Chapter 321: The Duel Takes a Rain Check!

Chapter 321: The Duel Takes a Rain Check!

Looking at Bai Xiaofei coming out, Sima Ye and the others were astonished.

He’s not proceeding? Despite having earned so many troop points?! Shouldn’t this be the time to keep pursuing victory?!

Bai Xiaofei was also stunned when he got out, one was because of the time, and two was because of the number of people. It was just getting dark before he had entered, but now it seemed to be after midnight. Yet, the number of people gathered hadn’t decreased but a dozen had even been added.

“Seniors, you guys…?” asked Bai Xiaofei softly with an embarrassed smile.

“You aren’t continuing to challenge?” No one answered Bai Xiaofei’s question, only a senior asked back with a doubtful face.

“I’m not in good condition. It will affect my performance if I continue, so I decided to take a rest,” Bai Xiaofei replied and cast a look of inquiry towards Sima Ye.

“As long as you don’t forget our agreement, I have already forgotten about the girl,” said Sima Ye coldly, his face indifferent as ever.

“Thank you for your understanding, please rest assured that I’ll definitely come to you.”

After making a promise to Sima Ye with a smile, Bai Xiaofei snapped his fingers at Huskie and the latter jumped into his arms.

“Then, Seniors, I’ll no longer waste your time. I hope you can all get the results you want on the Command Ranking.” With this, Bai Xiaofei walked away.

Watching Bai Xiaofei leave, Sima Ye’s eyes grew complicated. Although Bai Xiaofei had been cheery as usual, Sima Ye could see that something had changed in him, only that he couldn’t tell what exactly the difference was yet…

Exiting the Gods Amongst Men, Bai Xiaofei didn’t return to the Demon of Illusions but went to the square that had tormented him many times. He thought there would be no one there at that time, but in the middle of the square, he saw a familiar and somewhat lonely-looking figure ––

Xue Ying, who he hadn’t seen in a long time.

“It’s cloudy today, so don’t tell me you’re here to see the stars,” Bai Xiaofei teased as he slowly sat down next to Xue Ying.

“Yet you’re here, aren’t you? And weren’t you the one who told me that the stars and the moon weren’t the only things to look in the night sky? Your bad guidance is to blame.” Xue Ying’s sharp tongue wasn’t an exaggeration. She easily suppressed Bai Xiaofei with just a few sentences.

“Isn’t training tiring enough? Why aren’t you resting when it’s so late?” The teasing failed, Bai Xiaofei switched to just chatting.

“What about you? Aren’t you tired of running around all day? Still not resting when it’s so late?” Xue Ying wittily returned Bai Xiaofei’s words to him with a smile.

Looking at Xue Ying right in front of him, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but gulp. A beautiful woman under the dim light could always make one daydream, especially when this beautiful girl had been ambiguously entangled with you…

“Look at your silly face. Wipe your saliva, or your little girlfriends might come at me,” Xue Ying complained, her tone sour.

Bai Xiaofei refused to go along with this.

What little girlfriends?! There’s only Hu Xian’er…

Add a Lin Li at most!

Chu Liuyun doesn’t count yet!

The Leng sister trio was just an accident!

And I haven’t seen Qin Lingyan in a long time now!

I barely talked to Luo Han, there’s certainly nothing between us!

The more Bai Xiaofei counted in his mind, the more guilty he felt. And then, a chill ran down his spine…

Why do I feel like something bad is going to happen?

Ah, blame it on my irresistible charm! Is this the legendary ‘Heaven is jealous of geniuses’?

Looking at Bai Xiaofei who was gradually starting to look complacent, Xue Ying, who thought she’d get an explanation, coldly snorted in extreme discontent. When Bai Xiaofei came to his senses, he was greeted with a deadly stare.

“Er… well, is it better for me not to say anything at this time?” Bai Xiaofei weakly asked, feeling like his head had short-circuited.

“If you’re not going to say anything, what are you doing sitting here? Did you especially come here to ruin my mood?” Another huge eye-roll from Xue Ying made Bai Xiaofei understand ‘one glare melts the hearts of hundreds’…

“Something must be bothering you.” A statement from Bai Xiaofei made Xue Ying instantly freeze. Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei only looked at her with innocent eyes.

You told me to talk!

“Let’s talk about what’s bothering you first.” Once again throwing Bai Xiaofei’s words back at him, Xue Ying hesitated.

Watching the night sky was indeed calming.

However, most wouldn’t even think of looking at the night sky until something was weighing on their mind. This wasn’t a way to enjoy, but a way to empty the mind.

“I had just challenged the Illusionary Sandboard at the Gods Amongst Men and experienced some things in there. Now I feel a little conflicted. This continent may be a little beyond my imagination.” In front of Xue Ying, Bai Xiaofei was so honest that he didn’t feel like himself.

“I’ve heard of the Illusionary Sandboard. If there’s something that you can learn there, it’s probably related to wars.”

There was a difference between being smart and intelligent, and Xue Ying was clearly the latter from her guess.

“Partly, yes. Maybe I am still too young. Maybe I will be able to completely accept them in a few years,” said Bai Xiaofei.

As soon as Xue Ying heard this, she couldn’t help but laugh. When Bai Xiaofei looked over, she quickly retracted her smile and threw him a despising eye-roll.

“You are still young. But with that crafty clever head of yours, I’m afraid many old people can’t be a match.” Xue Ying poked Bai Xiaofei’s head with her slender finger. “I have a rough guess of what you’re thinking, but I don’t know how to talk to you and help you with it. Anyway, you just have to remember that no matter what choice you make in whatever time, those who really care about you will stand by you and support you!”

Xue Ying’s eyes had a trace of seriousness that stunned Bai Xiaofei a little.

“Are you among them, Big Sister Xue?” A nerve must have gone wrong in Bai Xiaofei’s head for he subconsciously asked aloud. At the same time, the scene of their last crazy happening popped into his mind.

Xue Ying froze at this question, and a blush crept up her delicate face.

“I will support you, but I may not be able to stand by you,” the flustered Xue Ying hurriedly answered upon seeing Bai Xiaofei get closer and closer.

Getting his answer, Bai Xiaofei stopped. “It’s enough that you’ll support me!”

Smiling, Bai Xiaofei slowly moved back. Xue Ying heaved a sigh of relief, but before she could calm her breathing, Bai Xiaofei suddenly wrapped his hands around her slender neck, and a pair of lips were printed upon hers in a domineering manner.

We’re already here, the feelings are in place, what reason is there not to take advantage?

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