Chapter 318: One-man Power Disrupts the Force of an Army!

Chapter 318: One-man Power Disrupts the Force of an Army!

After receiving the ‘grace’ of the boulder bombardment, the whole battlefield became a mess. There were few soldiers left standing, and even Bai Xiaofei’s left arm was fractured by flying stone pieces.

His remarkable self-healing ability once again activated, Bai Xiaofei, realizing that it was useless to remain there, ran towards the field that he had just blasted. According to what he got from the soldiers, the commander of this side was also near the catapults.

A Master Rank puppet master!

Too bad, this pitiful brother was now the next target of Bai Xiaofei, who was weaving his way through the chaotic battlefield even faster than a stealthed assassin. Under normal circumstances, no one would expect someone to have this BUG level ability.

Along the way, Bai Xiaofei kept using Blackie’s ability to visualize all kinds of terrible attacks and throw the soldiers into chaos, then took advantage of the chaos to take care of the small team captains before quickly changing to a new place and repeating. The army that had been advancing effectively was thrown into disarray by Bai Xiaofei alone.

So many troops without a leader were even more terrifying than an already scattered army. Moreover, having a leader alone wasn’t enough. If there were no grass-roots team leaders to carry out the leader’s instructions, even the best orders might be distorted when they were passed down.

And what Bai Xiaofei was doing was the same as cutting off this chain of command! Although this couldn’t completely solve the crisis at the city walls, his relentless effort reduced the pressure on Tie Zhu’s group by at least half.

Hunting down Bai Xiaofei had now become the key problem that the siege army must resolve. However, finding him was easier said than done. For ordinary troops without any detection ability, Bai Xiaofei could freely come and go anywhere as he pleased in the darkness.

Therefore, this kind of chaos continued until Bai Xiaofei approached his target.

“General, a nightcrawler team has been organized to contain that assassin, but so far there has been no news,” a guard reported in a trembling voice as he half knelt in front of an intimidating general.

It had been almost an hour, yet thousands of soldiers hadn’t been able to locate one assassin. This was unacceptable no matter how one looked at it.

“Pass on my order: Except for the organized nightcrawler team, the rest will continue to attack normally. If a captain dies then his deputy will take charge, if a big captain dies then a middle captain will take his place. After this battle, everyone will be promoted to their temporary positions!”

The general was in a grave situation, but this didn’t prevent him from making a clear decision. Once this order was carried out, everything that Bai Xiaofei had done before would come to naught!

“Yes sir!” The guard immediately took the order and ran with it, filled with gratitude that the general didn’t blame him for failing to contain Bai Xiaofei.

Sometimes, it didn’t take too much to motivate your subordinates, because your status in their hearts was much higher and their requirements were much lower than you’d think.

Just like this guard, all he could think about now was that he couldn’t let the general down this time no matter what!

Unfortunately, he had been too optimistic. When he arrived at where the messengers were, the scene completely stunned him.

Hundreds of bodies lay sprawled on the ground, streams of blood reflecting an enchanting scarlet in the fire. In the center of it all, Bai Xiaofei, in the appearance of General Zhao, was wringing the neck of the last messenger…

“Ge-general Zhao?!” The guard yelped in disbelief. At this moment, his head could no longer function, because he simply could not understand everything happening before his very eyes.

“Assassin, die!” With a roar, Bai Xiaofei jumped at the guard as if something was triggering his nerves.

“General Zhao! I’m not the assassin!! I was sent by General Li…”

Before the guard could finish, Bai Xiaofei’s sword had penetrated his chest.

“I’m sorry, you’re not the assassin. I am.” Smiling, Bai Xiaofei slowly drew out his sword and pushed the guard’s body to the ground. “Seems that they have already thought of a way to deal with this. I really can’t take these commanders lightly, can I?”

With resolution in his eyes, Bai Xiaofei glanced at the guard and then transformed into the latter’s appearance.

It’s time to meet this General Li!

Arriving at the devastated catapult field, Bai Xiaofei’s face was immediately masked with fear when he saw the general. After he crushed something the size of a rice grain and smeared it under his nostrils, tears and snot instantly flowed out.

“General! The messengers are dead, all of them!”

No matter how well Bai Xiaofei acted like he was about to crumble, he couldn’t get General Li to lose his calm.

“Did you see the assassin?” asked General Li coldly as he carefully observed Bai Xiaofei’s reaction.

“No, when I got there, all that was left were corpses. The assassin had already run off!” replied Bai Xiaofei, inwardly realizing that the situation wasn’t good. His brains rapidly worked for a solution.

“Then, do you still remember what my order was?” asking another question, General Li had already summoned his puppet – an ice blue sword!

When the chilling cold spread, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but quiver.

“Of course I remember!” Bai Xiaofei hurriedly nodded and talked as if to repeat the order, “General, you told me to… kill you!”

His style changing halfway, Bai Xiaofei, who was half-kneeling on the ground, suddenly sprung towards General Li. However, the latter was ready for it seeing how his puppet amulet glowed. Bai Xiaofei immediately felt a strong resistance force, and right after that, General Li’s ice blue sword flashed across his chest. The splattered blood was frozen into ice mid-air.

Taking this attack, Bai Xiaofei was sent flying back. Spraying out a mouthful of rapidly freezing blood, he collapsed to the ground.

“A mere assassin. You really think we’re helpless against you?” General Li walked over and ruthlessly stepped on Bai Xiaofei’s legs. Getting no response from the latter, the general unsummoned his puppet.

“General! Stones!” a soldier suddenly yelled. General Li instinctively looked up and saw a boulder falling down.

Having gone through a terrible experience with smashing boulders before, General Li quickly reacted. The puppet amulet at his waist glowed again, and the resistance force that had just worked on Bai Xiaofei now shielded the general from the boulder.

However, the moment the resistance force should have come in contact with the boulder, fear flashed across General Li’s eyes.

It’s fake!!! Then…

“General, you have been careless.”

General Li turned around with horror plastered on his face, only to be greeted by the supposedly dead Bai Xiaofei piercing a sword through his heart.

“If there is a next life, remember to make sure to hit the vitals when you try and kill someone.”

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