Chapter 319: Resolving the Threat of the Catapults; Huskie Renders Meritorious Service!

Chapter 319: Resolving the Threat of the Catapults; Huskie Renders Meritorious Service!

“Brother Tie Zhu! The catapult attacks have slowed! But this looks to be from the left side only!”

“There aren’t as many troops attacking the city as well!” One cry of surprise after another resounded on the city wall, and the soldiers who thought they were going to die felt their hopes rekindled.

“Shut the f*ck up, I’m not blind! Take it easy! It must be our general who is lightening the burden for us!” yelled the blood-soaked Tie Zhu bitterly, but no one resented his reprimands. At the same time, they started to believe what Tie Zhu had told them before.

Previously, they hadn’t believed that Bai Xiaofei was going there to risk his life. If it weren’t for Tie Zhu plus the fact that they had nowhere to escape, they wouldn’t have lasted until now.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei was on his way back. There were three catapult groups capable of attacking the main gates and he had already destroyed two. After dealing with the third one, the probability of successfully defending the city would rise to at least 80%.

Along the way, he upset the enemy’s formations again, and Blackie’s simulation worked wonders every time as everyone who experienced it never lived to tell.

Before long, Bai Xiaofei found his third target, but after a glimpse at this one, he grew a bit reluctant.

The sudden silence of the other two catapult groups gave this side a sense of crisis, and the pressure that came from an assassin with the ability to transform was like a guillotine over the remaining general’s head. Therefore, he chose an extremely defensive plan!

Row upon row of class two soldiers surrounded the field without gaps and everyone was highly alert. Except for these defenders, no one was allowed to approach within a 100-meter radius. Simply put, the general here had turned the catapult group into an iron turtle, one that left no opening for Bai Xiaofei the Predator!

However, Bai Xiaofei wasn’t troubled for very long as he could come up with more solutions than the difficulty this posed. After thinking for a while, a hint of a smile appeared on his face.

After separating from Huskie, Bai Xiaofei put on a siege soldier armor, which he had collected aplenty.

Whispering something for half a day in the darkness, Huskie finally understood Bai Xiaofei’s idea and barked excitedly, only to receive a finger flick from its master.

Bark my arse! You want me to die?!

Bai Xiaofei poured his origin energy into Huskie’s body and the small Huskie instantly inflated. In just a few blinks of an eye, a Thunder Devouring Tiger emerged!

As Huskie tried to roar like an authentic tiger, Bai Xiaofei took out a cylinder-shaped item that could produce thunder sounds and created a huge ruckus that successfully attracted the attention of all and sundry.

“Thunder… Thunder Devouring Tiger?!!!”

The faces of the soldiers were taken over by surprise, but this was far from the end. The transformed Huskie started hurling straight at the tightly protected field.

“Do not panic! Do not panic!” bellowed the general, but there was no effect at all. Everyone in Huskie’s path chose to run.

If it was a person, they might try to block, but a King Rank magical beast? Hell no!

Just like that, Huskie was like an unimpeded bulldozer as it approached the Martial Master general. At close range, Huskie slowly lowered its huge head and sprayed a heated breath on the general’s face.

It’s actually f*cking real!!! How can a Thunder Devouring Tiger appear in a place like this?!!

The general was terrified. He had thought that the tiger was only an illusion, but there was no room for doubt now that the reality in front of him was telling otherwise. As for resistance, it wasn’t even a consideration for the general. Seriously, how the hell would he resist a King Rank magical beast?

This thing could trample him to death!

So now, the general’s only hope was that this Thunder Devouring Tiger wasn’t from the city. After staring at each other for half a day, the sweat-soaked general repeatedly gulped and at the same time began to move back.

But as soon as he took the first step, Huskie roared at him, its lantern-like eyes gleamed angrily.

The general, who didn’t dare to act rashly, stopped at once and made a soothing gesture with his hands.

“I’m not moving! I’m not moving! You can understand me, right…”

Biting the bullet, the general tried to communicate with Huskie. To his delight, Huskie actually responded!

“What do you want? I will satisfy you, and then you will leave this place, okay?”

Just like coaxing a child, the general spoke softly, but what he didn't expect was that the answer he got didn’t come from Huskie.

“It wants you dead!” Bai Xiaofei's voice rang out from behind the general. The latter quickly spun around in horror, but it was too late.

A foot heavily kicked at the general's knee and he fell as it broke with a crunch. When he looked up, Bai Xiaofei's sword was already pressed against his neck.

“Tell me, where is your commander in chief?”

Faced with Bai Xiaofei's inquiry, the general's only response was a cold stare.

“You asked the wrong person!”

His eyes flashing with a trace of malice, the general’s power suddenly exploded as he prepared to fight Bai Xiaofei desperately to the end, but he couldn’t be faster than the sword that was right at his neck.

Squatting down to help the dead general close his eyes, Bai Xiaofei sighed.

He lamented the cruelty of the war, the persistence of the soldiers and generals, and also his present situation that left him no other choice…

After destroying the catapult group at the fastest speed possible, Bai Xiaofei set out with Huskie who had changed back into its original form. Otherwise, when the soldiers all reacted, he’d probably be overrun to death.

For Bai Xiaofei, mobility was life!

Because he didn’t get the position of the commander-in-chief, Bai Xiaofei simply gave up his plan of assassination and changed tactics, starting to run back and forth the enemy camp to take down commanding soldiers. By attacking all over the place, he was paralyzing all three sides, and the extent of this paralysis was constantly being magnified!

Meanwhile, the students outside who had been watching him all along had fallen into a stupor. Even Sima Ye was wide-eyed.

Never, never ever in their wildest dreams did they think that it could be done like this!

Never could they have imagined Bai Xiaofei would be able to achieve this, and that his puppets’ abilities would be so abnormal!

In the past, if one person developed a new way to pass a level, the rest would learn and apply for themselves. However, no one here could apply Bai Xiaofei's method!

“He is that Bai Xiaofei who took first place at the New Student Competition, right?”

“He also set up the new mutual aid thingie…”

“I think he also took down the dean of the Fist of the Beast…”

“The Blossom Pavilion’s re-screening seems to have been organized by him…”

All sorts of surprised voices rang out, and now no one criticized Bai Xiaofei as they had at the beginning. Because they were unworthy!

Meanwhile, Sima Ye’s eyes had become bloodshot from staring too hard.

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