Chapter 330: Brothers and Prince!

Chapter 330: Brothers and Prince!

“He is my brother.”

As Yun Jingshuang calmly stated those words, Bai Xiaofei smiled.

“I knew it.” Bai Xiaofei chuckled smugly.

“How did you find out? The two of us never have any contact in Starnet.” Yun Jingshuang knitted his brows. It never felt good when your secret was discovered by others.

“Although Big Brother Yun Sheng always looks careless, he can’t hide the kind noble aura deep in his bones. I saw him fight once, and it gave me the feeling of you when you’re serious. That was the first time I linked you two together – having the same surname isn’t a rare thing after all. Afterward, I’d often try to compare you two, and I found that there are many similarities besides just your temperaments. Your abundant money for living expenses and your vision on things indicate a high background, and you deliberately hide your family’s affairs, which means you don’t want others to know about your identity. The most important thing is that you two look somewhat similar. So, I started to suspect that you two might have a deeper relationship.”

At this point, Yun Jingshuang’s eyebrows had basically furrowed together until they met. Those were all things he couldn’t change, so nothing could be done about them.

“But I never dug deeper. After all, you all chose to hide it and you’re all my friends, I wouldn’t do anything that upsets you. Therefore, it stayed within my heart.”

Bai Xiaofei stopped and looked at the frowning Yun Jingshuang, who couldn’t help but speak.

“But those are all just your conjectures, and you decided to ask me just based on them? What if I insist on not admitting?” asked Yun Jingshuang seriously, feeling like he had been tricked.

“That is also the reason why I never asked you before; because I wasn’t certain, but now I am. I met someone who is similar to you two!”

Upon hearing this, Yun Jingshuang’s face was instantly filled with astonishment.


“Don’t get emotional, just listen to me explain.” Bai Xiaofei calmed Yun Jingshuang, then continued, “The Blossom Ranking attracted many VIPs from outside. In order to let me better control the situation, Vice President Chu introduced me to them and let me communicate with them. One of them is called Yun Yi, the first prince of the Cloudveil Empire1.”

When Bai Xiaofei mentioned Yun Yi, there was obviously a hint of a struggle on Yun Jingshuang’s face.

“He told me that two of his younger brothers were in Starnet, so I immediately thought of you and Big Brother Yun Sheng. In the entire academy, only you two meet the requirements.”

“You told him you know us?!”
interrupted Yun Jingshuang, his voice raised with a trace of astonishment.

“You think I’d be that kind of fool? I only said that we only had a very shallow business relationship and that Yun Sheng is only my senior. After all, these are undeniable facts,” said Bai Xiaofei with a smile. His answer reassured Yun Jingshuang.

However, Yun Jingshuang’s reaction was also an indirect admission of his identity – a prince of the Cloudveil Empire!

“So next should be your turn to talk, right, Big Brother Prince?” With a sleazy expression, Bai Xiaofei gazed meaningfully at Yun Jingshuang.

The person of interest heaved a long sigh and his eyes were instantly filled with melancholy.

They all said that a prince was a high status, but who would know how detached the royal family was…

“You are right. Yun Sheng and I are indeed princes of the Cloudveil Empire. I am the sixth and Yun Sheng is the seventh. We still have two younger brothers below us. All of our five older brothers are in Cloudveil, and only the two of us came out. Yun Sheng loves freedom while I dislike the conflicts in the imperial house, so the two of us came to Starnet using studies as the reason. We want to enjoy a peaceful life for a few years and also to tell our other brothers that we aren’t interested in what they regard highly.”

Yun Jingshuang’s voice was tinged with sadness. Obviously, he hadn’t wanted to leave Cloudveil, but how many people could understand this kind of helpless pain?

“Although I don’t understand much about this issue, I know that there are some things you can’t escape just because you want to. You will graduate soon, what are you going to do then?” Seemingly infected by Yun Jingshuang’s mood, Bai Xiaofei’s tone was also somewhat down.

“I’ll just see as I go. If anything, I’ll just give up my title. If anything, we are brothers, they won’t try to wipe us out, right?”

Yun Jingshuang was still quite optimistic, and Bai Xiaofei didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. By the time he figured it out, perhaps it would be too late.

“Now I don’t even know if I should say it or not. I actually wanted to ask you something when I asked about your identity.” Bai Xiaofei smiled wryly and a difficult expression appeared on his face.

“When did you, Bai Xiaofei, become so indecisive? What screw went wrong in your head?” Looking at Bai Xiaofei like that, Yun Jingshuang burst out laughing. The laughter swept away the previous clouds in his eyes. “Just say it. Although I am too lazy to bother with imperial affairs, nothing can change the fact that I’m still a prince. I can still be of a little help.”

Yun Jingshuang’s nonchalance made Bai Xiaofei feel a little ashamed. With an embarrassed smile, Bai Xiaofei gulped and slowly explained, “I plan to set up a merchant group. I already have a basic idea and found the key members. After the screening of the Blossom competition, my first batch of capital will be in place. However, while our strategy is good, we still lack a resource that’s different from others if we want to start up quickly.”

At this, Bai Xiaofei looked straight at the Yun Jingshuang with sparkling eyes full of expectation.

“You have your eyes on Cloudveil’s origin mines?”

It had once been mentioned before that Cloudveil was a country built on origin ore, the most indispensable thing in the continent. Starnet Stone was only a specialty of Starnet, while origin ore was the core resource that supported all normal puppets of the entire continent.

And 70% of origin ore was provided by the Cloudveil Empire!

However, even with such good conditions, Cloudveil hadn’t been able to establish an existence on par with the major merchant groups and only operated as the most common of suppliers. This was something many people couldn’t understand while Cloudveil was too lazy to explain.

“Yes!” Bai Xiaofei nodded solemnly.

However, Yun Jingshuang’s reaction disappointed him. Slowly shaking his head, the expression Yun Jingshuang had wasn’t just as simple as reluctance, but that of a student trying an unsolvable question in the college entrance exam…

“It’s not that I don’t want to help you, but the situation of Cloudveil is too complicated.”

1. Yun means cloud.

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