Chapter 327: Public Performance Begins; Legendary Bai Xiaofei!

Chapter 327: Public Performance Begins; Legendary Bai Xiaofei!

Heralded by the urging of thousands, a pretty face still half-hiding behind the pipa1.

As the last recording of the training was broadcast, in the expectations of all, the countdown to the first round of performance of the Blossom Ranking competition officially began. And the last barrier to the show that everyone greatly anticipated were the tickets. What was ‘even a ticket is nearly impossible to get’? Bai Xiaofei explained it in action!

The venue for the performance was finally decided to be the academy’s public square. Besides its ability to accommodate many, the divine-grade formation in the square was also needed for the performances.

For this, Starnet had even closed the square three times during the past two weeks!

However, even if the final venue was set in that outrageously big square, it was still impossible to accommodate all those who wanted to watch the performance. The number of people who were already in Starnet, plus those who were coming to Starnet to see the performance for themselves after watching the broadcast outside by the Amethyst Merchant House, had completely exceeded the academy’s capacity.

In the first sale of 30% of the tickets, they all sold out in less than an hour!

Under these circumstances, Bai Xiaofei decisively changed the way tickets were sold – by auction.

Although the sales time was prolonged due to this, Bai Xiaofei got to witness the madness of the outsiders. His earnings had increased by many times!

After all of the tickets were sold out, Bai Xiaofei visited the rehearsal area for the last time. Some were still making final preparations, while others were only quietly waiting for the performance date.

“Come, come! Everyone, gather up!”

In just a month’s time, Yin Jing had left an impression of a big sister on all of the participating girls. Even Hu Xian’er showed respect for her. Of course, this only regarded the performing aspect…

Therefore, Yin Jing’s calls were answered almost immediately. No matter what everyone was doing, the girls all stopped and gathered together as quickly as possible.

“Our organizer wants to have a word, let us welcome him!” As soon as Yin Jing finished, thunderous applause resounded. Who would have thought that the little sisters that people outside dreamed to see so badly were all cheering for a boy now…

“No need to be so enthusiastic. I can’t take it. I really can’t take it.” Despite his shy smile, delight was written all over Bai Xiaofei’s face. Seeing his little embarrassed demeanor, the applause below turned into laughter.

The smile of a beautiful girl was already able to topple the nation. Now that there were five hundred at once, Bai Xiaofei was dazzled, especially when the girls looked all sweaty after a rehearsal and carried a hint of unutterable temptation.

“In fact, I wasn’t going to say anything great; I just wanted to ask how ready you guys are. But seeing your state now, I know I don’t need to ask. If possible, I want to immediately change the clock to tomorrow, because I can’t wait to see your wonderful performances!”

At Bai Xiaofei’s words, everyone below revealed confident smiles in unison.

A month ago, they hadn’t believed that they could reach the level of their mentors, but a month later, no one doubted themselves. Everyone firmly believed that they would be breathtaking; it wasn’t blind confidence, but the certitude of knowing that it’d turn out amazing after all the preparation.

“Tomorrow will be your first performance. According to the rankings of your teams in the previous voting, the last 33 will be performing tomorrow. While it might be disadvantageous for you guys to go first, I believe that it will be nothing in the face of absolute strength.” Bai Xiaofei was like the god of misfortune bringing bad news; it didn’t sound like a pep talk at all.

Fortunately, however, no one was affected!

“Alright, no more discouraging talk. As an extra reward for your hard work and effort training during the last month, I hereby announce that everyone present will receive a bonus of 10,000 Amethyst Coins!” With just a short sentence, 5 million Amethyst Coins were gone! However, it was only a small sum for the current Bai Xiaofei.

However, this small sum earned loud cheers from everyone below. 10,000 Amethyst Coins were a big windfall for many people here.

“Do your best. The tickets sold well outside. Everyone is waiting to be amazed by you!” Bai Xiaofei finished his speech with a slight bow.

Praise the little big sisters for their efforts!

After leaving the rehearsal area, Bai Xiaofei sought Fang Ye. Tomorrow, order within the venue needed to be maintained, and this task naturally fell to the New Student Mutual Aid Community. The benefit they had hoarded for so many days wasn’t for free.

As for the coordination of the event, Bai Xiaofei had already had a good talk with Chu Qingtian. Regarding using a divine-grade formation for performances, Starnet was definitely the first in history!

The recording mission was taken by Shangguan Fan. With his strong financial support, the new recording team was much better than the one that Bai Xiaofei hired.

Everything was ready for tomorrow!

A long night of waiting passed quietly. Even though the public performance was scheduled for the evening, the stream of people to the square never once ceased throughout the day. Some were personnel for the event while many just came to watch the bustle. Although it hadn’t yet started, the layout of the square already displayed how grand tonight was going to be.

The audience wasn’t composed of only ordinary people. Chu Qingtian and Bai Xiaofei had especially arranged for a VIP platform to be set up. In the past several days, one big boss after another had arrived at Starnet. With Chu Qingtian’s referral, Bai Xiaofei had been acknowledged by this continent!

Everything continued in good order all the way until night.

After dinner, the fully sated audience had impatiently rushed into the square early. In mid-air all around, floating normal white puppets lit up the area as bright as day. In the center of the square was a huge stage so magnificent that it seemed a little surreal. Eight huge screens suspended above were ready to relay the scene on the stage to the whole square at any time.

Gradually, as the countdown to the premiere began, in the huge square that could accommodate at least 500,000 people, there wasn’t a single vacant seat. It had become a sea of people!

Under everyone’s expectant gaze, the light beams in the air dimmed one by one, and the last few beams converged in the center of the stage.

Under the light was Bai Xiaofei’s smiling face, which took up the huge screens in the air. His first-year uniform and the glittering star-shaped light on his chest were especially noticeable.

Led by the students of Starnet, cheers echoed. They were cheering for Bai Xiaofei!

Unlike the other behind-the-scenes workers, Bai Xiaofei’s legendary story had taken him from behind the scenes to the forefront. Even outsiders had slowly consistently learned something about this amazing youth from the other students.

Therefore, when they finally saw Bai Xiaofei in person, it was completely understandable that they couldn’t remain calm.

“Welcome, all of you who have come all the way here, as well as my fellow Starnet students!” With a hint of excitement in his steady voice, the confident-looking Bai Xiaofei instantly raised the burning expectations in everyone’s hearts to the peak!

1. From Bai Juyi’s Song of Pipa. Often used to describe a highly anticipated event finally starting.

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