in the Infinite Mountain Range that could suppress Earth Infants and had a terrifying ability to penetrate their defenses.


They were not only the natural nemesis of the Earth Infants but also predators who considered the Earth Infants rare nutritious food. However, Earthshrews had extremely poor survival ability, so their numbers were limited, and their chances of encountering Earth Infants were simply too low.

This time was different though. The four Earthshrews behind Xiaoluo and Xiaobu came prepared – They could track Xiaoluo and Xiaobu!

“You go! I’ll stop them!” Realizing that it was impossible to escape, Xiaobu resolutely stopped. A huge stone monster took shape in an instant.

“No way! If we die, we die together!” Earth Infants never lived alone, and Xiaoluo was only a normal Earth Infant.

“Who says I want to die? I’ll stall for time while you go to Lord Xian’er. She must be on the way, but she doesn’t know our specific location! You guide her! Believe me, I will survive!”

Hearing the resolution in Xiaobu’s voice, Xiaoluo’s round eyes shone brightly. Without any hesitation, Xiaoluo sank into the ground again and sped in the direction of Starnet.

You must make it!!!

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