Chapter 323: Impossible! Not Even a Copper!

Chapter 323: Impossible! Not even a copper!

“Uh-huh?!” Bai Xiaofei’s reaction had Yun Sheng explode instantly.

The number one of the Combat Ranking is so worthless in Bai Xiaofei’s opinion?!

“What? My reaction is not intense enough or something and you’re not satisfied, Brother Yun? I can scream to cooperate with you.” Bai Xiaofei shrugged.

“Don’t you know what the number one of the Combat Ranking means? That’s a Grandmaster! A fourth-realm genius!!!”

Upon reaching the third stage of the Master rank, a puppet master would be considered elite, and when entering the Grandmaster rank, it meant that they were already one of the few experts in the continent.

Grandmaster rank had only five realms.

The first realm was origin energy solidifying. With the Master rank third stage – absolute control – as the foundation, a Grandmaster puppet master could materialize their origin energy as armor. While the origin energy armor of most people couldn’t compare to a puppet’s shield ability, it was still much better than the physical defense of martial artists at the same rank. Moreover, origin energy in this case could even be used to form weapons. In short, after entering the Grandmaster rank, one could play about with the origin energy in their body at will!

The second realm was origin energy amassing. All puppet masters could supplement their consumption by absorbing origin energy from the outside world, but under normal circumstances, the absorption speed was very slow even if they used Origin Stones. Once entering the second realm, though, as long as one had two-second rest time, their origin energy would be filled up instantly! Of course, the premise was that there was enough origin energy in the surroundings to absorb.

The third realm was absolute puppet control, a realm where a puppet master could control their puppet no matter how far apart. This was a deep level spirit link, so entering the third realm required super-strong spirit. It was no longer a dream to cut off the enemy’s head from thousands of miles away for a puppet master in this realm!

The fourth realm was heaven wandering. Reaching this realm, even if one had no exploration type puppets, they could still explore their surroundings. To put it bluntly, it was a state similar to one’s soul separating from their body. This combined with absolute puppet control allowed puppet masters to operate their puppets remotely without any hindrance. Moreover, the separated spirit would exist in a form similar to energy, which was completely immune to physical attacks!

The fifth realm was enlightenment. In this realm, one wouldn’t gain new abilities, but it served as a starting ground for breaking through to the Exquisite Rank. Only when one’s six abilities of essence, energy, body, spirit, mind, and origin energy reached a certain standard could they enter the next rank. Simply put, this realm was to lay the foundation for the Exquisite Rank.

Therefore, Yun Sheng was excited when he mentioned the Grandmaster fourth realm because it meant that a puppet master had already acquired all the abilities that could be developed in this rank.

“What’s wrong with the fourth realm, Brother Yun? You have already reached the second realm, and Sister Liuyun has reached the third.”

Bai Xiaofei had only stated it casually, but it gave rise to a bit of pride in Yun Sheng’s heart.

Currently, there were only eight students who had reached the Grandmaster Rank in Starnet, and he was one of them! This was also why the people from the Fist of the Beast had been so afraid of him, and why the student union people hadn’t dared to make it difficult for him.

He and Chu Liuyun, one was number ten and the other was number eight on the Combat Ranking! The Demon of Illusions didn’t stand out among its peers, but in the case there was rank suppression, it was basically invincible.

“It’s not the same, while the third realm sounds like it’s only one step away from the fourth, the strength gap is not just a bit! To make it simple, my fourth realm self would be able to handle at least five of my third realm selves!”

Despite Yun Sheng’s vivid comparison, Bai Xiaofei still didn’t care.

“So what? Does he dare do anything to me anyway?”

Yun Sheng was dumbstruck.

That’s right, does Su Yu dare?

“Big Brother Yun, think again, what would he come here for? He has never been to the Demon of Illusions before, right?”

Upon this question, the vacant look on Yun Sheng’s face grew even more blank.

Yeah, what is he doing here?

“Let me ask you one more question. In a confrontation, which do you think is more annoying, the top of the Wealth Ranking or the top of the Combat Ranking?”

As soon as the third question was voiced, Yun Sheng was completely silent.

Money could make the devil turn millstones1. Even Su Yu might not dare challenge rich bosses. After all, a genius was only one person no matter how talented they were, but if you had money, you could mobilize many people more powerful than a genius!

And money was really nothing to Bai Xiaofei now. Perhaps only those well-funded merchant group bosses could crush him regarding money.

“In fact, their purpose is very simple. They just want to snatch the profits of welcoming outside guests from me. In other words, they just can’t do anything to the academy so they intend to threaten me,” Bai Xiaofei guessed Su Yu’s purpose before they even met.

After hearing this, Yun Sheng had no response as he was in a daze. He didn’t know what to say because he thought everything Bai Xiaofei had said was right!

“What a nice plan they have, huh? But unfortunately they’re looking for the wrong person. The person who can threaten me hasn’t been born yet!”

Bai Xiaofei seemed to have forgotten that he was threatened by Hu Xian’er and the girls all the time…

However, that could be explained. He was willing to be ‘threatened’…

“Let’s go, let’s meet this big guy on the Combat Ranking. Since he’s a ‘genius,’ we can’t be too neglectful, can we?” Bai Xiaofei fixed his collar.

“Maybe we can share with them a little? The New Student Mutual Aid Community has been too busy anyway…” asked Yun Sheng softly as he followed, with a little fear in his voice.

He had been ‘educated’ by Su Yu once. If it hadn’t been for Chu Liuyun, he would probably have had to lay in bed for quite a long time…

“Share a little?!” Bai Xiaofei suddenly turned his head, his tone rising by an octave. “Don’t even think about it! No way! They won’t get even a copper from me!”

Leaving a sentence that left Yun Sheng in shock for half a day, Bai Xiaofei went straight to the living room.

Who cares who you are? Want to profit with my toil? Keep dreaming!

With this thought in his mind, Bai Xiaofei slowly pushed open the door. The five fourth-year senior students waiting inside immediately stood up, on the chest of the one in the center impressively wore the logos of two faculties ––

The Gods Amongst Men and the Sword of Assault!

To be able to get two faculties’ recognition at the same time, he was definitely a pioneer existence in Starnet!

However, of course, if Bai Xiaofei wanted, he could get the approval of all faculties. If nothing else, his ability to attract money was enough to conquer any department head. Compared with money, mere recognition was nothing.

“Junior Brother Bai Xiaofei, right?”

Su Yu, who looked like the nice next-door big brother, stepped forward with a face full of smiles, having no intention to be difficult at all.

Unfortunately, whether it was a carrot or a stick, Bai Xiaofei would not take either!

1. Idiom: One can do anything as long as they have the money for it.

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