Chapter 332: Lei Min!

Chapter 332: Lei Min!

It was another quiet night as Bai Xiaofei, who, after having brutally extorted Yun Jingshuang, enjoyed a satisfying sleep. As usual, it was already noon when he woke up the next day.

“Ahh, my body won’t have problems skipping breakfast, right?” Bai Xiaofei seriously worried as he rubbed his growling belly with a bitter face.

He worried too much. As far as his weird body was concerned, he wouldn’t starve to death even if he didn’t eat for a month.

In order to satisfy his stomach, Bai Xiaofei set the Hundred Flavor House as his first stop today. Since it happened that both Huskie and Blackie had gone out to play by themselves, he could save quite some food money…

Poor Huskie and Blackie, they were obviously hungry and had to go out to find food for themselves, only to be heartlessly abandoned by Bai Xiaofei.

However, things didn’t go as Bai Xiaofei had planned. When he passed by the kitchen, a loud noise caught his attention.

Leng Liushuang should still be over there rehearsing. Who else would use the kitchen apart from her?

Is it a thief?

Suspicious, Bai Xiaofei crept into the kitchen. The moment he popped his head out, Bai Xiaofei immediately saw a familiar figure.

It's really Leng Liushuang!

“You’re awake? I thought you were going to sleep a little longer.”

As her gentle voice commented, Bai Xiaofei's saliva dripped involuntarily.

No need to go to the Hundred Flavor House! Our private chef is back!

“You’re not training?” Although he already couldn’t help the joy in his heart, courtesy was still needed, even if it was just on the surface.

“The three of us already memorized our performance. Sister Lei just happened to look for me, so I came back to check while I was at it. Besides, I haven't cooked for a long time, my hands are itching!”

Leng Liushuang's reply nearly overturned Bai Xiaofei's world view.

You haven't cooked for a long time and your hands itch…

That’s a bit too formidable!

“Big Sister Lei was looking for you? What for?” asked Bai Xiaofei curiously upon noticing an oddity.

Ever since the Demon of Illusions had a profit resource, Lei Min had been busy counting money almost all day long like a big manager. But she couldn’t be blamed; after all, being poor for so long had scared her…

“She said she wanted to give you a good treat, so she called me back. I think she wants to have a ‘delightful lunch’ with you.”

Leng Liushuang snuck a chuckle when she said this. Her playful demeanor put Bai Xiaofei into a trance.

“It can’t be a murderous banquet in disguise, right?” asked a worried Bai Xiaofei as he gulped nervously.

“It shouldn’t be that bad. Sister Lei has always been a straightforward person. If she wanted to handle you, she wouldn't have taken so much trouble. Besides, she doesn’t have any reason to for now.”

Leng Liushuang’s eyes swirled, her pondering expression had another kind of appeal to it.

“So I just need to wait for a grand meal?” Pleased, Bai Xiaofei sniffed the aroma of the kitchen all around.

“Yeah, but you have to wait quite a little while, I haven't finished yet.” Leng Liushuang smiled happily. She seemed to enjoy cooking very much. Of course, the person she cooked for was also one of the reasons for her happiness.

Only that Bai Xiaofei couldn’t think so much.

“Let me see what Big Sis Liushuang is making,” Bai Xiaofei said as he reached out to lift a pot lid, but Leng Liushuang slapped his hand away.

“Don't look! There won’t be any surprise if you see!”

In her hurry, Leng Liushuang said what was in her heart. Only then did she realize that she had slipped up.

“Surprise?” Fortunately, Bai Xiaofei didn’t understand.

“Not knowing what it is will make you expect more, right?” Her face a little flushed, Leng Liushuang pulled out a random reason, then pushed Bai Xiaofei all the way out of the kitchen. “Go out, go back and wait like a good boy!”

The dazed Bai Xiaofei looked at the closed door in bewilderment.

What was that? Do you have to be so mysterious with your cooking?

Do you want to add some unique formula or something?

Even so, you don’t need to hide it from me, it’s not like I can sneakily learn…

Well, that was true. Not to mention sneakily, even if she taught Bai Xiaofei step by step, he might not learn anyway, he was just too lazy…

What Bai Xiaofei didn’t know was that inside, Leng Liushuang was leaning against the door and taking mouthfuls of deep breaths, her slightly flushed face had turned into a red apple. The feverish feel she gave off made her look especially attractive!

Listening to Bai Xiaofei's footsteps fade away through the door, Leng Liushuang’s uneasy heart also gradually settled. With a face of joy, she returned to the pots and pans and continued preparing the dinner.

Different from cooking as a mission before, Leng Liushuang was now cooking with all her heart. It was a pity that a certain person couldn’t feel this.

Or to be exact, he dared not to read into it…

Given Bai Xiaofei’s abnormal IQ and EQ, even if he just put 0.1% effort into this, he wouldn’t have to be so easily confused like just now. Perhaps this was what they meant by ‘everyone is good at different things.’ Bai Xiaofei was a pro at tricking people, but regarding figuring out a girl’s thoughts, he was a novice at best. He still had a long way to go!

Fortunately, the wait wasn’t very long. He hadn’t sat for a while when Lei Min arrived. Just as Leng Liushuang had said, Lei Min was in an exceptionally good mood.

“I thought you’d be surprised to see me. What’s with this expression of yours?” Sitting down opposite Bai Xiaofei, the beautiful Lei Min smiled faintly. If it weren't for the passage of time that let go of no one, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to have a spot in the Blossom Ranking.

“I saw Sister Liushuang in the kitchen and she informed me. You didn’t have to be so formal with me, though, Sister Lei.” Towards Lei Min, Bai Xiaofei still held great respect. The pressure of shouldering an entire department by oneself was beyond an average person's tolerance.

“It should be this way.” Lei Min's attitude was very firm. She didn’t give Bai Xiaofei any chance to refuse.

Before long, Leng Liushuang set the whole table with steaming dishes, and then cast Bai Xiaofei a meaningful look.

“Liushuang, you go back first. I want to have a talk with Xiaofei alone.”

To Bai Xiaofei's surprise, Lei Min didn’t keep her. And why did she sound like she was going to interrogate him…?

At that moment, Bai Xiaofei panicked.

She’s not gonna ask me some fatal questions, right?!

“You found out that Liushuang is interested in you, right?” After Leng Liushuang left, a question from Lei Min almost choked Bai Xiaofei, who was drinking some soup.

“Big Sis Lei, your joke is too deadly. I can’t afford it, you can't do this.”

In his fright, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t but recall that day with the Crystal’s Longing. He had been too immersed in the situation, his brain had nearly shut down and he abandoned all control. However, when he thought deeper, he also remembered the warmth Leng Liushuang gave him that day. Perhaps this was the legendary ‘want to stop but can’t’…

“You should know better than me if this is a joke, but I still have one piece of advice for you, don’t do any of them wrong,” Lei Min said with a tone of an experienced person, as a trace of sorrow passed through her eyes.

“Big Sis Lei, that's not why you came to me today, right?” Bai Xiaofei coughed in embarrassment. He was too scared to delve into that issue.

“Of course not, I heard that you are very good at solving issues, so I want to tell you about my troubles and see if you can help me.”

Upon hearing this,Bai Xiaofei instantly cursed in his heart.

Motherf*cker, who is plotting against me?!

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