Chapter 326: Literally Making a Fortune!

Chapter 326: Literally Making a Fortune!

“Good! Good!! Good!!!”

Hearing Bai Xiaofei’s speech from beginning to end, Su Yu suddenly burst out laughing and shouted ‘Good’ thrice in a row.

“Bai Xiaofei, we shall meet again!”

Having said his piece, Su Yu snorted and directly left. The other four seniors hesitated before following him, two of them didn’t forget to glare at Bai Xiaofei.

The moment the door opened, Yun Sheng, who had pasted himself to the crack of the door, was nearly knocked over. Fixing his clothes in a panic, Yun Sheng squeezed out a smile at Su Yu.

“Good day, Senior! You aren’t staying a little longer?”

Throwing a glare at Yun Sheng, Su Yu turned his head and walked away. In the blink of an eye, the five people disappeared out of sight.

After confirming that Su Yu’s group had left, Yun Sheng rushed into the living room in delight and looked at Bai Xiaofei like he was looking at his idol!

“Xiaofei… No! Brother Fei! You are my big brother! That was so f*cking exciting!!!”

Having listened in to everything that had happened inside the room, Yun Sheng felt refreshed the more he thought back on it. Who can let Su Yu bite the dust? Our Demon of Illusions!

“Exciting my butt! Support me!” roared Bai Xiaofei.

After a brief surprise, Yun Sheng hurriedly rushed over. The moment he held Bai Xiaofei up, Yun Sheng was horrified. Bai Xiaofei’s back was soaking wet and his whole body was in a jelly-soft state.

Forcefully resisting the pressure of a fourth-realm Grandmaster, Bai Xiaofei had actually reached his limit. If Su Yu’s group had stayed just a bit longer, Bai Xiaofei might have been unable to even sit straight, let alone continue to confront them…

“Shit, Xiaofei, what happened to you?” Asking an idiotic question, Yun Sheng successfully earned Bai Xiaofei’s contempt.

“You didn’t even dare to cross the door. What happened, you say?!” Casting a huge eye-roll, Bai Xiaofei expressed his resentment at Yun Sheng abandoning him earlier.

“I just wanted to give you a chance to show off! Think about it, isn’t the headline ‘first-year junior confronts the number one of the Combat Ranking’ earthshaking? I recorded it!” Yun Sheng said and took out a Recording Eyeball.

Bai Xiaofei’s eyes immediately lit up. “Give me a recording and I won’t tell Big Sis Liuyun about what just happened, or else…”

Before Bai Xiaofei could finish, Yun Sheng simply handed him the Recording Eyeball.

“It’s all yours! I’ll just buy another!”

Very straightforward! Now that was what they called ‘a wise man.’

“I’m going to patrol, you go do your stuff, Xiaofei! Just don’t mention me to Sister Liuyun, no need to tell her good things about me!” With this, Yun Sheng ran out like hiding from a plague before the limp Bai Xiaofei could say anything.

Goddamn it, why couldn’t you wait for me to recover before you go!! Just you wait, when Big Sis Liuyun returns, I won’t be Bai Xiaofei if I don’t rat on you!

Screaming in his heart, Bai Xiaofei simply closed his eyes.

Anyway, since I’m all soft, let’s just sleep…

However, this sleep wasn’t peaceful one bit.

Feng Wuhen, Fang Ye, Zhuang Ming, Lei Min, Qian Chonglou, Chu Qingtian… Groups of people came to look for him one by one as if planned. On average, each conversation lasted over 20 minutes, but no one brought him any food…

At the end of the day, Bai Xiaofei still couldn’t sleep because he was so friggin’ hungry!

When Bai Xiaofei finally walked out of the living room, the sky was completely dark. Fortunately, there were many people in Starnet at this time, so restaurants hadn’t closed yet. Avoiding the Hundred Flavor House or the Thousand Aroma Restaurant because he didn’t want to be disturbed by others, Bai Xiaofei randomly picked a restaurant, where he ordered a large table of food and then swept through it like a storm.

After the satisfying meal, Bai Xiaofei changed his appearance with the help of Huskie and began a leisurely stroll. There was no other reason, he just wanted to see the fruits of his labor.

Currently, the flow of all the people in Starnet was making his profits. A simple second for others now equaled a large sum of money for him. Although he still didn’t know what to do with so much money, he knew it’d be useful one day, of great use even!

After enough strolling, Bai Xiaofei returned to his nest in satisfaction. Chu Liuyun and the others had gone to live temporarily with the girls on the Blossom Ranking, so the dormitory looked a little cold and cheerless.

Ah, girls sometimes get a bit annoying, but why do I feel empty when I can’t reach them?

Lying in bed, Bai Xiaofei mused on this difficult historic problem, gradually falling asleep. In his dream, he saw many people, and many things that couldn’t be described happened…

For the next two weeks, his days basically repeated. Feng Wuhen and the others would still come to him frequently. At the same time, many other merchants asked him for help, but Bai Xiaofei refused them all.

During this period, a total of four broadcasts were organized, all of which were about the rehearsal of the 101 teams and even their daily routines. Yet, the scariest thing was that all these seemingly boring things actually became one attraction after another. Most obvious of all, no matter how the price of the tickets rose, the buyers’ enthusiasm for them never waned.

In addition, the tourist flow in the academy also reached a peak. All the places that could accommodate visitors were saturated. Helpless, Starnet began to regulate and control. Aside from those who had acquired a permanent residence permit, the rest of the guests weren’t allowed to stay in Starnet for more than three days. And this permanent residence permit was naturally bought with money. With Bai Xiaofei’s super huge appetite, it was easy to tell that the permanent residence permit wasn’t just expensive.

Reality proved that Bai Xiaofei made the right decision. Even at his exorbitant price, the permanent residence permit still sold like crazy.

However, not everyone had that kind of money, so the guest flow in Starnet rotated every three days, which Chu Qingtian and the other businesses greatly welcomed.

Because fresh blood brought in money!

However, as there were people leaving, a new problem arose.

Outside Starnet, the tourists wouldn’t be able to see the screening rounds of the Blossom Ranking competition. Many people were still very concerned about what would happen next. After all, some of them participated in the betting.

At this junction, Shangguan Fan arrived and bought all the rights to broadcast outside Starnet at the high price of 200 trillion Amethyst Coins.

Some people thought it wasn’t worth it, but Bai Xiaofei instead felt that it was he who suffered a loss. There was no other choice, though, as Shangguan Fan’s attitude was very firm – ‘200 trillion, I’m leaving if you don’t sell!’

This was the plan that Shangguan Fan’s think tank had come up with difficulty. They didn’t want to be disadvantaged by Bai Xiaofei, so they gave him no room to retreat.

However, no matter what, no one could deny that in this half month, Bai Xiaofei had made a fortune.

Moreover, the pace of prosperity hasn’t stopped and even entered the acceleration phase – because the performances of the first round were around the corner!

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