Chapter 331: I’ll help you!

Chapter 331: I’ll help you!

“Complicated?” Bai Xiaofei’s expression froze and grew confused.

Can it be that the Yun royal family doesn’t have a say in Cloudveil?

Well, yes! Bai Xiaofei’s guess was quickly confirmed.

“Although Cloudveil has plenty of mineral resources, not all of them are controlled by the royal family. We only hold some of the large mines while the others are in the hands of the big clans. Their individual power in Cloudveil can’t compare to the royal family, but we can’t take them lightly as a group. This is why Cloudveil hasn’t been able to raise a powerful merchant group like the Ethereal Empire,” said Yun Jingshuang helplessly.

“Then Senior Sister Qianye…?” Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but ask. Yun Yi had also mentioned Han Qianye, and his interest in her seemed to be even more than in his two younger brothers. The evidence was that he had only briefly mentioned his two brothers in just one sentence but inquired about Han Qianye for a long time.

When Bai Xiaofei asked about Han Qianye, Yun Jingshuang’s face obviously froze a little, but he quickly understood after some thought.

Of course, how could Yun Yi especially come to Starnet to watch some performances? Han Qianye should be his real purpose!

“The Han family is one of the big clans I mentioned. Qianye is the only daughter of their patriarch, and Patriarch Han cares very much about her. Whoever can marry Qianye will basically gain the full support of the Han family, and it may not even be a problem to integrate the Han family’s possessions into their own over time. This is what my father aims for. He wants to slowly recover the mines held by the large clans through marriages,” as Yun Jingshuang explained, the melancholy before appeared in his eyes again.

“Senior Sister Qianye likes you, right?”

An abrupt question struck Yun Jingshuang dumb.

“Don’t try to deny it. Apart from liking you, I can’t think of any reason why the only apple of a large clan would run so far to become an ordinary student and also do not-so-meaningful work with you every day, and even comply with everything you say.”

Facing the string of words from Bai Xiaofei, Yun Jingshuang wanted to refute but couldn’t find where to start.

“I don’t want her to become the victim of a political marriage, which is not good for both of us,” Yun Jingshuang spoke of his struggle after a long hesitation.

“Have you ever thought about what would happen if you keep dragging like this? People get married when they reach that age, let alone the sons or daughters of a large clan. Are you sure she won’t become a victim of political marriage if you don’t marry her? What if she marries your eldest brother? What will you do?”


As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished, Yun Jingshuang yelled out, his expression even more fiery than when Di Jiang was mentioned.

“Impossible?” Bai Xiaofei wasn’t scared at all and even asked back indifferently, effectively silencing Yun Jingshuang. “Your reaction shows that you also like Senior Sister Qianye. If you two like each other then why not just be together? Why do you think so much about useless stuff? There will be only one result of such hesitation: you’ll feel bad while maybe even breaking her heart. Is that what you want?”

Bai Xiaofei’s relentless pursuit added more weight to Yun Jingshuang’s silence.

“If you still can’t think clearly, then I have a piece of advice.”

Stunned, Yun Jingshuang slowly raised his head and a light flashed in his eyes.

“No matter what, you are a prince of Cloudveil. No matter whether you want to be involved in the fights that you hate or not, you can’t completely stay out of them. Moreover, I believe there are people you want to protect in the imperial city that you don’t want to return to but still miss dearly. Therefore, in order not to have any regrets, you must have the power to protect yourself. If you want this power, the first thing you need to do is to get the Han family’s support!”

Bai Xiaofei had thoroughly figured out Yun Jingshuang. He was a person who wanted to remain lofty but still cared about things. Therefore, what Bai Xiaofei had to do was completely shatter his loftiness!

Facts proved that Bai Xiaofei did have this ability. After he finished, Yun Jingshuang fell into a long silence. There were indeed too many things he couldn’t let go.

Coming to Starnet, in pleasant words, was to hide, but in fact, it was to escape.

Four years ago when he was 16 years old, he could escape. But now, at the age of 20, he no longer had that excuse to escape. There were things he must face, even if he ended up bleeding!

“But if I do that, I’ll have to face my brothers…”

“You can guarantee that you won’t hurt them if you rise to power, but can you guarantee that they won’t hurt you and the people around you if they do?” Bai Xiaofei directly interrupted Yun Jingshuang and threw him into silence once again.

Sometimes, you just had to find people like Bai Xiaofei to talk to because as long as you had an opening, you would certainly be dragged into his way of thinking and couldn’t jump out even with a spring.

“Then… what should I do?” After half a day, Yun Jingshuang painfully uttered a question, which brought a smile to Bai Xiaofei’s face.

I was waiting for that question!

“There’s nothing for you to do for now. Just accompany Sister Qianye. You’ve been mistreating her for three years. School should be a beautiful time.” Bai Xiaofei gave a knowing smile as he patted Yun Jingshuang’s shoulder.

“What about the mines? You’re not going to meddle with them?” Yun Jingshuang was surprised upon hearing what Bai Xiaofei said. He thought that Bai Xiaofei had said all that to persuade him to go back to Cloudveil and help him.

“I definitely will. I still want you as my biggest supplier, but I’m not in a hurry for a while. Besides, my merchant group hasn’t gotten anywhere, not even having a small shop yet. Since there’s no use in hurrying, it’s better to coax my God of Fortune first, right?” Revealing a cheap smile, Bai Xiaofei successfully destroyed his own grand image that he had just established in Yun Jingshuang’s heart.

However, this was the Bai Xiaofei that Yun Jingshuang knew – No profit, no getting up early. Real enough and bad enough!

But no matter what, Yun Jingshuang had to admit that Bai Xiaofei planted a seed in his heart, a seed he had never wanted.

“Senior Prince, there’s not enough food!”

Just Yun Jingshuang was musing, Bai Xiaofei suddenly cried out, instantly shattering the mood.

Can I really trust this brat?!

In the end, a dark-faced Yun Jingshuang couldn’t survive Bai Xiaofei’s coaxing and pestering. A packaged late-night dinner turned into a treat, the location being the same deadly expensive Hundred Flavor House.

There were some people that, even if they became billionaires, their nature of taking advantage of others would never change.

What both of them never noticed was that, just after they left, a faint figure softly chuckled as they put away the Recording Eyeball in their hand…

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